Fediverse friends and followers from around the world, I have a huge favor to ask!

If you are out for a walk or drive and you spot a payphone, would you mind sending me a photo of it? (DMs are always open) I will feature it on my thread over on the birdsite and of course give you credit.

When I started this a couple of weeks ago I didn't realize all of my old photos from before 2018 are gone, which means the hundreds of old phone photos I had taken at one point are also gone. But maybe this opens an opportunity to see payphones from around the globe.

This could be a payphone that you spot in the wild that still exists (thank God there are still some of those out there) or it could be a photo you took in the past of a phone that may or may not be there anymore. But please, let me see your payphones!

If you have photos of other cool phone equipment or phones that aren't payphones, they won't work for the thread, but I encourage you to send them my way as well. Phone related stories? I'd love to hear them! Please help me spread this around the world!

All payphones are acceptable, but I especially encourage you to send in any photos you have of payphones from countries other than the US or phones that are unique in some way. Also, PLEASE boost this toot and help me get this call for help out there! Thank you! 📞

@sudoneuron I have a ton of pics of chaotic telephone and electric wiring, but almost none of payphones.

Two that I found:

A vandalized Deutsche Telekom payphone, 2007

A very blurred photo of what probably was the last France Télécom payphone booth in Germany, 2009. Those existed due to the allied occupation after WW2, until 1992. That area used to belong to a French garrison, and the booth survived for quite some time in a backyard (never managed to take a good photo though).

@galaxis cool! Hit me up via DM if you would like with how you would like to be named in the credit for these on the bird site.

@sudoneuron There's one near here in Toronto. It's too dark to take a good photo right now but I probably can tomorrow.

@sudoneuron ill send you one the next time i am at work in that part of town. probably before easter :mokouCool:

@sudoneuron In Reseda, California, at the corner of Victory Blvd. and Tampa Blvd.

@sudoneuron Oooh, I'll try to get a good-ish photo of the one in the Széchenyi square in Szeged, that one still sees semi-regular use. But all I have is my Pinephone camera.

@sudoneuron I would love to do this...I haven't seen very many payphones around here, but there might be one or two.

@sudoneuron here’s a pic of a public payphone in Athens, Greece. I’m curious, what will you do with them?

@Twelvetimestwo I will cherish them and also share them on the bird site if that’s okay with you. If you want to DM me with the name you want me to credit the photo to, if any, that would be great. Thanks. Great photo!

@sudoneuron haha as it turns out I've published two zines full of pictures of payphones in the UK
but I'll send some pictures to share also :D

@sudoneuron This is a K2 telephone kiosk in Eltham, London. They're distinguished from the more common K6 kiosk by their size, and the arrangement of the windows. It's a Grade 2 listed building according to English Heritage - there aren't that many of them left.

@sudoneuron (there's a slightly weird gradient in the middle as that was going to be the cover of one of my zines. Here's another close up.

@sudoneuron here's an example of one of the more common K6 kiosks in central London somewhere (possibly near Leicester Square)

@sudoneuron and hey, why not - here's another group of 4 in Heathrow Airport Departures lounge. The phones themselves are from a KX100 (which were originally introduced in the 1980's) on a custom stand.

@sudoneuron interesting and odd topic at the same time. I just walked past some yesterday, will try and get photos on Monday.

Will get you one with an actual working phone in when we next go past a still functioning one.
However, here's a Scottish one we went past yesterday here

There are still some old red ones with phones in around the hills, where mobile signals are *patchy* at times.
This one has been repurposed.

@CreatureOfTheHill @sudoneuron Is this an accurate location for the phone booth/bookcase? It doesn't appear to be on #OpenStreetMap, I'll add it in, just checking the location is right.

@sudoneuron this is from a tv show because I couldn't go out but I might be able to shoot a few of my own the next days.

@sudoneuron In Beijing, China the last payphone upgrade was made around 2008 or so, and they're effectively abandoned since then. But many still work. I actually made a few phone calls with them in recent years. They all accept electronic transit cards, which is pretty convenient, and it's possibly one of the only remaining ways to make a phone call without handling out your ID to the authorities these days. The worst phone I've used had an extremely rusty card slot, and it took me 5 minutes to get my card out and almost broke it to two pieces...

@sudoneuron ouuu whens the deadline?
Our old city (Zagreb, Croatia) payphones were completely removed around 2012, but maybe I could find one still standing irl or find a pic online.
I could definitely snap a pic of the modern one, only few of which were placed on seemingly random locations in the city. Super weird spots imho

@Lar no deadline but I think there’s 68 more days of the Twitter thread.

@sudoneuron not a great view, just managed to get a snapshot out of the car window.

@sudoneuron finally found the time to upload this, that's from Montreal, Canada, in a Home Depot

@sudoneuron what i find fascinating with this photo is: what *is* that black phone next to it? i can only assume that it's something related to the store, but seriously, does *anyone* use that black thing? i suspect absolutely no one remembers it's even there...

@anarcat I'm so curious now, too! Years ago I worked in retail and there were similar phones used by staff to make announcements over the store's speaker system, but I can't imagine putting *that* right next to the public payphone and not experiencing major regret after the fact.


There are a lot of pay telephones around Munich, Bavaria, and I also recall encountering them on a railway platform at Salzburg, Austria. I'll try to remember to photograph some of them, the next time I'm in the area (fingers crossed).

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