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I'm Vito, I helped run DEF CON CTF from 2013-2017 as part of Legitimate Business Syndicate.

I like computer festivals, coffee, basic electronics, and CTF games of course.

becoming known as a guy who has a favorite CWE

getting set up at my posting station for the legitbs ama

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[ctf hacker voice] yeah, I like chals


this song was playing when I left Bally’s after and it just has been rattling around upstairs

Had a good but I am looking forward to taking a load off and just computing for several hours today


guy said he had to catch a plane for an emergency and gave me a handle of Tito’s

covered in condensation, like, dude where did you find condensation in Vegas, damn

I’m very big into mental health*

* “Bustin’” by Neil Cicierega

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Watching @vito talk about space and shit.

Lot of stuff going in circles.

threw the full history of the `registrar-printer` script i was using for ctf in 2017 on gist because why not

sad, selfie 

Damn. Dan was always a super cool guy, great to run in to and chat with. I remember chatting about his superfund drawer of cheap Chinese smartphones at DEF CON Beijing in 2018, super chill. I’ll miss you.

a vi & vim trick you might not know 

“escape colon q enter” is how you quit

javascript accessibility discourse 

when legitbs ran def con ctf quals in 2017, we rented a big party house in central florida (haines city) because it's more fun to be in the same place, and also have a pool

we found out that the bandwidth there was very bad, and ended up having to do a lot of our big file provisioning over ssh, and using elinks to upload big files into the scoreboard backend

made me really glad i didn't believe in js for that kind of thing, because it wasn't unpleasant to use the scoring system over elinks

this situation wasn't at the front of my mind four years prior when i wrote it, but it just worked out that way because of who i am as a person (i'm a lazy person)

want the dish on the "b3s23" challenge from DEF CON CTF 2016 from the author Lightning herself? check out Montré-Hack

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