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I've been hacking unix systems since the mid-80s in a good way, and I try to stay in the unix/free software/open source software world as much as possible.

I build far too many workflows that mix bash, python, awk, sed and golang together to drag data from odd places, polish it up, and put the results somewhere where the sun does shine. With possibly less input safety than is needed ...

For money, I do infosec. For fun, I play Elite:Dangerous and help run the in-universe radio station

I also live somewhere that isn't in your timezone, have a family that just wants their tech to work, and look forward to owning electric vehicles.

So be aware folks! Use #Jitsi Meet, #NextCloud Talk or #BigBlueButton instead (in random order) if possible.

*#Zoom Meetings Do Not Support End-to-End Encryption*

"… Without end-to-end encryption, Zoom has the technical ability to spy on private video meetings and could be compelled to hand over recordings of meetings to governments or law enforcement in response to legal requests. While other companies like Google, Facebook, and Microsoft publish transparency reports that describe exactly how many government requests for user data they receive from which countries and how many of those they comply with, Zoom does not publish a transparency report. On March 18, human rights group Access Now published an open letter calling on Zoom to release a transparency report to help users understand what the company is doing to protect their data. …"

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(via @mousebot and @thenewoil)

Just received an email from a national bank to "all customers".
In the middle of it was a comment "phone your local branch on ..." and my actual local branch number!

I shouldn't be surprised that someone has achieved a basic mailmerge that's been working technology since at least the late 1980s ... but sadly, I am ...


PSA Covid-19 #masks4all 

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Who lead the digital transformation of your company?

I found it very hard to resist ... the 5G, wifi6 phone with real keyboard that can run Debian ... not an open hardware device, but ...

The reviews for the ealier devices suggest that they are honestly having a go at this item ...

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Any stats on the rates of "accidental" gun deaths in the US dropping due to isolation/lockdown?

Our car insurance is due to be renewed in April. This is what my Apple News feed looks like right now.

Apple protects your privacy my ass.


Word of the day: νυκτιλαθραιοφάγος (Ancient Greek) - eating secretly by night

dd is the command line equivalent of stabbing the table between your fingers with a knife

A 212-Hour Exposure of Orion

Image Credit & Copyright: Stanislav Volskiy, Rollover Annotation: Judy Schmidt #APoD

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The crones huddled in their secluded hut, brewing merrily.

They startled as a voice called from the entrance, "Are you well?"

"We are," said one.

"For now," said another.

"Supplies are running a bit low," mentioned the third.

"I can fetch what you need," offered the voice.

"What do you wish in return?"

"The secret to your health."

They agreed, gave the list and it was fulfilled.

"So what is your secret?"

"Wash your hands; now go."

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Our language has wisely sensed the two sides of being alone. It has created the word, loneliness to express the pain of being alone. And it has created the word, solitude to express the glory of being alone.
PAUL TILLICH, The Eternal Now

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