This is a riff on a /r/generative post from a few days ago.

I started getting back into reading Walkaway, and it keeps inspiring me in ways I don't quite know how to act on.

i want to stay up and play with my computers, but i really should go to sleep...

i came across a goals/project list for 2019
i didnt do any of them...

at this point i just hope the pro1 ships

fuck this shit

privacy report download is privacy invasive
why should i give you all this information?

i hate when people say "people way smarter than me will figure it out"when what they really mean is people differently experienced than them.

intelligence isnt the only factor in solving big problems

leftpol, anarchism, revolution... question 

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suddenly scared lonely and defeated

i hate this feeling, but ill feel through it suppose

Your task is:
to not seek love,
but merely to seek within yourself
all the barriers
you have built against it.


i'm just blocking

bad man can't do good thing

intentions have no value
deeds are all that matter

do what is within your ability
to help as many people as you can
be it helping the mind or the body
do good today
and you are doing good today

gonna have to nuke my fully riced out debian setup because its ancient and i want nice gnome stuff so everything works the same across my computers. ideally it'd be nix, so uhhh, lets see how that goes.

So, we'll go no more a roving
So late into the night,
Though the heart be still as loving,
And the moon be still as bright.

ok so i hear what you're saying, maybe having coffee with three sugars isn't the best thing to have at 4am, but please consider the following:

time isn't real and you're a fucking cop

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