Parsing RISC-V assembly
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"If you are looking for a hand-written lexer and parser for RISC-V assembly that builds a parse tree and does not have any third-party dependencies (e.g., ANTLR or Yacc), then this is for you. It could be handy in making your own linter, prettifier, or assembler for RISC-V."

I am still looking for one more support engineer in US East to join us in supporting devops/secops/log management wizardry the listing says senior but we actually need another brilliant junior person. We can teach you stuffs. I'd particularly love to bring more black or brown women into the mix. Come throuuuuugh!

Did I say 'was'? I meant 'is'. This night isn't over yet.

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Tonight was very much a grilled chicken taco and Led Zeppelin with a "hard seltzer" sort of night.

Complaining about Pop_OS! again reminded me of a Foxtrot comic about someone writing the OS that doesn't suck.

Of course, I could not find this comic anywhere. Neither Google, DDG, nor Bing could locate it. The official website also lacks a search facility.

Oh well.

Why is site taking several seconds to respond to me clicking on anything?

Why is ROX-Filer taking 30 to 60 seconds to time-out on a ... config file?! ... before it opens its window?

Just what the fuck happened to Pop_OS! 20.10?

I swear, this distro is on a downward trajectory.

I desperately need to find some way of migrating most of my daily work to something more ... independent. Ideally, something like Plan 9. Whatever it is, though, I'm absolutely tired of being beholden to UIs and crappy run-times that only degrade over time.

Re-reading the specs on the Ferranti F100-L processor's local bus (see section 1.7 onward).

Absolutely genius. A genuine work of art.

A 16-bit address/data bus in only 21 pins. If they'd bothered to add only 1 more pin, it would've allowed for byte-addressing in a full 64KB address space.

Seattle medical collective needs your help! 

Pink Umbrella Medical Collective is a volunteer based non-profit focused on providing mobile and stationary teams for protests, educational classes, mental health and crisis support, protest injury follow-up in and around unceded Duwamish territory.

Unfortunately, over the weekend their storage unit was broken into and many of their supplies were lost. If you have the means, please consider donating. They appreciate the continued support of our community!


If it seems like I've been super-negative of late, I do apologize. I really am trying hard to stay as positive as I can, circumstances permitting. Recently, events have been happening which impacts both my hobbies and the business that I'm hoping to launch soon.

I hope others will have the courage to tell me to shut up if I'm ever being a debbie-downer. Feedback is always welcome.

This recent AMD/Xilinx deal only reinforces the very real need for libre FPGA designs. Even if they are not the most dense, even if they're not the fastest, even if they don't have as many inputs to their LUTs, or even if they use LUTs at all. We need something, and we need it soon.

The FPGA market is dominated by a duopoly (AMD and Intel); to my knowledge, only two independent FPGA vendors exist which relatively few even consider: Lattice and Microchip (yeah, maker of PIC microcontrollers; the FPGA acquisition THEY made was originally MicroSemi).

That is it. There are, to my knowledge, literally nobody else making FPGAs.

"Enter the address of any website, and Blacklight will scan it and reveal the specific user-tracking technologies on the site—and who’s getting your data... Who is peeking over your shoulder while you work, watch videos, learn, explore, and shop on the internet?"

Not us.

How about the fediverse instance you're using?

I'm beginning to think that there are UEFI shills on the Fediverse. This isn't the first time I've been confronted by a pro-UEFI supporter here, and not the first time by someone with a small number of toots to their name, and little to no follows/followers. It's as if they create accounts just so that they can support UEFI.

I think I'm going to start blocking these people.

I just caught one of my "neighbors" literally pissing on one of the trees on our property. In full view of anyone who'd've driven by at the time.

You know, I don't mind the pissing, so much. Gross, but, whatever. Waters the tree. It's the fucking audacity this person had which burns me up. Like, WTF?!

This is why I want to become a fucking hermit and live in the country. I don't want a farm. I don't want livestock. I just want about 250 acres of land surrounding my house from everyone else, and an adequate internet connection.

hmmm.... I might have designed a Zorro-III-level hack to allow RC2014 plug-in cards to operate alongside with more capable and much faster 32-bit plug-in cards.

It's a hell of a hack. 40-bit address space. 32-bit data bus. Asynchronous handshakes. Support for single-beat, RMW, and burst transfers.

"But they don't sell."

Gee, I wonder fucking why!

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Damn! I'm in the wrong industry. I should be charging $350 for a 3U empty card cage WITHOUT the backplane, power supply, or mounting hardware of any kind.

oh, TIL that the origin of the word "spud" to describe a potato is probably based on the Dutch spyd, Old Norse spjot, or Latin spad, which apparently all started out as referring to daggers/swords, but eventually started referring to spades, which are useful in unearthing potatoes. looks like an actual occurrence of swords turning into plowshare equivalents.

(source: )

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