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I've been hacking unix systems since the mid-80s in a good way, and I try to stay in the unix/free software/open source software world as much as possible.

I build far too many workflows that mix bash, python, awk, sed and golang together to drag data from odd places, polish it up, and put the results somewhere where the sun does shine. With possibly less input safety than is needed ...

For money, I do infosec. For fun, I play Elite:Dangerous and help run the in-universe radio station

I also live somewhere that isn't in your timezone, have a family that just wants their tech to work, and look forward to owning electric vehicles.

@mike oh! i facilitated a talk at FOSDEM for a program which will automatically OCR your source code listings for you!


How I cut GTA Online loading times by 70%

Some debug-stepping later it turns out it’s… JSON!

Of course it is. But a really solid reversing effort. And a nice fix.

#gaming #investigation #perf #programming #windows

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How do developers mess up OAuth2? You only need to understand the OAuth, OIDC, JWT, and JWKS standards, nuances of HTTP redirects, nuances of RSA vs ECDSA, remember to validate the JWT is signed using an expected algorithm, and check the exp, to have a chance of getting it right.

Research on the founders raises a handful of flags. I won't presuppose the colour you give those flags ...

Use of a blockchain for posts is possibly justified where the intention is to provide transparency on the platform's actions, but problematic if it covers the content of posts that need to be deleted at some stage.

Not quite convinced at the moment.

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Has anyone here looked into ?

It seems to be a reaction against the control that Twitter/"Big Tech" exerts over its model for promoting/spreading messages, and it aiming for a lot of transparency. is a general overview of the project. I like the mission, I like the open source aspects.

Finally got around to finishing The End Dragon in , first time ever on Survival. Took several game days of preparation, I was probably over-prepared. It felt a little easier than I was expecting, although still took 20 minutes.

OK, another lockdown puts me working at home next week. I need to get my monitor from work this time, I honestly can't work from just a laptop effectively at all.

I love the fact that the #VAX tag refers to the actual DEC VAX machines in the Fediverse, while on Twitter, it's all about vaccines... The real anti-vaxxers are developers who exclusively use RISC processors like Alpha, ARM or MIPS. #retrocomputing

@kyhwana @yojimbo does it respond to ping. If yes it’s a server

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Just remember, if you think your server room is a mess, or seems unkept, it can't nearly be as bad as wherever the hell this is

@KungFuChickenNoodle @DrSagan

Fuckin’ Mitnick... never met him, but I feel like I know we would hate each other.

yknow how general motors and chevrolet used to make educational science films back in the 30s which explained how a transmission worked or whatever. i think it would be cool if companies like google or facebook did that but explaining the mechanisms of psychological manipulation and consent manufacturing

"I see you have a new jumper," the robot said.
"Like it?"
"I can not judge fashion."
"Well, I like big jumpers, they hide my shape."
The robot froze. "You want your shape hidden?"
"Haha, yes-"
"My radar... Erasing data now."
"You don't need-"
"Data without consent is... Wrong."
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories someone made a 6502 assembler that runs inside a spreadsheet and I LOVE IT, this is SUCH a good idea

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gay people flirting for two minutes straight compilation

Why does my desktop keep on suddenly shifting to 'view all apps' thumbnails' mode when I'm not even using the computer?


ah, there's the little bluetooth mouse over there, being pushed around the desk when I move my notebooks ... lol

jwz's XScreenSaver has just updated, this is one of the most essential pieces of software you will ever install - and always directly from upstream, because reasons.

Did I say 'Inbox Zero Unread' in here a little while ago?

Currently it's "Inbox 1190 Unread" and I hate all email clients.

Heh, you can post Google Translate links to Australian news articles on Facebook 😜

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