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My every-so-often roundup of the various places you can currently hear my audio work:

@HackerRadioShow - FM talk radio by a bunch of hackers and phreaks, myself included
:flan_phone1:​ Archives: - My original podcasts, including:
:flan_laugh:​ Sketch comedy:
:flan_awe:​​ Film nerdery:
:flan_bard:​ Self-naming stories:

the internet is for making friends and bonding, and computers are for making broken shit you and your friends can enjoy together

Me, talking to the salesman in the appliance showroom, from now until forever.

"I've worked in computing for decades. I know more about tech & the Internet than the people that design your products. You can show me any model of washer you like, but if it has wifi I won't buy it."

Instagram punishes woman for daring to talk about sexual harassment she received over the platform. Birdsite thread:

Every so often Gila and I get a themed box o' bricks to build together, last night it was this one.

I love this set, and appreciate the designer's story behind it:

VM admins, having problems with really slow migrations between file servers? Don't forget to check for snapshots.

No, of course, I'm not sitting here watching a move that should have taken 30 minutes and is well into it's 2nd hour. No. What would ever make you think that?

The audio-drama kingpins at Big Finish have placed their H.G. Wells adaptations on deep sale through June 13 (UK time).

I generally dig all of these a lot more than the film or TV adaptations out there. If you only check out one of them, my favorite is John Hurt as the Invisible Man.


We went to a local mall today. This happened on the t-shirt table at one of the shops, and I'm not sure how to feel about it or how best to move forward in a healthy manner. Advice welcome.

As I figure out how I'm revamping and optimizing my home-voiceover-recording situation, Peter Davison's homemade TARDIS studio continues to represent a lofty ideal to which I can aspire.

Image source:

new programming language where I'm always right

Remember extras in DVDs? Director's commentary, deleted scenes, etc. Where did it all go in the age of streaming?

Today's win is an important victory for users everywhere. We will continue to fight to ensure that computer crime laws no longer chill security research, journalism, and other novel and interoperable uses of technology that ultimately benefit all of us.

Hey, it's Gila's and my third wedding anniversary!

Among our celebrations is this neat cue card from official cue-carder Wally Feresten commemorating our wedding date and location as well as our official portmanteau couple name for shippers. (Image marked sensitive for EC)

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