A "podcast" behind a paywall is not a podcast.

A "podcast" that only one app can receive is not a podcast.

A "podcast" without a public feed that can be freely pulled into any podcast client or RSS reader is not a damn podcast, don't let people get away with calling it that.

@Rob_T_Firefly YES YES YES!!!!


With no publicly available feed it is not a podcast!

Just posting a media file on a site is not a podcast!


I disagree, a podcast may require payment and I'd wish there would be a standard interface for that so podcatchers could handle it.

Currently we still need services like patreon for such constructs or massive manual work.

But donations seem also to work somehow. I'm just not sure if that's good enough for everyone.

@deusfigendi @Rob_T_Firefly http supports authentication with various methods. Most podcast clients I've seen support at least basic auth.
It's very easy to implement as well. So requesting payment is no excuse for not providing a feed.

@tokudan @deusfigendi @Rob_T_Firefly I know a few that use a unique feed url for each paying user. So that you can still use whichever client you prefer.

@deusfigendi @Rob_T_Firefly I think there are some podcast hosts/clients that implement, which at least, is a decentralized standard, for example:

@deusfigendi @Rob_T_Firefly Another option could be for something like @Castopod (which also federates), WriteFreely (that also now supports WebMonetization), and @peertube to also implement in addition, in order to give people more options of how to give to creators...

@Gargron @Rob_T_Firefly

No, Television and Radio are not podcasts, nor are audiobook CD's... I'm gonna stop, that was just 3 of about 8 things just in this room that are NOT podcasts which contain people talking in pre-recorded audio format.

@Rob_T_Firefly I agree. And I think right now the dominant meaning is "public feed audio", but there are lots of worrying signs that it's shifting.
@Rob_T_Firefly the "cast" part literally implies syndication. For me, I am most angered by statements like "you have to watch the podcast it's only on YouTube"

All podcasts are web shows but not all web shows are podcasts

@Rob_T_Firefly If you can't download the file and save it for later listening without an internet connection then it's just sparkling streaming media.

@Rob_T_Firefly I'm mostly out of the loop on podcast culture as I can't do audio only content so don't pay much attention but isn't the only requirement that it is audio of people talking? I'm not sure why they can't charge for it or distribute it any way they want?

@wolfie @Rob_T_Firefly I can imagine podcasts with people just playing music as well - for me it's a podcast as long as my podcatchers can grab it, which is when they provide a RSS feed

@phel @Rob_T_Firefly just music would be a live album or something wouldn't it, lol Radio One do podcasts of some of their shows that cut out the songs and just have the best parts of the DJ chat

@phel @wolfie This is correct. Podcasting isn't about what's in the content of the audio, it's about the way in which it's distributed. It's about the particular combination of downloadable audio files and openly-syndicated RSS feeds.

It's like how there are a zillion ways to send text-based content around the Internet, but only one method using a certain category of software configured to automatically interoperate among users' devices in a particular manner can properly be called "email."

@Rob_T_Firefly @phel that's fair, but not sure why a podcast (or any content someone posts online that is sometimes distributed for free like videos and such) can't be something you have to pay the creator for?

@Rob_T_Firefly @phel @wolfie it makes me extremely extremely sad Dave Winer never wrote a basic spec for podcasting. so now anyone can do anything & call it podcasting, it feels like.

@Rob_T_Firefly and this would be why we hate PodBean lol, we can't seem to export an OPML file for shit but ~of course~ we can import one.

@Rob_T_Firefly YES! So very well said! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»

@Rob_T_Firefly A youtube channel with "Podcast" in the title is also not a podcast sneaky sneaky.

@Capheind @Rob_T_Firefly maybe not, but being able to see the people talking and having subtitles is pretty much the only way I can pay any attention to a "podcast"

@wolfie @Rob_T_Firefly ok, but i didn't say posting to YouTube made an existing podcast not a podcast, just that a YouTube channel on its own isnt one.

@Capheind @Rob_T_Firefly ok fair, I just wouldn't know if any of the ones I've watched are true podcasts as I'd have no reason to look them up off youtube so it wouldn't really matter

@wolfie @Rob_T_Firefly Out of curiosety do podcast transcripts have any value for you?

@Capheind @Rob_T_Firefly it's not something I've looked into, but wouldn't that just be like reading a blog post?

@wolfie @Rob_T_Firefly Yup it would be, Im just curiouse if transcripts or captioned video made the content itself more accessible to you. Obviously neither one is itself a podcast, unless the video is coming as a podcast (rss).

@Capheind @Rob_T_Firefly maybe if the topic/person on the podcast was something/someone I was super interested in I might bother to look up a transcript but honestly as soon as something declares itself a podcast I've already zoned out

@Capheind @Rob_T_Firefly There's some subtlety here, in that YouTube does provide webfeeds! But:

1) Most podcatchers can't understand the attached video formats.
2) It requires special knowledge to find these feeds or even know they're there.

iPodder was the first app allowing subscriptions to feeds, afaicr. It used RSS and pushed mp3s onto iTunes to d/l onto an iPod and predated Apple's own iTunes efforts.

If it ain't RSS audio enclosures it ain't podcasts.

Atom, schmatom. Smells like RSS so it's RSS. In my mind anyway. Deffo.
@DHeadshot @Rob_T_Firefly

A scientific paper behind paywall is not a scientific paper. A scientific paper in a single journal is not a scientific paper. Etc

Parcast: '...and you can find this new show exclusively on Spotify...'
Me, listening to it on Antennapod: >:)

@Rob_T_Firefly I might agree with your second and third point, but a podcast behind a paywall is definitely a podcast, how else can we finally get rid of all the trackers and all the advertisement, etc. if we can't pay for quality content?

Don't fall into the trap to think that surveillance capitalism is the only option!

@jeena Speaking as a media-literacy educator and anti-advertising-industry activist and privacy advocate who makes non-commercial listener-supported radio as well as ad-free Creative-Commons-licensed podcasts and other artwork, I definitely agree that surveillance capitalism isn't the only option. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

@abloo IIRC it grew from a conversation I was having with a friend about stuff one particular big powerful audio-content provider was locking to their app only without public feds, and why I wouldn't wish to lock any of the podcasts I make away in any of those manners.

@Rob_T_Firefly By definition if I can’t point an old version of iTunes to an RSS feed to sync episodes to an iPod classic, it is not a podcast.

@Rob_T_Firefly Totally support the openness of the format + OP's sentiment. But we're still at such an immature stage in both the distribution format(s) and the medium itself. We might be in that period of the format where its difficult to conceive of "motion picture" without the hand crank. At one point, the hand crank was integral to it's being a "movie", but there were other technical implementations that adopted the term later on. We might be seeing a similar shift, for better or worse.

@Rob_T_Firefly the only use of the No True Scotsman fallacy I support because RSS is cool

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