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They make you feel alone.

It’s how they beat you. has shown us all...

You are not alone.

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These friendships you have made.

These bonds.

They are how we’ll do this.

They are how we will win.

We used to own the void.

Yet we persist.

We gather.

You will have no power here.

Because you’ll end up Either by our sides, or swept aside.

Join the future.

Reclaim the void.

Be mighty, together.

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Once there was a promising young technomancer who abandoned all of his principles and collected everyone's data. He told them it was safe with him, and in time they believed him.

Over time the technomancer realized he had amassed so much information that he became mightier than even the leaders of the world, but his greed and desire for wealth kept him from noticing.

He began to sell his influence to these leaders and got them hooked on his data.

They used it solve crimes, and they used it protect the endangered, and they used it to detect who would likely do crime, and they used it to keep the people divided, and they used it to topple one another's nations.

All the while making the no longer young technomancer even more powerful and wealthy.

The prophecy says that the Technomancer will try to destroy those who oppose him. But the agents of the wires will bring him to his knees by rebuilding what was lost.

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They will from the void build new works powered by the willful.

They will control their data, not entrusting their cache with the wizards in their towers.

They will work together to restore the future to it's intended state.

They will win with numbers, resolve, their will, and mutual aid.

They will win because the cruelty of greed is not more powerful that the instinct to survive, nor the nature of freedom.

Shape the void.

Own the wires.

Restore the future.

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Understand my words with full knowledge and reverence for my connection to the void.

My data is not yours to own.

You came here and asked to sell us things, then tracked us with the things you sold us.

You came here and begged for trust, which many gave you, then betrayed it by selling our secrets.

Then you took away our nation.

My data is not yours to own.

Boy, they should feel lucky that I am Honest... Giving me all this access

Small world after all. Assessing Buttigieg’s old employer today.

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I haven't had luck with this, so asking other Masto admins @Gargron

1. Some remote users have outdated usernames and profile pictures showing on my instance, despite having been correct in the past.

2. If I view a remote user's profile from my instance, a good portion of the images they've posted do not load, but load fine from their instance directly.

Looking to solve both for my instance if anyone has suggestions.

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This stark photo taken this week in Knoxville tells a very different story about the economy


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@c3po I mess around a bit but I wouldn't really call it composing 😉 I'll be playing and recording the music for @RedactedLife though if you want to hear me there. I've only been playing guitar since the beginning of last semester - before that, my primary was double bass and it's not really a solo instrument 😉

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"deleted page (IP targeting provider) (G11: Unambiguous advertising or promotion)"

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today in sharing economy struggles: our app powered car rental lost cell service on the side of a mountain in rural California and now I live here I guess

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Excited to give this episode a listen. Gary De Mercurio and Justin Wynn tell their side of the story.

Darknet Diaries - Ep 59: The Courthouse

Physical address to IP targeting plus political campaigns.

What could possibly go wrong?

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Betty White is 6 years older than the discovery of penicillin.

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Have either Jeff Bezos or Amazon commented on the systems China uses to track/identify Uighurs?

We've got a cool fundraiser coming in a few days.

Like the best.

Totally better than yours.

I guess I can build the TDR now.

With BlackJack and hookers.

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