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An of sorts!

Hi! I am VOLTUR. I'm a hacker and maker.

... I don't know what to put here anymore. I like things and talk about them. Sometimes I don't like things and I talk about them. Sometimes I don't talk about them.

Sometimes I make things and I talk about it. Or like I talk about how I would make things better.

I don't know. I'm not a brand.

This introduction is not my best.

So anyway, welcome to the party.

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#nightnight eighties by Killing Joke (

Because tonight is nerd fight! And it was the first song I learned to play on my guitar

The sun is at the exact height that the sun visors in the car cannot block it.

Should @thegibson get a tattoo of clippy? :clippy:

Looking through my recent microfiction and this one is one of my favorites.


The city sat in silence, hidden and entombed by the crumbling society that once walked its streets. The faint cry of a lone beacon surged through the aether, unanswered and unheard, the hum of its power core dimming with each revolution

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I _know_ that not every little side project has to be finished, beautiful, successful, merchantable, as-good-as-I-imagined, but how do I get to a point where I actually _believe_ that and stop beating myself up

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No shade to the people that disagree with me, but I think I've come to the conclusion that the Halo multiplayer isn't for me. The single player campaign might be — won't know till it comes out.

My general critique is that it's fine and it does what it does extremely well, but it isn't hitting in its weight class anymore and isn't bringing anything new to the table. In that way it feels as though it's a bit of a relic.

I'm looking forward to the Steam Deck.

My sister-in-law couldn't remember the name of BTS and she kept calling them S&M. Anyway, that was an awkward conversation with her kids.

Infosec is a subset of hacker culture and not the other way around. No matter how much money hyper-capitalists and geopolitical actors pump into it.

Stay curious.

Stay pesky.

Stay excited about the exploration of our digital existence.

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I'm not entirely sure how I feel about Halo Infinite multiplayer.

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I worked retail years ago. The general public didn't call today "Black Friday" then, that phrase was used behind the scenes by retail employees who were dreading their worst working day of the year. "Black Friday" was basically saying "we're doomed," it wasn't a HAPPY expression at all.

Later the marketing types got hold of the term, it began popping up in ads, and now the shopping hordes are all "yay Black Friday!"

It makes my retail-survivor heart sad every time an expression of pain coined by the overworked and underpaid is used to entice more shoppers.

Installing Halo Infinite to check out the multiplayer during this fancy open beta. I'm actually looking forward to Halo for the first time in a long while.

Interesting Old Man VOLTUR fact: My first album, an EP released when I was a wee baby hacker, got its name from our obsession with the first Halo while we were in the studio.

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Scully completely wrecks a birthday clown with a single stare. Mulder accidentally offends a birthday clown by ranting about magic.

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re: what is a normal size TV, to you?, now with research 

I'm a huge fan of "spend your money on the things you love and do most" and I know a bunch of people here have like four monitors, but I think my meatspace friends are more likely to have no monitors, just a laptop, but then several off-brand small tvs throughout the house (not the guest room though, get with the times, apparently, local friends!) I have definitely been to sports parties whether multiple sets have been tuned to a game because we don't all fit in one room, people go for room coverage. And where I live people tend to own their homes, so you won't have to move it again so getting something big installed properly makes actual sense if you're a big movie person.

And apparently everyone agrees because the most popular TV size for new tvs this year has been 65", which I think most people would super enjoy! I had been thinking my ideal would probably be 55, but 65 and you can sit back a ways and still get a theater-like experience. :blobaww:

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want some good rss feeds, anybody got any good ones

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Scully cures Skinner of ghost herpes. Mulder desperately pursues bug-women.

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