my new roommate works in growth marketing
he honest to god believes he provides value to society

i just cant

Plunderphonics is the new punk rock, TBH. It has more power to have an effect than punk rock ever did.

It is weird to realize that a good part of what people really need is other people to cheer them on.

But this is often exactly what people need, even the mighty.

If you are not a brutal critic to yourself, then you have achieved an unhealthy level of surety.

When you know someone that needs that boost... give it to them.

Be mighty for them.

Be kind.

holy fuck

twitters bluesky report contributors are people i super respect??? the pdf is hosted on matrix??? this could be good????? what the fuck, this is not what o expected

ive been working harder than i ever really have, but ive also had no time to do side things (Or even set up my pc)

bad trade imo, but necessary because all the stuff i shouldve done now needs to be done...

Now that #whatsapp has revealed its spyware nature to the general public and many non-tech savvy people migrate to #signal, I believe it is time to introduce #matrix to your friends

you, a fool: if we raise the minimum wage then the cost of goods and services will go up proportionally!!

me, enlightened: if we lowered the minimum wage down to 0 all goods and services would be free

I'm beginning to get over the concept of 'work'.
Increasingly in favour of simplifying my life instead.

one day I will have GNU/Hurd w/ Guix on my Libreboot Thinkpad and then I will have to put a gnu sticker on there.

Get busy N00bin’, or get busy dyin’...

What kind of computer is your main computer?

Vacation but confortable setup: Keyboard FeatherWing + FeatherS2 running CircuitPython connected to my GPD Micro PC on Black Arch Linux, WiFi connected to my old iPad Pro (ssh/tmux/@emacs on GPD with BlinkShell ) and HHKB Pro Hybrid

there should be a way to make like... a federation... on the fediverse...

alright how do i make not eat my cpu for breakfast. IO kills it every so often. its running postgres and some bridges and thats it.
its on the cheapest vps i could rent.

tip and tricks appreciated @matrix

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