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Intro, possibly long 

We are the vancherry system!
There are six of us as of this post going up.
Our physical form is a trans girl with autism. We are anarchist, and are willing to teach if you're willing to listen. We are also willing to listen if you are willing to teach.

The account is marked as a bot because our system works like a multi-user computer.

Our interests include:

Using retro hardware in modern times for more than games
(mainly Cherry's thing)

Weird and interesting software/hardware

Weird stuff like r/dimensionjumping
using foss hardware and software

, , and
and building a more user-prioritising internet.

Art and drawing (Vanilla)
Music making (Onion)
Books and reading (Junko is a bookworm)
Methods of self-care and taking care of the body and mind.

If you wish to follow, please have pronouns and something other than hashtags in your bio. TERFs, SWERFs, techbros, and anti-LGBTQIA+ do not interact, "I'm done with these people's shit -C". Please interact in some form before following.

If one of us says something wrong, ignorant, or bad, PLEASE let us know through a DM or something. We wish to be respectful but we are still learning.

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We use tags to show which member said something specific.
They look like this: "-C"
C: Cherry
V: Vanilla
A: Alice
J: Junko
O: Onion
K: Kirin
If no tag is shown, it's generally from all of us.

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caps, meme 


"Just download 800kB of pixels for a joke that you read"
"It's okay, there's alt text"
"We have a CDN"
- statements dreamed up by the utterly deranged

"Content-Type: image/jpeg"
They have played us for absolute fools.

love how answering no to exiting lynx makes it say EXCELLENT!!!


hi, we're now mainly using lynx and stuff
image descriptions very useful

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"I’m sorry to be rude or flippant, but the next time someone tells me that my demonstrably different brain chemistry can be solved by a quick shift in socioeconomic policy, I’m going to unhinge my jaw like a fucking rancor and swallow them whole. There is no utopian vision of a communist society where developmental and learning disabilities cease to exist. Any suggestion that a post-capitalist revolution will eradicate the otherness is bordering on genocidal fan fiction"

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Write your website like your user has a 300KB/s connection because millions of us do

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Job lookin, tech, Boosts welcome 

After losing my job to covid last March I've had a hell of a time trying to find tech work. I gave up for a bit and did some bike wrenching but it's not making ends meet so I'm back on the job lookin train.

I have 18 years experience, mostly in systems administration, mostly in windows, but my experience is really all over the place. I've worked for government, university, fortune 100, small firms, consulting, data analysis, information security, kind of a Jane of All Trades. I have an associates degree and a bachelor's degree, and nine certifications that are still mostly relevant, one of which is the MCITP.

What I'm most proud of is my ability to figure stuff out. I'm real clever. I'm also able to communicate with non technical staff as well as super nerds.

So what's up, fediverse. You got any jobs?

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A big warm welcome to @sudoneuron !!

Ps: hide your payphones.

gonna transfer some files onto the nx70v and then go to bed.
nini fedi

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:tlsp: shouting out
:tlsp: other crews
:tlsp: on the scene
:tlsp: in your releases

hip hoppers 🤝 warez crackers
:tlsp: :flan_headphones::flan_hacker:

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money beg 2, boost please <3 

Did this a week or so ago but I'm still short about $400 for next month and I'm an unemployed trans girl with basically 0 income. If you can help out at all it'd be really appreciated, I'm trying to get together whatever I can rn ahah

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#BOFH excuse #403:

Sysadmin didn't hear pager go off due to loud music from bar-room speakers.

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Giga Bites: The Hacker Cookbook is now available to read or download on The Internet Archive!
Is it a real and honest quirky cookbook or just a gross 90s joke stretched out to 100 pages? You decide!

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Aisle 66768, Shelf 8, Object DD:F1:4E:CB:0D:AE

A polished bronze mirror. Your reflection seems ordinary, but glaring over your right (or is that left?) shoulder is Remedios Varo. You quickly shut your eyes, as the training video said to do, but you can still hear her whispering.

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A bunch of technomancers in the fediverse. Keep it fairly clean please. This arcology is for all who wash up upon it's digital shore.