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I would like to issue a public apology for my next post. It was a mistake and won't happen again.

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New user registrations are open once again at the Matrix homeserver :hackers_town:

To register: use any Matrix client you wish and point it at OR use the "official" web client, click "Edit" and change the homeserver as seen in the screenshot.

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the first thing you see when you are an AI gaining sentience

microdosing christmas music to avoid the side effects

what's the point of democracy when ignorance is celebrated

sorting the TL by "controversial" and just seeing a bunch of my own posts

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shout out to WAGO 221 series lever-nuts, the best wire splicing solution to ever exist

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walking around my neighborhood every afternoon, normalizing not wearing a hat

look upon my public domain works, ye mighty,

information wants to be free delivery on all orders over $35

all marriages are same-sex after you run out of ideas

how to unshred lettuce
please I'm trying to impress my boss
they're all coming in half an hour

*you have been threatened with a good time*
-2 HP

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