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This is a thing I've been very excited about making. Please put this half-hour of noise into your ears for me!

Hair on the outside. Milk on the inside. 

Hey, it's my first birthday! Thanks all you lovely .townies for having me as part of this, and thanks to our @thegibson for the combination of tedious grunt-work and benevolent strong-arm dictatorship.

Of all the social-media guff I play around with nowadays, Mastodon in general and in particular feels most like the Internet did when I first fell in love with it.

I've long found this person's poetry to be illuminating, intense, and meaningful, and I'm proud to have it in my own library. You might like to add it to your own.

If you're interested but not on birdsite, you can message me for their info.

RT hey y'all, I'm struggling financially so I'm selling PDF versions of my sophomore poetry collection, blooming despite, for $13 each via cashapp & venmo. DM me if you're interested!

Nobody ever uses the bathroom in the Super Mario Bros universe, but there's still plumbing installed everywhere.

Please boost:

I've been contributing data to for a while, and looking through my data set I've found vehicles that are broadcasting packets but aren't showing up as planes or helicopters. They're showing up as cars (with the icon one would expect of a motor vehicle).

I've looked through my unit and I'm not seeing any signs of data corruption or clock skew that suggests spoofing.

I know it's entirely possible for land vehicles to be outfitted for ADSB, but I've never heard of it being done before.

Does anybody out there know anything?

RIP Kellye Nakahara.

Here's a sketch I drew of her long ago, in her role from the film "Clue."

Do you know the 2012 film "Pitch Perfect?"

I didn't before but I do now, because what happened was:


Mike Godwin on the early Internet.

We didnโ€™t see these monopolies and market-dominant players coming, although we should have. Back in the 1990s, we thought that a thousand website flowers would bloom and no single company would be dominant.

I thought this too, but I was a naive bumpkin out of high school. Actually believing this, and building things based on it, are, in hindsight, a categorical mistake that will take a long time to shift away from. Also, John Perry Barlow's essay -- whether sincere or not -- about not having nation states on the Internet was remarkably naive. These early attitudes about the Internet are ones we should not think will just go away because of (good!) things like decentralization.

I found the rest of Godwin's piece worth reading, even if I don't really think he's right in other ways.

She's quite good, you know.

RT I did this on Saturday night. It was a very Hedwig moment.

Someone asked what I thought of Michael Bloomberg.

I attended Bill de Blasio's 2016 inauguration. Nice day out with a friend & colleague, the ceremony was interesting, there was free hot food & drink, and I got to go into Gracie Mansion for a handshake & photo-op. Good times.

Still, my favorite part of the entire event was watching ousted mayor Bloomberg get hustled out a side door and into a car that took him the hell away from authority over my city.

That's what I think of Bloomberg.

Off the Hook is off the air tonight, but we plan to be on next week at the usual time

My big as-yet-unconfirmed fan theory about "Jiro Dreams of Sushi" is that Jiro's son dreams of patricide.

"Every platform dies off some day. Geocities, LiveJournal, now Yahoo Groups. One day, Medium, Twitter, and even hosting services like GitHub Pages will be plundered then discarded when they can no longer grow or cannot find a working business model"

Pixel #art source versus how it actually looked like on an arcade, television and early home computer CRTs.

90's PC displays had sharper pixels but still had a mild anti-aliasing effect that should not be ignored in emulation.

Note how the CRT hardware anti-aliasing effect creates the detail of a face on the skeleton's shield, where as the source looks like an incoherent blob of pixels - this was because the artist purposely designed the sprites for the final CRT render.

*bored by Mastodon on one monitor*
*opens Mastodon on other monitor*

@Rob_T_Firefly If you're watching the live Colbert show tonight and wish to try spotting us, Gila and I are in the center section sixth row.

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Gila and I are attending a live taping of "L the ATE SH(with)W stephen colbert."

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