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Celebrating the milestone of 300 follows on here with a "300"-themed doodle. Thanks for being interested, folks!

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My every-so-often roundup of the various places you can currently hear my audio work:

@HackerRadioShow - FM talk radio by a bunch of hackers and phreaks, myself included
:flan_phone1:​ Archives: - My original podcasts, including:
:flan_laugh:​ Sketch comedy:
:flan_awe:​​ Film nerdery:
:flan_bard:​ Self-naming stories:

last night I dreamt I was stuck in a Tom Hanks in The Terminal situation except instead of it being caused by a dissolving eastern european country it was a demarcation issue over the boundaries of the East Village/LES

The contestants on "Nailed It" are all like "I know the recipe for this cake says to put eggs and a teaspoon of vanilla into the batter but I decided to instead put in some driveway gravel and a cactus, I know I'm going to win."

Me when I can't find a screenshot or GIF from some pop culture thing to illustrate my current state of being:

doing your best to keep other people safe makes you a very nice person. i just want to say that if you have kept wearing your mask and quarantining and things you are very nice to keep doing it. you care about other people! this kitn approves :blobcatheart:

I'm kind of annoyed that "self-care" has become conflated with "treat yourself". Yes, sometimes treating yourself can be an act of self care

But most of prioritizing self care is meeting your core needs. It's telling yourself it's ok to take time to eat a healthy meal or take a shower. It's making sure you put the things you need to be healthy at a higher priority

The whole "self care is luxuries" captialist takeover of an important mental health concept just chaps me

I'm still on this kick, five old TV commercials have now been abused by this new type of I've been doing.

(CW: glitchy/strobey audio and video.)

You all had better watch out. A loaf of bread we'd just bought turned out to be moldy and I took it back to the store and got it exchanged, which they did for me with no argument, so I'm feeling pretty badass and capable right now.

Yes, I'm asking for help, and it's hard: Rebooting my Life (long) 

TL;DR: I survived a ridiculous run of overwhelming, life threatening BS and need help rebuilding myself to live in the "real world" that I keep hearing about.

I could write a novel about things that have gone wrong in the last decade, so I'll give a still-brief sum up: about 10 years ago I survived Stage IV and II cancers with about a 30% survival chance. I worked full time through all of it. After recovering my ex took nearly everything I owned after we moved to their family home after I lost my job. On the way back to family, my car died and I had to sell it for food/shelter after which family took me in. I have been without work, permanent housing, and income for 4 years. I'm done listening to people who have convinced me that I'm a failure and should just give up and live with my emotionally abusive family.

A while back I asked for help on a kofi to get my hosting costs covered for professional / self promotion, portfolio building, and learning. I'm asking again for funding to get the next items to pull myself up: Educational books, related software, and maybe even a phone that doesn't randomly reboot and hosting isn't bottom tier.

I have a kofi, and while the page itself focuses on my music goals what I'm really shooting for here is getting into InfoSec and/or DevOps.

Please feel free to pass around and drop some coin my way. I'd really appreciate it.

Thank you for reading this, donating, and boosting.

Several longstanding and reasonably high-traffic websites I run, most of which have been up for 15+ years, including one with content particularly aimed at the hacker community: a mere trickle of login attempts by anyone who isn't me.

One barely-there three-line trafficless website warming the domain I bought a year ago for my tiny half-imaginary LLC: hammered for weeks by login bots for some reason.

Infosec is so freaking weird.

Thing I didn't know I needed in my life until stumbling on it just now of the day: Alfreda Gerald (the vocalist from the theme) improvising over "Gangnam Style".

Thanks to photographer @gilahava704@twitter for risking life and limb to get these action shots.

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These shoes designed by @Medus4 for are suitable for both formal and casual occasions, as I demonstrate below.

The iconic hit pop song you ask your smart-speaker device to play vs. the dinky cover version it plays.

if you condensed 2021 down to a single moment it would be uploading your resume and then it asks you to fill out a form with your history anyway so you just close the site

Fuck most social media today.

(Not you, Mastodon. You're good.)

I feel like I'm cheating whenever I eat an Italian ice with a real silverware-type spoon instead of that flat wooden thing they used to give you.

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