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But day tomorrow... good night netizens.

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tired: Internet of Things
wired: Internet of Being Kind to Each Other

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hello (again)! I survived the w.t and a.w.e extinctions and am now here for the time being

I talk about: my day to day life, my feelings, knitting/yarn, art, books, lesbian stuff, naps, random objects I find, piano, ukulele, and organising. sometimes I do my nails and take pictures of it. my favourite colours are blues and chromatic greys.

I am friendly (I hope) but not great at initiating conversations, so talk to me!


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"But I think they shouldn’t be allowed to collect data about people. We need a law. F**k them — there’s no reason we should let them exist if the price is knowing everything about us. Let them disappear. They’re not important — our human rights are important."

#privacy #datatheft #FLOSS #RMS @fsf

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So in case there’s any doubt...

This pic is totally fake (not the actual launch). This was off one of those Flat Earth conspiracy forums that, I’m embarrassed to admit, I do browse out of morbid curiosity

Earth is round, kids. Stick around so you can hitch a ride into space and find out for yourself

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Oh great!
We’re never gonna hear the end of this 🤦‍♂️

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Wait, what. Windows 10 sends info on USB devices plugged in directly to Microsoft?

And it does that using pure HTTP?

You gotta be kidding me.


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I think we all can use this today, and appreciate it.

Prince - Nothing Compares 2 U

"Prince’s original studio version of ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ is presented here for the first time."


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This happened:

A: Please modify the DNS A-record of to point to A.B.C.D
B: sure, a sec

> disappears from the nameservers completely

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Oklahoma Teamsters are refusing to cross teachers' picket lines to work on renovations on the Capitol #LaborPower #Strike #OKTeachers

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:blobpats: need to be free!

Seize the means of :blobpats: production!


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#USPol #TeacherStrike #LaborPower Show more

Palantir makes me think that we need to destroy the internet to save essential human existence.

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Umpteen years later, I am STILL disappointed when I type 'make love' into my UNIX command line and am not greeted with "not war." :) #unix #geeklife #linux


Time to leave the net and move to Bora-Bora.

Really, how is this ok?