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in traffic court, a beeping box taken from my car is on the stand, telling fucking lies

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❝ We love to buy books because we believe we're buying the time to read them

—Warren Zevon

doesn't matter what the y-axis is, this chart is invariant

This year (2022) is going to see my journal/log’s 10th anniversary and 100th notebook. After many attempts to write this up, I’m just going to disgorge it all. This article is long and rambling and I make no apology for it. Feel free to skip around to any part of it which you find interesting.

the bad sleep well knowing they've done all they can while the good are never sure

macron at the ez-pawn with the mona lisa under his arm and an unlit gitanes dangling from his lip

presidents' day sale on toots
buy one, get one faves

docking with your satellite and doing lord-knows-what

secret ending of red dead redemption 2 where you shake that nasty cough and everything's fine

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