🤔 Wenn ich per Anhalter durch die Welt reisen kann, dann sollte es doch auch möglich sein, per boosten durch das Fediverse zu reisen. Bitte booste mich! Ich werde versuchen, über diese Reise zu schreiben. Dankeschön.👍

Liebe Grüße Teoma 💙

🤔 If I can hitchhike through the world, then it should be possible to boost through the Fediverse. Please boost me! I will try to write about this trip. Thank you.👍

Kind regards Teoma 💙


Has anyone else stopped getting excited about new tech? It's just like "cool, a new thing to invade my privacy".

capitalism/socialism & FOSS 

viability of FOSS is always such a catch-22 because,

if you try to be non-political and simply tell people the programs are better to use, they'll tell you
'I can't use them until they pour in the impossible mountains of work required to Outcompete the corporate one and become the new monopoly'

whereas if you tell people 'we have to dismantle capitalism before that's viable' they get really upset.
'why are you being so political, you need mass appeal to succeed'

in general, I need to shed the self-censor and be unapologetically awesome

send me your fave stickers or ones that you made
i wanna sticker up my devices

Been studying “collapsology” and it’s eye-opening and in a way helpful, but also hard not to slide into hopelessness.

What I’m taking-away is that there’s value beyond carbon footprints in making our tech radically lower-powered, which is something I’m always looking for an excuse to work on.

I have randomly generated a haiku.

Be generating random words until I had sufficient syllables for a haiku.

ton hunting absence
few exclusive sacrifice
shortage diplomatic load

so i accidentally ran sudo chmod -R 666 /etc

hows your evening going?

Computer science belongs under the humanities as applied metaphysics.

if you're so successful, why do you still have to shower every single day?

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Choose no life.
Choose Free and Open Source.
Choose no career.
Choose no family.

Choose a distro.
Choose a $EDITOR,
Choose a desktop.
Choose man page, ArchWiki,
Tim O'Reilly and a full bookshelf.

Choose a 10-year fucking old computer.
Choose multiple monitors, mechanical keyboards, outdated graphics and network without nonfree blobs.
Choose learn programming, a language, and your programming socks.
Choose no sleep, junk food, and bad health.

Choose a private key.
Choose deleting proprietary apps and losing all your friends.
Choose self-hosting, a monthly server payment, and waiting a compile for half a day straight.
Choose a EEPROM writer and a soldering station to liberate your system BIOS.


anyway if I had four words to say to 15-year-old me it would be "your universe is unaddressable"

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RT @TheTweetOfGod
If anyone ever tells you I talked to them, tell them you talked to Me, and I told you to tell them I wasn't talking to them, and shut up.

dont you just love redoing things youve already done because you're a big dumb?

tech kerfuffle from being stoned 

ugh im a big dumb, and accidentally dd'd a 3gb install iso onto my internal hard drive. because i apparently didnt learn my lesson the first time, my back ups still arent functional... question was how to dive into the rest of the drive and scavange for a very specfic directory (my nix files so restoration is effortless)
but then i realized full disk encryption means i wont be able to decrypt a broken drive so im totally fucked

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