'Technology' does not have a teleology. *Particular* technologies have biases -- particular behaviors they are a better fit for. We should be careful of naturalistic fallacies & technological determinism: when those biases don't fit our desires, we should replace the tools.

These folks weren't trying to predict our current future. They were trying to create a future worth living in, & we failed to make that happen.

Englebart could do MOAD in 1968 because that was the available tech. It looks familiar not because it's ahead of its time but because we stopped progressing.

#CrazyIdea What if fediverse instances had (optional) "friend-instances" that they featured on they landing page?
Then by just finding a single instance, you could discover more instances that might match in quality and values - kinda like an old school webring of instances.

defs shoulda been sleeping over 2 hours ago. gn fedi

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reading that article about fb and i realised I've become totally desensitised to them. they could literally buy sri lanka, set it on fire and burn everything to the ground and id still be like "yup, sounds like f*ceb**k." they're literally the incarnation of evil. they'd give satan a run for his money.

pray cthulu save us

Someone give me a job that's actually, like, enjoyable and engaging

fedi is gonna explode soon.
between pixelfed, nextcloud, and the old guard finally caving to activityPub (pump.io, identi.ca and now Hubzilla creator's new thingo Osada) there's going to be a *ton* more people to see around here.

im excited.

understand that what you pay attention to everyday is what your life is made up of.

be wise in how you spend it.
a good day is a common occurrence. but a good life is the rarest thing i know.

what of it?
true freedom is not sexy. freedom is the everyday caring of people, sacrificing for them over and over again. it is the myriad of little petty actions you take everyday.

your body is not a temple.
your mind is not pure.
your actions are not free.

give up worship. give up prayer.
override your settings. reboot the system.


do you hear the hum?
the world of money and power fueled by fear and contempt.

do you hear it slowing?
will you stop it?

get off the endless treadmill, shatter the altar of the self.

discard your unconscious worship.
break the chains that you keep you caged.

keep truth at the forefront of your mind.
analyse you default settings.

rice your mind.

you worship power so you will always be afraid.
you worship money so you will never have enough.
you worship family so you will always be alone.
you worship loyalty so you will always be abandoned.

It seems like every day there is a new attack against us, against our future.

Every day, the world gets a little less safe, a little less free.

How are you fighting back?

@ElfLord Yeah, but think of all the time I can spend configuring it

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