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I hope everyone is doing well.

I've been super busy with school/internship/digital investigations workshop/staying alive.

You all are great.

Never seen civil society bully a company into logging off and then logging back on under a different screen name in an attempt to escape criticism before.

Continuing to pass further through the liminal space and becoming myself on all levels. Really need to pick a new name one of these days.

Wrote a blisteringly critical takedown of the ALA’s code of ethics for a class discussion post in light of the critical librarianship studies we’ve been for class.

I'm going to really enjoy this job. Kind of a shame that it's a limited time internship. Maybe they'll have money to hire someone full time down the road — they definitely have enough to do that they are gonna need it.

It’s nice to be able to actually materially work on some of the problems I’m worried about.

Finished a big group annotated bibliography homework assignment for school today, and starting my new part-time job tomorrow. Of course they sent me like 50 pages of onboarding material but think I need a little R&R.

Me, searching for new information in databases: Haha, yes, YES!

Me, having to analyze and organize it into a bibliography: wtf, this sucks!

It turns out that CogSec influencers are just... influencers. WTF this sucks.

Found a new-to-me search term in mis/disinfo/propaganda research: cognition security or CogSec. Now we're getting somewhere.

the workers
they have destroyed their cage
the workers are on strike

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I really manifested the open doorways for all of the things I set out to get involved in two years ago. Well, there's still one more door to open but I'm working on it.

And then I need to keep it moving on the other side.

Today I impulse purchased a weighted heated massaging blanket, and my chronic back/shoulder injury is loving me for it.

EFF stop stanning for cyptocurrency scams 2021 challenge. It's embarrassing and I really feel uncomfortable having donated to you in recent memory.

I got accepted into another thing I applied to (non-job, learning workshop type thing). Guess I'm oversubscribed now. 🙃 :blobdead:

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