Understand my words with full knowledge and reverence for my connection to the void.

My data is not yours to own.

You came here and asked to sell us things, then tracked us with the things you sold us.

You came here and begged for trust, which many gave you, then betrayed it by selling our secrets.

Then you took away our nation.

My data is not yours to own.


Would you mind if I share this on other social media? Seems like an excellent manifesto

@TheGibson That resonates with me right now. Just spent the last few weeks extricating myself from the Google ecosystem, and it's hard. A surprising outgrowth of this was OTHER PEOPLE being annoyed that I've had the audacity to stop using Google products: "How am I supposed to share anything with you?" etc.

I dunno, choose tools that don't enforce arbitrary limits on my choices? :)

@TheGibson Thank uyou brother! IMO it's a lesson in "Ther eis no such thing as a free lunch". Gotta say FastMail is *vastly* superior to Gmail in just about every way :)

@feoh @thegibson

People end up thinking there's nothing outside the walled garden, that Google or Facebook *are* the Internet.

@faehnrich @TheGibson Oh totally! And it's SO frustrating! I have friends who won't respond to me unless I use their favorite thing - Failbook Messanger or GChat or whatever. So I've stopped trying to send text messages and just call them now :)

@feoh @thegibson

Oooh, actual phone calls, now they'll really never message you back.

@feoh @TheGibson
I have similar experiences
>What, you don't use google? But it's free!
>What, why don't you use whatsapp?
(deleted it right now after a few days of locking all non-running web access)
>Why do you pay for your cloud?
>Why do you download everything?

People call me paranoid when I'm just trying to have privacy in my own home. If I'm providing information, I wanna know who's asking.


That's great question in reverse as well. :)

Well, I've seen much more from you than you may have of me...
may... me...
may... may...
Have a meme, on the house

>inb4 "That's why I'm not following m4iler"


I was surprised to run into this when I pulled back from Facebook and Google.


@RussSharek @feoh I've been off facebook (except a research account I do have... completely compartmentalized.) for years.

people look like you've grown a second head when you tell them you don't use facebook.


I'm noticing a growing trend where people ask me if I 'have' Facebook rather than assuming I do.

I still do at the moment, because my home base city seems to run on it.


@RussSharek @feoh

Same here as the city goes, but unlike you, I have little need for their input/signal.

The crowds I run in usually really don't even ask about it... it's only when a normie is involved that the question is really in play.


I don't like the idea of separating the definition of normal by whether or not someone uses a particular product, but I get your meaning.


@RussSharek @feoh

I didn't like typing it TBH... I just didn't know how to differentiate effectively.


I've been looking for a term, with little success, to describe people who use mainstream social media and buy into brands as identity in a non negative or judgemental way.

It's difficult to keep my bias out of that discussion, and I find myself having to remember I know geniuses who truly believe those are the only viable options for connecting.


@RussSharek @feoh

I know.


It's very hard to differentiate this group without some sort of bias coming through.

@RussSharek @feoh

And yet to save them, we must welcome them somehow.

Or simply be walkaways...

We need to offer something they want. Unfortunately, that something is friends, which they have on those sites.

Imagine us, here. We are """friends""", most of us. I wouldn't want to leave this place, @tinker brought me here, I like the density of the IT population! It's gonna take a lot to drag me away from you... (yes, you're singing Toto now)
It's the same there. They see us as contact-cutters and will refuse to follow.
@RussSharek @feoh

@RussSharek @m4iler @tinker @feoh

I don't know that I've met him, but once at a hacking convention I DID encounter an odor not quite, but not unlike metal shavings, machine oil, mint, and leather...

So I may have met him.

I don't believe I've been in the same country as him. Is he real?

>fucking up someone's notification tab because they're cool
@RussSharek @tinker @feoh


There were witnesses. That said, he may have been an elaborate hoax.

@TheGibson @tinker @feoh

@m4iler @RussSharek @tinker @feoh

Some say he is a spiritual being.

Some say he is a stealth suit filled with sentient spiders.

We just know him as @tinker

@TheGibson @m4iler @RussSharek @tinker I'm not actually in infosec. Not clever enough by several orders of magnitude to actually do that work :) I'm just an interested hanger-on :)

Well so am I... But I'm in school to eventually become one, am I fugged?
@TheGibson @RussSharek @tinker

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@m4iler @thegibson @tinker @RussSharek @feoh

This is pretty much it. There are two other things. First is celebrities. Which we... screwed up massively.

Second is brand presence. A lot of people get customer service on Twitter/FB. Valid, but at odds with the culture here. I wouldn't mind having them.

I tell people I meet cooler people here. There's also a massive benefit to not having your timeline f'd with, but impossible to explain to someone who hasn't experienced it.

I love the presence of aligned brands here
Maybe more. This is the thing: We may not be able to drag people from Twitter, but we may convince IT companies (i.e. those that matter) to come here.
@TheGibson @tinker @RussSharek @feoh

@m4iler @rook @tinker @RussSharek @feoh

They'll probably get exposed for womething they've done or supported in the past and be chased away... just like @wilw was.

@rook @TheGibson @tinker @RussSharek @feoh
Also, I bet that if I called out a company, I'd find someone here to get me in touch with them (again, IT)

@m4iler @thegibson @tinker @RussSharek @feoh

That's a good point. Hard to think of them as brands because I'm not at odds with them on some level.

@m4iler @rook @TheGibson @RussSharek @feoh - Yeah, there are others. Ubports come to mind, for example. But these are all, as you say, aligned brands. Open sourced. Privacy focused. And similar.

>in a non-negative or judgemental way
One way to see them is 'loyal customers' or something in that tone.
But where do we draw the line? Mindlessly following brands just because other people use them is not positive and should not be described as such. Otherwise, we might start calling hoarders 'enthusiastic atom collectors'
@TheGibson @feoh


There are times I choose to let that bias happen. I simply want for a way to leave it out when I am not being derisive about a choice.

@TheGibson @feoh

@RussSharek @m4iler @feoh

And when the rain comes down
Would you choose to walk or stay
Would you choose to walk
Would you choose to stay
Would you
Walk walk walk walk walk away


But the rain never came for these people. They would be seen as we are, now. We are the contact cutters, the nonconformists of the internet. I wouldn't be surprised if Mastodon was synonymous with Darknet because it isn't one of the two walled gardens.

They live in those gardens. They thrive as much as we do here, but at what cost? At the cost of their privacy. However, i
the word ceased to have meaning a long time ago.
@RussSharek @feoh

@TheGibson @RussSharek @feoh
One point I have not yet found the answer for is:

"Why do you care? If they want, they'll find you anyway! You use X and Y, why do you care about Z?"

X = android
Y = usually streets (because CCTV)
Z = Facebook


"Z does things which cross my ethical boundaries" might be a solid answer.

@TheGibson @feoh


I think those sorts of darknet opinions are encouraged by the walled gardens, but that could be my tinfoil hat talking.

@TheGibson @feoh

Well it would, wouldn't it?
Who of the normie crowd can setup Darknet access? Are those the same people who can setup a Mastodon account and are wary of their privacy? Probably. Anyone calling for privacy can be called a gangbanger pedo because what you can't see can be turned into anything.

@TheGibson @feoh

@m4iler @RussSharek @feoh


And I am happy to return to my roots here on the post-protoweb.

@thegibson @RussSharek @feoh a friend of mine had a meet & greet w/ FB execs for a job and told them he didn't have an account.

You can imagine their reaction.

@thegibson @RussSharek @feoh

This will always remind me of when someone I met asked me if I was on "the space" (Myspace), and how they condescendingly reacted when I said I've long since left that site.

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