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OKULTRA is a secret plan to make everyone average

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Matrix chat server is up! :hackers_town:​ Account registration is OPEN at

Quick way to register: if you head over to and hit "sign up", you can select "advanced" and put in our homeserver address:

Join up, make rooms, and idle with us! Encrypted group chat is a click away. Full list of Matrix clients over at:

Finally found my favorite VST collection within a backup of my old computer on the NAS. Now I can get back to spending hours picking synths for songs I'll never finish!

remember meeting irl? like bringing printouts of your best posts along to a date? I just miss that, yknow

The year is 2081.
It is now standard for kitchens to be built with room for a full-size trash can.
However, the toxic gas clouds prevent anyone from returning to the surface for another thousand years, so you can't also get a nice window over the sink.

my kids convinced me to make a mashup of Go and Tetris in #tic80 this morning; welcome to a completely normal weekend here in my house

putting my speedrun dot com profile on my resume

Funyuns implies the existence of Seriousyuns. Over the next 227 hours, I will

I am divided:
my bottom half gets up,
runs downstairs,
out the door,
and goes to get ice cream
while my top half
stays here typing this
and eating pizza rolls

It's my own design
It's my own remorse
Help me to decide
Help me make the most
Of freedom and of pleasure
Nothing ever lasts forever

Everybody wants to write a Forth

I need a few hundred positive comments on my track before I think my music is any good

I need to rearrange the space and clean up my patch cables before I can produce an LP

I need to spend a few thousand more on instruments before I can write a great song

I need to download a few hundred more sample packs before I will be good at composing music

documentary narrator: some would say he produces music too slowly
*montage of dr dre clicking on thousands of samples one by one to pick a kick drum sound for 8 hours*

I'll do the dishes later!
I'm going online!
Yes! You said I could!
No, you come in HERE if you want to talk!

chrome keeps crashing and my hands are cold, what causes that?
my uncle always had sweaty feet and ugly wives, so I am worried about thick socks

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