@erosdiscordia @codeforchaos @c0debabe @Truck @ghost_bird thank you for the kind words, they mean a lot. i was blaming myself for not being the "right" kind of person for remote work, but its only furthered my conviction to find a new job

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My boss told me point blank that im not the kind of person that can work remotely

Idk why but it hurt. It made me feel like shit, like im broken
Idk why im so sensitive

I really should looking for new opportunities

I stilll am not convinced that i would enjoy any of them

mh (-), shitpost 

woooo depression season is back! featuring classics you know and love:
no motivation 👌🏽
dirty dishes 🍸
sisyphean amount of life admin 📚
an innate desire to retreat from friends and loved ones 🏔️

this season, starring new guests:
maybe getting fired 🎉
the struggles of getting diagnosed 👨‍⚕️


feels so pitiful fucking up with your friends
like, i thought i could handle this

but here i am
making the same mistakes
again and again

I want to take back my real name. When you search for me, I want you to know you're not seeing a mugshot, but my github, my linkedin, and my activity on a hacker space where laws are abbided by and security professionals welcome me.

cool self-hostable stuff

when someone follows you both on real name acc and pseudonym acc

how did they know?? 🤔🧐

slowly rebuilding the energy i spent

housemate not cleaning up after himself is not making it easy...

soon i will once again have time and energy to spend on joyful things

was testing out a different dithering library and accidentally created this glitch

live texting my brain in hopes ill be able to get to sleep 

i should learn lua, for pico 8
ohh thatson pocketCHIP, i still want one of those
i want more mobile Linux devices, thinking of selling my onyx for a remarkable 2, that thing looks stunning
hate having to use android, mostly because making software for it is something im not super comfortable with
and automating it is a pain

how do i draw a circle with maths and a graphing calculator
ahhh i should clean mine

did i get the grocycles email? guess i should start collecting coffee beans
probably need to re-organize my closet to do that
...and fold the infinite clothes pile in my room

okay... i think that should do it, brain dump completed

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mh ~, insomnia, adhd 

once again back on dont wanna sleep the night before work??
i wanna browse the internet and do a lil programming, and maybe change some stuff for my infrastructure

its the only thing i can think about, and my mind wont let me sleep

this didnt happen to me while i was away, so im not sure why it tends to happen most "at home"
i think its related being neurodivergent??

suddenly you're too much of a big shot to boost toots

Once Again Asking Everyone To Just Have The Correct Opinions So We Don't Have To Argue

@fuuma ARM64 in phone form factor with a variety of docks that allow me to use it like a laptop, desktop, tablet, set top box. Docks can add additional RAM/CPU/GPU/power/battery/etc.

I'd love to have my "phone" (don't care if it's actually a phone) be the core device and just change interaction models for other kinds of work instead of different while devices that must be kept in sync.

Being an optimist is hard.

Being a pessimist is much easier.

The strongest people I know are optimists.

They have the strength to imagine a better world.

sometimes i wish i was as cool as some of yall here

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