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OKULTRA is a secret plan to make everyone average

Just got my tactsuit x40!

Pretty sure I’m legally required to listen to Front 242 while wearing this though.

fine, yes, time travel is all the rage, but have you considered that in this temporal economy it might make more sense to have a time staycation right when you are now?

if cats could talk they would say swears constantly

history forgets the moderates and forgives the intolerant, so just sit there where you are I guess

youtube is a great place to see people recommended or instruct on things they've done one or even zero times before

Mirror in the bathroom
Please talk free
The door is locked
Just you and me

Cultivate an air of mystery. Call in sick tomorrow with cocoliztli.

Dead instance cleanup is depressing.

A wide, wide network of what could have been.

advance praise for my next post: "an insightful, witty, and breathtakingly poignant missive from the master of staggering insight into our complex time in history..."

Heinlein novel about man's inability to prevent the post-breakfast-burrito nap and its deadly consequences during the robot rebellion

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