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For those interested in submitting an audio file for the Hack the Airwaves "What is a Hacker" special, I have put together a simple Google Form at

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If I've learned anything this last year, it's that we're not guaranteed anything and we should try to live out our dreams while we're alive to live them out. It is in that spirit that I reached out to a local college radio station (KPSU in Portland, Oregon) and proposed a new show; my proposal was accepted pending submission of a prerecorded pilot episode. The show is called Hack the Airwaves and I aim to explore various facets of hacker culture, hacker ethics, and the multitudes of kinds of hackers there are out there and the amazing projects they're working on.

Now that I've announced that here, I have a request for all the hackers out there (including and especially those who see hacking as much bigger than just infosec). I plan for my pilot episode to be called "What is a Hacker?" and for that, I need help. Contact me if you're interested in participating by sending me a ~1-7 minute recording of what being a hacker means to you.

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Fediverse friends and followers from around the world, I have a huge favor to ask!

If you are out for a walk or drive and you spot a payphone, would you mind sending me a photo of it? (DMs are always open) I will feature it on my thread over on the birdsite and of course give you credit.

When I started this a couple of weeks ago I didn't realize all of my old photos from before 2018 are gone, which means the hundreds of old phone photos I had taken at one point are also gone. But maybe this opens an opportunity to see payphones from around the globe.

This could be a payphone that you spot in the wild that still exists (thank God there are still some of those out there) or it could be a photo you took in the past of a phone that may or may not be there anymore. But please, let me see your payphones!

If you have photos of other cool phone equipment or phones that aren't payphones, they won't work for the thread, but I encourage you to send them my way as well. Phone related stories? I'd love to hear them! Please help me spread this around the world!

All payphones are acceptable, but I especially encourage you to send in any photos you have of payphones from countries other than the US or phones that are unique in some way. Also, PLEASE boost this toot and help me get this call for help out there! Thank you! 📞

Google is now tracking your visitors for advertising purposes even when you’re not using Google Analytics or Google Ads.

I took a closer look at Google’s FLoC initiative and how you can fight back and opt-out as a web user and a web developer

Covid vaccine 2 is done. So do I need to buy a new phone for this 5G to work or does it just automatically upgrade my 4G?

I'd be happy to go back to work in an office environment, as long as I have my own desk in my own office with my own restroom and kitchen, of course — oh! and I'll need to keep that commute under a few minutes and will be playing industrial at top volume exactly half the time while demanding complete silence for the other half

Some evening frustrations 

Having a frustrating evening gets me in a mood to vent about shit and rn I'm real worked up about how people started using "guys" as a collective noun.
This is beyond stupid and especially irritating cause i hear it nonstop in everything

Please stop using "guys" as a collective noun

iiiiiiiit's Wednesday?

have you patched your shit yet?

The fediverse made me get out of my comfort zone and embrace who I really am.

I'm thankful for you all.

good morning.

feels like a good day to run some backups. you do have backups, right?


This is your requisite April Fool's post.

It is the video for “Never Gonna Give You Up” by Rick Astley.

Please follow the hyperlink below and be pranked.

Thank you for your time.

just stop collecting personal data. it’s that easy

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weather is really beautiful today, thinking about taking my computer and VR headset outside for a nice change

Shameless promotion of someone else’s stuff 

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