first day of work 😊

diving into OSSEC (Wazum), SysMon and tryna create Ransomware protection using PowerShell

so far so good 👍🏾

Nobody should be making over a million dollars a year. No one needs that much money.


i got hired!!

at a cybsec company too!!!

I like being abnormal in a way that makes it really hard for bigots to figure out whether they should dislike me or not.

Wizardry is just engineering with insufficient context.

i need an on the go, easy, distraction free (ideally) writing device. the only one i have on my shortlist is the pomera D30 but its not in my price range. alternatively and atreus cyberdeck with an eink display and raspberry pi could do.

getting an ebook reader changed my reading habits profoundly. then it happened again when i got one that has a larger screen. im hoping a single use writing device will increase my writing output too.

Amusing myself by telling people I'm an anarchist and watching the reaction of "wait, anarchists are real?"

i think i should setup a personal nitter instance

i finally got my server back up and running

certainly feels like a part of my body has been restored

clearing out the cobwebs that have accrued, and rekindling from the effects of atrophy

i am a cyborg, fear me

It’s not good to read news that only confirms your beliefs. You should strive to change your own mind always. And when there is no sufficient counter-point, you can be confident.

philosophy speedrunning revolutionized with the discovery of the "skip of theseus"

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