Public Service Announcement

The symbol # has many names, including "hash". Using a hash to make a tag word easier to search makes the whole construct a "hashtag".

Because people say things like "check out hashtag 'learn'", people inferred that the # itself was spoken as "hashtag". This has led to some confusion in certain kinds of discussion.

@mdhughes @calcifer I pronounced that "hashtag octothorpetag" in my head. I'm so sorry.

@MarcatoMarc @calcifer Obvs "octothorpeoctothropetag". If you can say it one more time, octothorpe appears behind you with an otter.

@clacke @mdhughes @calcifer ah, and then octothorpetag appears behind you with an otter, I suppose. If you truly believe and wish with all your heart, that is

@calcifer so it is not "pound learn" or "pound gopher?" Voice mail lady wants to know!


The best name for it is "pound", such as in the famous #metoo

@calcifer Personally I call this character an octothorp because it's cool :)

@calcifer If you're at all musical it's "sharp" and always will be. None of this "hash" or "pound" rubbish.

@zigpress sharp is ♯, which is subtly but importantly different than #

Too subtly for my old eyes.
And not importantly enough for those with a life.

@calcifer This is one of the most needlessly-pedantic things I've ever seen holy shit, who cares

@witchfynder_finder what's pedantic about sharing the history of how a term came to be?

In my day, it was called a pound sign. And we liked it! 👵🏽

@calcifer in german we call it "schweinegatter" (pigsty gate)

@Yuvalne obviously? That's part of why it's helpful to understand how a term comes into use and where it might lead to confusion -- like in this case, where "hashtag" meaning "#" was the result of inference from another use, leading to "hashtag" meaning two overlapping things.

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