yeah this rss shit has been problematic enough that imma pay feedbin. gotta know when money is the answer i guess.

In less than a century we've gone from short-sighted and self destructive greed to full on death cult.

Never go full death cult.

Any recommendations for a local bookmark server/system that isn't awful to set up?

It's only for personal use. "Cloud" is unnecessary. If it's web-based, something that goes in cgi-bin would be sufficient. Even a decent Firefox plugin is fine.

lmao android adding features ive been using for years through customisation.
gesture control, split screen and floating notifications? lol thats v 2013. my first smart phone did those things.
amoled black for everything? you bet i been doing that since 2016
finger print gesture navigation? now we're feeling modern.

i wonder if android will ever get to the point where i wont feel the need to customise it. hopefully by then ill be running actual linux on a mobile so i wont be interested in whatever android is doing.

imagine caring what opinion journalists think

my grasp of reality is questionable at best.

There's a different between trusting someone because they're an authority and trusting them because they have experience.

Reputation is the intersection of the two. You make yourself known as someone who knows things and can help.

god i really need a public wallabag instance so i stop reading hn at work, it's so boring.

wondering if im betyer off paying for digital infrastructure rather than self hosting. in particular thinking about wallabag, pinboard and feedbin.

FOSS 👏 is 👏 inherently 👏 political 👏 and 👏 anti-capitalist 👏

roses are red
delete the proprietary
create a libre
software society!! :ancomheart: 🖥️

Solarpunk is not anarcha-primitivism, just saying.

saw a youtube video where someone demonstrates a useful but niche thing they made and is casually like "by the way if you want one i might sell them maybe, just search for it on ebay". not even a link or anything. the video has about 8,000 views. anyway i go on ebay and sure enough, there it is, "350 sold". thats a hell of a conversion rate. almost like online advertising is actually nonsense

anybody running wayland as a daily driver?
im thinking of swapping to it with nixOS. anybody have any thoughts they'd like to share?

Things that will never cease to infuriate me:

Museums and archives that do not allow free, non-commercial access to their digital archives.

We could live in an era of unimaginable access to vast cultural trasures...


i guess the internet is just now predominantly the place where stuff happens, rather than the place you take refuge from stuff happening, and i miss that

super ironic that most of the people who legit call people 'normie' are basically projecting their desire to be so-called 'normal'.

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