@nomad @zwol new software development paradigm: "obsolete slide-deck based dev"

I'm reviewing slides for this week's teaching and I have the horrible realization that no one knows how to write Makefiles because there was _one guy_ back in like 1999 who wrote a slide deck about them despite having a _completely incorrect_ mental model of how they operate

and everyone has been copying those slides around ever since and learning and teaching that incorrect model

You know what I want, I want a better option when some site says, "to access this file we need to see and download your entire address book". I want more than "yes" or "no". I want "lie to it." Give it an address book full of noise. Tell Dropbox I only know one person, but he's the Pope."

Today I was forced to learn the purpose of the spanning tree protocol.

After completing the short story anthology "The Beast Within" I needed to draw a vampire. This lady is the result. The pure black and white ink drawing felt a bit lacking, so I added grey and white highlight. :)

#art #mastoart #ink #inkdrawing #vampire #VampireTheMasquerade

trying to find out about how much energy in kilowatts gas lights in cities used back in the old days, but every time i click on one of the search results it turns out to be about something completely different called 'gaslighting', almost as if google is trying to do something to me, like some kind of low-key fucking with me in some very subtle way

boost from birdsite, research into package managers 

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I'm looking for research w/ detailed design & architecture comparison of package managers - they all do more-or-less the same job, but there are many (many) design choices and tradeoffs. Pointers welcome - thanks in advance.

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does anyone here have any experience with windows ssh clients in an environment where active directory hands out kerberos tickets that OUGHT to be good for ssh login to (unix-based) systems run by the same org

i'm 15 tabs deep in this rabbit hole and i still haven't figured out how to set things up so i can do my dang job

Say it with me: communities over technologies. (a soapbox) 

If you're using a social technology, you're using it because of the contributions and humanity of your fellow humans. At their cores, every social platform derives its value from its users.

A technologically perfect platform is of no use without users you actually like.

Likewise, people on a technologically bad platform will only go elsewhere if the community at large is there.

Are technologically exciting platforms good and interesting? Yes.

But you should evaluate a social platform the way you would evaluate a friend, and not the way you would evaluate an operating system. Because you don't want a social platform that thinks for you, you want a social platform that helps you belong, shows you cool stuff, and helps you talk to humans you like.

Psychonauts 2 came up with a clever, and also hilarious, in-setting justification for why the player character has to do all the sidequests. He's the new intern at psychic spy headquarters, and all the more senior interns are dumping their tedious and/or dangerous chores on him.

Good habit to get into for all the social media with which you interact, not just the high-traffic sites or accounts.

RT @angel_0f_deathx@twitter:
if someone posts a photo and specifically doesn’t include the location, don’t comment the location just to show off that you know where they live. think of people’s safety. a lot of us have a stalkers and people who hate us so much that they’d hurt us.

What if I told you that Big Random Number has lied to us for decades, and we have been played for absolute fools?


intense eye contact, silly 

It is on this blessed day I am reminded of our patron saint, DevOps Zelda.

my fancy N95 lecturin' mask, which came in a sealed plastic bag also containing a packet of silica gel and a packet of activated charcoal "for odor neutralization", adds a distinct scent of thyme (the herb) to all the air coming through

You want into Infosec?

Learn to write reports.

That’s your biggest challenge.

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