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Epic Wife Gila had never seen "Back to the Future," one of my earliest film obsessions, so I knew we had to make the season-premiere of our film podcast about it.

I shrewdly invited an artist couple we know who are fellow BTTF nerds to guest on this episode, so if it turned out Gila didn't like it she'd at least be outnumbered. :flan_guitar:โ€‹

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This is a thing I've been very excited about making. Please put this half-hour of noise into your ears for me!

Playing a nice round of Super Mario Bros 3 while glances away from her work to comment on my gameplay every so often.

It's a little like Twitch, but in real life.

I've only seen the first couple seasons, when do Lucy and Ethel finally get together? I can't take the tension!


"I'm not afraid to get Corona" is fake punk.
"I'm gonna protect my community" is real punk.

As an '80s-'90s kid, I'm still getting used to the current meaning of "did you hear who's got the virus?"

Living that essential-worker life. How's this for a big-city rush-hour commute?

Save me from people who seem surprised and confused when I suggest they shouldn't be inviting people to an in-person party right now, and ask for further explanation of my position on the matter. ๐Ÿ˜’

In the 1980s, a group of young dissidents in San Francisco's financial district got together to create a #Zine

"Processed World" is now available at the Internet Archive. Brace yourself for a world of subversive commentary and #Cyberpunk

A comedy show I'd been looking forward to for ages got COVID-cancelled. Rather than just keep the ticket refund I decided to put it to helpful use because screw you, virus, so I donated it to .

It's not a lot, but it was money already spent so it didn't really cost me.๐Ÿคท

So who's got a digital online voting system ready to go for November?


One entertainment thing getting me through the current crisiseses is Ellie Spectaular's fantastic mashup album "SweewS." Sweet, funny, and genuinely-banging & listenable mixes with some twisted sensibility.

DL w/ extras:


In ~47 minutes we start a two-hour @HackerRadioShow broadcast.

The second hour will be open for listener calls, tell us what's going on out there!

WBAI 99.5FM in NY, everywhere.

If you love 1993's wonderfully weirdass "Super Mario Bros" movie as much as I do, you might also like what the clever folks at tabletop-RPG podcast "Roleplay Retcon" are doing in their re-imagining of it.

You can listen along at !

covid-19 mutual aid for immunocompromized folks 

Reminder that some people disappear from your life and that's OK.

It does not mean that you are unlovable or that they're upset with you.

Distance happens. Sometimes without any good reason that your anxiety would accept.

This msg is as much for my own self as it is for anyone who needs to hear this. :blobcatreachsad:

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