hand to God

if it weren't for the ability to meet BIPOC of radical tendencies on here I would simply delete and never come back

re: work gripes 

feel myself spiraling
thoughts of:
maybe im not good enough
maybe if i worked harder
maybe if i just keep out of trouble

not today. never give up. my worth is not determined by my productivity.

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work gripes 

unhappy with my job today. i con't tell if it's because i've been doing a bad job, because i want more money, or because no work would satisfy me. perhaps it's all 3 in part.

what would it take for me to feel content?
i wonder if i ever will

If someone is talking and they lead into, "If you're on Windows...", I close my eyes as my heart drops into my chest for a moment and I wait, hoping the next thing they will say is, "Figure it out yourself."

now i remember why i didnt switch to tmux...
my vin color profile requires 256 colors which tmux seems to fuck with?

anybody know anything about that?

If you do not know who is leveraging you, you can never be free.


somebody PUHLEASE nerf friday

the focus debuff is more than i can handle rn

i ve done no work today, and i get the sense im not going to do any

friday is too powerful, nerf pls

*sigh* the hinge on my @purism Librem13v3 is totally fucked and my laptop feels like its falling apart. spoke to support and there's no replacements (+ its out of warranty) so I'm shit out if luck. its only been 2ish years...

really wouldve liked it to last another year at least. i like the way the Librem14 looks but idk if i can justify it... im kinda leaning mmntm reform at this stage, because the corporate options are what, xps and thinkpad? gross. idrk about the rest of the market

a laptop that will last forever sounds really nice. im just scared about how much it weighs

i dont want to buy a new laptop, truth be told, but it'll probably have to happen soonish if the hinge gives way

outside i [lofi beats on speakers]
but inside i [loud disturbing noises on headphones]

*runs an automated pentest against her own site via a docker container*

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Hey, folks... this is a link to a document containing the lowest funded GoFundMe requests from Southern Oregon fire victims who’ve lost everything.


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