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This is a thing I've been very excited about making. Please put this half-hour of noise into your ears for me!

Epic Wife Gila is bringing me out on a "super secret adventure date" and hasn't told me where were going.

I don't think today's the day everyone's storming Area 51, but as yet I have no other theories.

Unknown but eager doughy white-guy comedian who doesn't have shitty racist crap online waiting to get dug up is seeking gigs. Call me, Lorne!

Epic Wife Gila and I are at Union Hall, Brooklyn to see Dave Ross and Hampton Yount of the brilliant "Suicide Buddies" podcast. Exciting!

I have a bare metal tooth in my mouth while I await the permanent crown, and everything tastes like metal.

Please share your favorite flavors which pair well with metal.

Ah, seems Equifax will only consider your claim if you certify you have credit monitoring since your claim.

Or, if you forgo the payment from them and instead get free credit monitoring from them. And again, when that's up they probably auto-renew and charge you unless you remember to opt out.

It's a racket.

I found it, I found the exact moment when graphic design peaked

Q: What's the frequency, Kenneth?

A: Everybody Hz.

Welp now I know the year this router's firmware was last updated

Someone put a magnetic poetry set on the fridge at my day job, and I may have found my true calling.

If you're in range of Coney Island on Saturday the 14th, you should really join Mrs. Firefly and I for this screening of .

Let us know if you're going and would like to meet up!

Lovely and fitting obit for Terrance Dicks. He is survived by an incredible body of work, only some of which has to do with my favorite scifi series.

There's an entire section of the drugstore's snack aisle I just don't feel white enough for.

There's something sublimely entertaining about screwing up emergency alerts with different emergency alerts.

Here's a thing I put together and posted ten years ago today. Feels like only a decade ago!

Kicking off by pointing you toward Nicola Rose. It's been my privilege to be directed by her on stage, in voiceover, and on sound-crew for various projects. We've also shared many a puppet trench.

Now, she could use all our help with her latest film.

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