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I'm Vito, I helped run DEF CON CTF from 2013-2017 as part of Legitimate Business Syndicate.

I like computer festivals, coffee, basic electronics, and CTF games of course.

work firewall blocked a domain i own for being risky

is nobody else ever migrating from heroku to github pages because there is a big temporal gap where HSTS is freaking out

Packing up to start the journey home; good quals weekend, hanging with the gang

another successful ctf quals in the bag

comparing and contrasting the improving qualify of USCSB videos

sitting criss cross apple sauce on a basement floor in front of my laptop, wearing my custom nautilus institute lab coat ctf

i think we're just about ready for CTF quals?


/me cracks another beer right next to the mic

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good evening from hack-a-sat mission control

"Ransack the Universe" from Collective Arts

reading twitter from a work account, using that site looks like so much effort these days, so many articles

Preëmptive apologies to gallopsled for how I massacred pwntools

*swishing knife around in the air like an mgs3 boss battle*

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