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been playing Arkham Horror and its atmosphere is good but they should put the setup time on the box next to playing time because it was two tedious hours

4. after hearing a heavy sigh, launching into an overwrought explanation about the fediverse to explain how I had predicted the sigh in a toot, which yields several after-sighs

most likely heavy sigh precipitating events while visiting family:

1. I've complained about the brand of hot sauce on the table at a restaurant
2. I've said "you know, there's a whole Seinfeld episode about that?"
3. I've started explaining why Jar Jar will invariably have a cameo in Mandalorian despite not being able to keep any of the timeline straight in my head

"...colur ay a tele tuned tae a deid channel, ya wee tadger"

I hope people appreciate all the translation work I'm doing for no pay or appreciation.

sick of everyone porting doom to exotic OS+arches, let's swing it the other way around!

put the gun on the floor,
the money in the bag,
and the apples in the briefcase

last minute gift ideas are in that place where I put that thing that time

totally drained today, been sick for a week and it has finally hit me

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