Apple II BASIC program I wrote a year or so ago

Trans rights are human rights.

yay the element update is here on fdroid, hopefully this fixes my bug

thank you team @matrix! :)

why isn't dbz style scouter type displays a thing yet? I'd even take a monochrome one that only displays text

jack mee innnn

I also really should get my GPG keys in order, gonna need a backup yubikey

then I can sign my emails and maybe even encrypt them? at the very least I can publish them on keyoxide

I'm also looking at running self hosted CI for my own gitea instance, taking suggestions lol

must be able to run nix code since that's what I use to build things

so I learnt recently that fast mails privacy policy is p garbage, and they're based in Ozland so security is presumed compromised

what's a good email provider with custom multiple domains (idm paying / configuring it)

will probably have to port my rules to imapFilter or notmuch or something to manage the volume and still be portable

Got pulled over by a cop partway through a 2 hour drive.

I haven't had a very good past few days. Badbrain days. I'm sure a lot of you folk can relate.

When I arrived I took a walk to calm the anxiety and seething anger.

It helped.

After I walked back I wrote a song.

Not sure about the title for it yet.


License and registration
Yeah fine here
Don't know how fast I was going
But I'll tell you what you wanna hear

I doubt this'll be my last
But I know there's always a chance
Looking back on my past
I know this song and dance

Anxiety and stress I've staked
What's the damage gonna be
Am I gonna get a fucking break
Am I gonna be able to eat

Steps out and comes round to me
Papers in his hand
Says "It's down from 12 to 7
I'm doing you a favor, see?"

Yeah fine sure
You've done a favor for me
Whatever you can tell yourself to
Justify your place in society

A shiny badge and a gun
Strapped to an attitude
I bet the Job's a lot of fun
No need to change your view

An occupying militia
Immune to any pleas
The state's might is their right
So they do what they please

Nothing we can do
That's what we all believe
Yeah fine sure that's true
Maybe for you but not for me

We toil and plead and beg the state
To get us what we need
That's the way it's got to be
Until we all shake off the rust

Together shout
There is no state

re: Make-Up is for everyone, liberated video 

see attached

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cohost-adjacent, FOSS 

The whole situation with cohost is IMO also an indictment of the broader FOSS community, which has clearly failed at effectively communicating to the general public *why* open systems matter (eg. possibility to correct governance issues), instead just presenting "well, it's open" as if that in and of itself is something people are expected to care about, without any understanding of how that materially improves their circumstances

anybody got guides for wireguard split dns so that I can resolve private dns names behind my wireguard VPN?
my search-fu is failing me...

Here are some white flowers on a bed of green stems and leaves

may these cheer you up a bit

I'm noticing that when my lsp stops working things get harder for me fast now

Request for help with teaching material for kids with ADHD/dys*; please boost 

My wife (a teacher in elem. school) and i plan to create some material for kids about privacy. especially on the Internet.
If you know any material on the subject that is made for kids. especially if itʼs for kids w/ ADHD. weʼd be very grateful.
We want to raise awareness among parents. who are known to put a phone/tablet to these kids hands just to quiet them. Thus - 1/2

(So sorry about the re-post - had to add screenshots.)

This is one of those moments when I can't feel anything at all, because it's just too much to grasp. For 2+yrs I've worked so intensely, each and every day, and finally I'm able to release this thing.

For better or worse, I've done it in a way I believe in. And so it's not _just_ another #GTK / #GNOME theme; it's a project about the importance of customizability, and about the ethics and politics of UIs.


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