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think about how much *worse* search results got since google became the market

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I've never had a driver's license, for a variety of reasons I probably never will. The only thing which makes me genuinely sad about that is that I'll never have a dashcam of my own with which to have one of these great "my dashcam saved my ass" stories you see everywhere nowadays.

Maybe I need to get a bicycle and a camera for the helmet.

"Jago & Litefoot," in which a theatre owner and a pathologist investigate weird happenings in 1890s London, is one of my absolute favorite works of audio drama.

You don't need to be into "Doctor Who" to dig it, the series stands very firmly on its own.

Very highly recommended!

RT 2 HOURS LEFT! Now is your last chance to save on Jago & Litefoot stories! Click here: to get the deals. (Ends 23:59, UK time, tonight)

Something weird is happening with Phishtank. Many high profile sites (Redfin, Google, Helpscout) are being flagged incorrectly:

And it seems the same group of users are reporting / verifying them.

*some of those domains are also incorrectly flagged on PhishStats.

If you use any of those for security intel/blocking, it might be good to stop for a bit until that is investigated.

Our CEO just referred to SaaS as "Software as a hostage" and I think that's pretty spot on.

hey do i remember right that someone #onhere maintains a website with a database of trans healthcare providers, including therapists? at my wit's end here trying to find someone to help me with being at my wit's end

Star Trek INtakes are a blessing.

(For those that don't know, someone edited outtakes into their respectives scenes to make them appear to be official moments)

I might be dating myself right now, but when I go out to dinner I pull out my own chair and tell myself I look nice.

genders are better when you pick them, even if it was the one you started with :dragnuwu:

According to the calendar alert I set ages ago, it's day one of .

In reality, it's day seven of being blown away by all my HOPE colleagues, our presenters and speakers, our volunteers, and especially our attendees are all doing to make this a truly special event.

The talk by denizens of starts in 15 minutes!

Emceeing talks is always an honor, a privilege, and a highlight of the conference experience for me. Doing it from my own sofa doesn't detract from the experience.

I'm already looking forward to my shift tomorrow.

There's a chess trick where you play an odd number of games with many different people all at once. The trick is that you're just mirroring half the players' moves at the person two or three tables away from them so really they're all just playing each other. Then you only have to beat one person in a real match to win a majority of the games. That's what I think of when I see user data turned into money by a third party.

Tomorrow at member of and will be presenting on the importance of federated/decentralized communities.

We'll see you there!

Me before HOPE2020: "I could use a few ideas for new personal projects."

Me now: :a_blobfire:

When you scream into the void the void will sometimes reverse the charges.

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