uspol, disinfo 

I don’t know where to begin with the idea that the US government should form a national commission to study information integrity in light of an attempted insurrection over disinformation about election results spread by the former president of the US government while in office.

Even now, are they in a position to decide what is or is not disinformation, or to decide who decides?

GRE test prep materials economy looking kind of sus...

Idly, I wonder if I can get my phone number transferred to a dumb phone with a cheaper monthly plan. Something to look into.

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The invisible politics of data 

I am doing the reading for the first week of my data science cert course and found myself dumbfounded by the normalized socio-political assumptions in the text regarding how data may be properly utilized.

This is not okay.

Bernie-wearing-mittens meme got recuperated by Amazon to advertise for amazon pay. Shows over folks.

Still going to make a carafe of ginger tea though.

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Had to bike downtown for an errand today. It was supposed to be cold and pouring rain but instead it was mostly sunny and dry. That was nice.

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hey fedi

how would you say "lead cat herder" in Latin?

cat battlestation 

Now he is literally using my laptop as a pillow/chin rest.

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cat battlestation 

This was too good not to share.

uspol, facebook oversight 

Facebook referred the decision of whether to reinstate Trump's FB page to their self-created Oversight Board to evaluate and decide on.

Another group made up of some of Facebook's greatest critics and calling themselves The Real Facebook Oversight Board is using this as a chance to evaluate if Facebook's self-appointed board is up to the task of providing legitimate oversight.

uspol+, net neutrality 

Biden brought back Jessica Rosenworcel as acting FCC chair. Previously an FCC commissioner under Obama and voted to enforce net neutrality. Good signs.

Trying out a tiling window manager for the first time ( Going to take a little to get used to but this might be nice.

I started doing math exercises with Khan Academy to compare it to Brilliant. The khan academy exercises are more straight to the point: just do the damn math.

Brilliant turns every exercise into a meta-learning word problem. It might be “better” for learning concepts but it felt like it was going way too slowly (fun and edutaining, but slow).

I just want to plow through some early maths problem sets right now to get my brain spooled back up and find out what I don’t remember anymore.

I’m trying to figure out how I want to manage a public-facing personal wiki/digital garden website for learning in public, while also maintaining my own personal-facing notes much of which covers the same content.

Does anyone else have a similar setup? How do you do it?

I’m still figuring out my workflow and how I want organize everything.

Do I write distinct notes for public/private consumption that have conceptually duplicate content? Just straight up publish some of my private notes as the website? Simply utilize the public-facing website notes as my “real” notes for those particular topics?

Whelp I’m awake. But we have new used desk chairs. Feels like sitting in a real chair and not like sitting on a log strapped to another log.

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