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I repackaged Memory Lane for @itchio today! It's a re-release of one of my older experiences.

A short, noir-inspired cyberpunk heist adventure. It's free to play. I hope you enjoy!

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I'm not sure if it'll be helpful to folks, but I posted the Godot PlayerPrefs component I use for my FOSS game as a separate repo, today.

It is intentionally the simplest design that met my requirements for a persistent player preferences stash. I use it for things like storing things like window configuration and difficulty settings. It's open ended enough to stash a lot in there, though, like player save data probably.

Feel free to use it or just look and see what it does. It's painfully simple. Hope you enjoy.

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I repackaged one of my twine experiences for, today. Trying to get in the habit of "finishing" things.

This is a really short experience and will probably only be interesting for a handful of people.

It might give you the feels. It might bore you. YMMV.

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An of sorts!

Hi! I am VOLTUR. I'm a hacker and maker.

... I don't know what to put here anymore. I like things and talk about them. Sometimes I don't like things and I talk about them. Sometimes I don't talk about them.

Sometimes I make things and I talk about it. Or like I talk about how I would make things better.

I don't know. I'm not a brand.

This introduction is not my best.

So anyway, welcome to the party.

There are only 2 overhead lights in this whole place and I just moved out of an RV (fulltime work/traveling for 6 years) so I have zero lamps and just noticed. lol!

Ok, I'm officially in my new digs! Still waiting on a piece of furniture to make it over, and I have a handful of things left at the temporary place (Mother-in-law's basement) to get.

3rd floor move-in was ROUGH. lmao.

Internet set up, ready for the rest of the week. Might just stay in bed tomorrow in protest of my legs.

On one hand, I'm really grateful that people are gifting me things for our new apartment, and on the other hand, I wish people would stop giving me more stuff I'm going to have to move.

I've really been enjoying my new city. This next week is our official move-in to our new digs, and once that's done, I'll finally be able to take a breather. So I'm looking forward to that. Not so much the move itself, but not having to carry the weight of being in between places.

Here's an interesting thing I've noticed. Not sure if anyone else sees this or not....

My native linux build performs almost identically to my windows build in proton, but the windows/proton build draws 1 watt more of power, almost uniformly.

using the godot stack

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The internet feels kinda lonely tonight...

Checking out the performance of my game on . Testing both the native linux build and the windows build via proton. They both perform pretty similar -- solid 60fps, about 6.5w power draw (about 6 hours of of play off a full charge)

The game performs well pruned to 30fps, except the system scan mini-game. The benefits aren't all that great though, so I wouldn't bother. Just go full tilt.

Using the default "mouse" input config, it works fine.

Makes me want to get my gamepad update finished, though! So maybe this is next on my list of things to do.

Ok, so the issues I see in stable are still in beta. Not that this means anything important, but it's interesting. But the on screen keyboard in the beta branch is actually pretty nice.

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So far, I've liked the stable branch of SteamOS. There are a couple of issues I see here and there, though. I"m going to switch to the beta branch and see how different is.

I like flying drones, but they more powerful ones are really hard in confined spaces. I'm watching a tv show where they're just flying drone devices through hallways and I'm like "the pilot coping with anxiety is basically a sub-plot"

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Lets crowd source a minidisc playlist. *Final Track List* 

Ok, submissions are in and here is the track list for anyone that wants to listen along.

Fedi Mix Disc #1

Track - Artist

1. Nemesis - Shriekback
2. Spam - Save Ferris
3. Robot Rock - Daft Punk
4. Roll Over Beethoven - Electric Light Orchestra (11 min version)
5. Toothache - Topaz Jones
6. King of the World - Steely Dan
7. Simone - Mel Stone
8. I Wanna Sex You Up - Color Me Badd
9. Walking on the Moon - Cas Haley
10. In Your Eyes - Peter Gabriel (version from Secret World Live)
11. Ephemeral (This is No Heaven) - The Lucy Show
12. System Shock - MASTER BOOT RECORD
13. I Love Music - The O'Jays
14. Hootsforce - Gloryhammer
15. Don't Come Around Here No More (Please) - The Brave Little Abacus
16. The Sun Goes Down (Living It Up) - Level 42
17. Stolen Diamonds - The Cat Empire
18. Age of Consent - New Order

P.S. I'm not sure I found the correct version of Roll Over Beethoven. The ones I found are either around 5 mins or a little over 8 mins.

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Google's monopoly on browser market share is a problem, y'all.

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so did anyone ever take a chance on a PineNote? and if so, how are you getting on with it?

(boosts welcome)

USPOL, Infosec Abstraction 

yeah, so... sending busloads of migrants to the personal homes of political representatives and rivals is form of denial of service attack on the institutional left's sense off morality and ability to empathize.

Back in the day, we used to do a similar attack on ports by saturating a service (usually at the kernel level) file descriptor resource pool. In the wayback machine, even multi-threaded servers could be taken down by as few as 25 open connections. A popular tool, portfuck, was probably the easiest and most common for a long time.

That's what the right-wing establishment is attempting to use migrants for against their will in the US -- saturate the resources/spoons of the left to reduce their moral advantage.

It's awful and, at brute-force scale, will probably work if nothing is done to mitigate it.

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surprisingly difficult to find cute images of nonexplicit anthro bee/flower lesbians, the furry community has failed me. thanks monsterbeehive from the tumblr era for giving me _some_thing

I swabbed so many poop decks last night...

tilderadio is just one of those words that my brain just doesn't really do much to help, you know?

I'm being dragged to a pirate festival tonight. A lot of people that are going are going in some form of costume.

So I guess I'm going as a WAREZ GUY

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