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Music can move the mind in odd ways.

Sometimes the strangest thing causes you to remember the nature of your being.

Ritualistically speaking, I just felt my wings, stretched them. Saw with Hawk's eyes...


No RedBull involved.

The tricksters teach.

The Wolf and the Sepent always fight.

The Healer stands by to heal the body and mind.

WCPU now taking requests!

This just in from the Dial-up, A dedication to our Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

Kicking off classic metal hour right here on WCPU!

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Crushing you with my mind powers.

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Started on today with the aim of curating resources etc for people entering the #infosec field.

If there is something you think is useful to have there, just PR or send an issue.

sidekiq was all sorts of Jank.

Push and pull queues were WAY full.

blew the queues away... alol should be functional again.

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"Patriotism taken too far is fanaticism." Captain freaking America, ladies and gentlemen.

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Upgrading server.

Butt Holding Commencing.

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I am upgrading

If that doesn't fix it, then I must assume we have been isolated.

Is anyone not on able to see this toot?

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uspol, religion Show more

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@jk wellll i dunno, put a litlle salt and butter on it...