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Matrix chat server is up! :hackers_town:​ Account registration is OPEN at

Quick way to register: if you head over to and hit "sign up", you can select "advanced" and put in our homeserver address:

Join up, make rooms, and idle with us! Encrypted group chat is a click away. Full list of Matrix clients over at:

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me, explaining the internet to a 13th century peasant: well, you see the magic that keeps me alive is slowly killing everyone else

how to fit a triple-slot GPU into a Ghost S1 case: uhhh, you got a dremel, right?

I made a thing! Check out the terminal-based podcast manager I made, which just hit v1.0:

This represents the largest coding project I've ever done (so far!), and my first project in Rust, but I'm incredibly proud of the result. Feel free to use, share, and contribute!
#floss #rust #podcasts #linux

I don't not use org-mode because I haven't heard of it, shut up about emacs

I danced on a Friday when the sky turned black;
It's hard to dance with the devil on your back.
They buried my body and they thought I'd gone;
But I am the dance, and I still go on!

spook myself sometimes to think I'm a ghost from the future

There is a debate about whether consciousness is graded (like a spectrum) or binary (like a light switch).

Is consciousness a biological or physical property?

NBA Ratings Continue To Be Inexplicably Low
NBA Ratings Continue To Be Inexplicably Low
NBA Ratings Continue To Be Inexplicably Low

ripxorip is working out the links in this 3D printed ITX case on a Prusa Mk3s prusa bear printer (designed in Fusion 360).

Pictured with an RTX 2070 mini, Ryzen 3700x, hdplex power supply, and an Asus B550-i.

whenever you type "JFC", just keep in mind that I'm going to read it "Jesus Fried Chicken"

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