I made a #nes game using a web IDE over the weekend. You can download / play / edit it here 8bitworkshop.com/redir.html?pl

Code quality actually started out OK but over the last 1/8 of the jam deteriorated into a real mess. Feel free to judge me #theLudarium #gamedev

How long does it usually take you to fall asleep?

Feel free to expand on your answer as a reply

Boost for a larger sample size 💕

I think I coded myself into a corner.

While message receipt works well, the fact that I only have a statically allocated buffer for input and output means that my pseudo-9P server will be able to process exactly one and only one message at a time.

The semantics of how a 9P server handles excessive requests isn't specified. So, in my case, it isn't specified how I should handle a second T-message while I'm busy working on a previous message still. It's implied that 9P will ever only work on a desktop-class server, where queueing requests is a feasible task. However, on a computer with only a few KB of RAM, this simple act would be prohibitively expensive, if it is even possible in the first place.

Friends have a complex home network with multiple VLANs configured. It's currently all down because of a hardware replacement. It's been down for about three hours now.

I remember the good old days when all you had was IP. I really miss the good old days.

154 bytes ought to be enough for anyone.

K: "Have you ever had a dream where you were at work? Like, actually programming something?"

Me: No, never. I've dreamt about eating lunch with coworkers, being in meetings, but never actually coding anything.

(* a few hours later *)


Science crimes in progress.

art by Atey Ghailan, Antoine Boutin, Beata Krzywdzinska, and Natalia Bacetti

@cwdolunt potatoes and tomatoes are so closely related that you can cut the stem of each one and splice it to the other and get potatoes on the bottom and tomatoes up top

According to my kid:

A big group of ships with trebuchets is a Yeet Fleet

And if they launch a canoe, that's a Yote Boat

And if they win, their opponents were beaten by yeetin'

this week was very intense in terms of putting together the new version of the system image for the SD card that ships with MNT Reform. once again i had to work on many parts of the stack to ensure an adequate user experience. i think it was worth it.

My plan for the next two weeks is to implement (in the toy computer emulator only!) the hypothetical QIA core and test it in local loopback mode (any bytes I send out will come right back in; a hardware echo test if you will).

Once I have a (virtual) channel that can loop back onto itself, I can implement some buffer management code in the emulator, complete with COBS encoding and decoding.

M82 is a galaxy in Ursa Major. It is interacting with nearby galaxy M81 which is causing massive star formation within M82.

My pets were always the best friends I ever had.

Warmth, acceptance, patience, tolerance and diligent ears were always fluffy, scaly or feathery.

Other humans my age couldn't seem to understand me.

I remember my distress over the daycare hamster being menaced by the biggest kid, and the rest thought it was hilarious.

School was even worse.

When I sprouted fur, fangs and claws I cried with joy, running straight to the deepest woods.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #UrbanFantasy

This is a neat article bbc.com/future/article/2021022

The gist: A Swede named Ernst Waldemar Jungner invented a battery that Thomas Edison claims credit for. The battery produces hydrogen as it charges.

Power storage + the free creation of hydrogen in one package? That's potentially game changing.

And the fact that it can be done with 100+ year old tech, and powered by solar or wind? Potentially revolutionary.

Fun fact: the file size for ADR-5 is about 19KB, while ADR-6 is only 9KB. That proves its substantially simpler than its predecessor; an almost 50% reduction in description size.

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Whoops, I guess the URL leaked a name for the new computer project. I suppose I should start tagging these with now.

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As promised, here is the new quasi-formal specification of the I/O architecture for the toy computer system. git.sr.ht/~vertigo/forthbox/tr

I've reverted back to using 9P for the "command set" of various devices. I'm using COBS for message framing (see consequences at bottom for why; and, in all honesty, it's probably still not enough). And, once again, I'm assuming transparent byte pipes in both directions.

I sure hope that this will be relatively easy to implement. I'd hate to have to rework this all over again.

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