i would love to join a group of people helping each other out with technical problems and being warm and friendly but idk where to find such places.

i was thinking of starting one, but my organizational skills are...lacking. i think im more interested in a fairie ring of sorts, or a group as described by .


@y0x3y So would I. I miss the hacker salons we used to have in 412.

Find out if you have a local #LUG, a !Linux Users Group. In #Waterloo Region we have a great LUG,, as well as completely separate groups for #KWNPSA ( #NonProfit #SysAdmin), #KWVoIP (a #VoIP Users Group), different user groups for just about every programming language (and three for #Javascript alone). All are warm and friendly -- I know, 'cos I've been to most. But start by finding a local Linux User Group, where people can point you in as many directions as you're willing to go.

@y0x3y You're in one - it's just kind of spread out ;-)

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