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I'm Vito, I helped run DEF CON CTF from 2013-2017 as part of Legitimate Business Syndicate.

I like computer festivals, coffee, basic electronics, and CTF games of course.

elixir's `String.valid?/1` that checks if a string is utf-8 only is cute

comments mine
# check the tail if the head is utf-8
def valid?(<<_::utf8, t::binary>>), do: valid?(t)
# we're at the end, definitely utf-8
def valid?(<<>>), do: true
# head wasn't utf-8 and we're not at the end, definitely not utf-8
def valid?(_), do: false

glad I skilled up in binaries in the ctf, solving problems I didn't attempt beforehand

On the way home from an amazing and a wonderful time with friends in Berlin.

Thanks everyone who made it a great trip for me, with special thanks for Eat Sleep Pwn Repeat for running two CTF games (one that I did really well in), the Milliways crew for having a nice space to just meet up with people and mess with displays, and of course all the 35C3 angels & staff for making it all work.

<3 vito

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As promised here are the registrations statistics for over the last week. You could clearly see the influx from the #35C3

And in the second graph you could see that the number of toots per hour was increased during the congress by one third.

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As we move into a #NewYear, please remember:

✨ The things you create bring joy to others; art makes life worth living
✨ At the same time, the things you create and how much you create don't define your worth. You are worthwhile simply for being you
✨ Take help when you need it, and give where you can. We're all in this together, so let's take care of each other.

You've made it through every year so far, and I'm so proud of you for it. I can't wait to see what you do!

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get the feeling that Leipzig pulled out all the stops on the tramsets for service, mixing and matching whatever worked

It worked great, not much less convenient than at the rio

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We use monitoring for asset tracking, and want to clean up the config *before* we unplug it.

Remove your stuff, but DO NOT UNPLUG OUR EQUIPMENT FOR US.

looks like the ruby town is being garbage collected ;_;

:drake_dislike:, port)
:drake_like: IO,popen("nc host port")

the ctf story

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When you bring you DIY electric vehicle to #35c3 but it's not as nice as the others and fails from time to time.

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