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I'm Vito, I helped run DEF CON CTF from 2013-2017 as part of Legitimate Business Syndicate.

I like computer festivals, coffee, basic electronics, and CTF games of course.

“You can’t win with a flag.”

talking’ anarcho-socialist ctf at

got phones set up at

3134: gsm, call or text
3313: sect, call if that phone ever charges


got to play the game of the year (dooom) on the hottest game system of the summer (xbooox) at CTF


the “Florida man” party was pretty good, got to chat with so many fellow Floridians


captain: “the weather in Vegas… it’s hot”

*laughter all around*

captain: “99[°F], 110, whatever, it’s hot”

playing “spot the hacker” on my flight

think I’ve successfully mostly-packed for

ok i think i have a pleroma server i'll be taking to and (and not federating on the public internet)

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