asciinema - a lightweight, purely text-based approach to terminal recording

Religion has to be the worst thing to happen to humans.

Comic Sans is called Comic Sans because it means "comic without comedy" which is funny because it's not funny

when you hit infinite tabs on your mobile phone because you cant send them to your desktop for various cofounding factors that cannt presently be solved 😅

should i make a corne or the atreus as my first built keyboard? tryna get to "portable" mechanical heaven because i hate the shit keyboard on my laptop

it takes forever for me to get a blog post done because the first hour of my hour and a half writing section involves me lying on my bed and fighting the feeling that giving my opinions and feelings on things is presumptuous. this, as i'm sure you can assume, slows the process down considerably

Please refer to these FAQ's. Educate. Organise. Agitate.

There are people who are spreading false news and assurances around, it needs to be countered with right information.

#CitizenshipAmendmentBill #CitizenshipAmendmentAct #CABBill

fairly late meta take 

We have a couple of solar powered rainbow makers in our livingroom window. A nice way to add a little spark to your morning. Plus, I think everyone can use a little extra rainbow in their life. 🌈

getting old as a left nerd 

my family is currently mocking me for saying that i want my work to be ethical lmao

In a country where people get so easily influenced by movies, you cannot use the 'it's just a movie' card if the content is problematic.

hey kids you know what the real flat earth is. the elimination of non consentual hierarchies

I am proud to once again count myself among a group of people that, if they went out in public together, bystanders would go, "What the fuck is up with THAT?!?"

Do you remember when the web was full of promise? Can we reclaim that promise?

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