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I've been hacking unix systems since the mid-80s in a good way, and I try to stay in the unix/free software/open source software world as much as possible.

I build far too many workflows that mix bash, python, awk, sed and golang together to drag data from odd places, polish it up, and put the results somewhere where the sun does shine. With possibly less input safety than is needed ...

For money, I do infosec. For fun, I play Elite:Dangerous and help run the in-universe radio station

I also live somewhere that isn't in your timezone, have a family that just wants their tech to work, and look forward to owning electric vehicles.

So these arrived in the post today. Still got a few more things coming ...

Detective Pikachu was a decent movie. A solid B. Lots of thought was put in to it, and a few things that were odd at the beginning of the story (often just background details that didn't even make a difference) were explained en-passant by the end.

The only thing I didn't like was the level of CGI-graphical detail on some of the pokemon (most were just great, but one was a main character (I'm not spoiling) and needed more detail). We spent a few minutes with torterras that didn't advance the plot and probably should have been cut. But besides that, it was great 馃檪

My boy spend the first few minutes calling out all the names of all the pokemon passing by on the screen under his breath; despite being a jaded 15yo he still enjoyed himself and was comfortable enough to bring a snorlax plushie with him. He wouldn't wear his charmander hat though!

Kawaiicon CFP! Come to NZ to hack the cybers!

Wellington NZ, Oct 17/18 2019.

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I encourage you to read this - specific to NZ, but I suspect similar situations are occurnig the world over...

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People who can't distinguish between etymology and entomology bug me in ways I cannot put into words.

Mastodon in Chromium, on Ubuntu in a VirtualBox VM on MacOS ... a couple of days ago everything was basically fine. Today I installed the latest 6.0.8 VirtualBox - now performance is ... well, let's just say it's a good job I'm used to typing at 300baud. Mouse movements and clicks are taking literally seconds to register. Not sure where the problem lies 馃槥

@libravatar If I added '' to my *nternal* DNS, and pointed it at a libravatar server instead, all my internal users would get the right images, even from third-party services that don't support anything except gravatar, right?

Oh the irony ...

The Ubuntu app store entry for Shutter (a screen shot tool) ... has no screenshot.

Physician, heal thyself!
Medice, cura te ipsum!

@thegibson I think you need a new favicon.ico ... the mastodon default is nice, but not exactly hacked-up enough.
How about the key logo from the Tshirt?

Also, "blockchain" FFS.

Last time people got so excited about a data storage system it was "NoSQL", and look what that did for us ...

sqlite is the millenial CSV ...

@thegibson Thanks for that HACKTHEPLANET! button :-) Just what I needed!

There's so much misused and misunderstood jargon out there, being used in communication to the general public.

We don't need "a 5G network for autonomous cars". Using this phrase is causing problems.

If they're "autonomous", they don't need to be in constant communication with external entities in order to make decisions.

We probably do need 5G for many types of "self-driving cars". Where "self" is interpreted as the vehicle plus eternal computing capacity.

Then you can start to think about the risks of the vehicle having to have a protocol for handing control to a human or safely stopping, when its external links fail.

But if you call something "autonomous" when all you mean is "I just wanted to use a word that sounds impressive so people will think I'm clever" ... we don't need that sort of commentary.

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YOU: so the A in RAID stands for "Array"?
US: Yes.
YOU: doesn't that mean saying "RAID array" is redundant?
US: Of course. That's what the R is for.

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When you get overexcited with sysupgrade(8) and reboot all your mail and DNS servers at once.

cw: lewd adjacent, smoking, alcohol

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This is possibly the best thing I've ever read. Please take 5 mins to read this short story if you are a programmer, or want to be one. Or think you're not. (psst, you are)
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