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Intro Post, Long, V3 

We are collectively known as Miss Mayday, or just Mayday.

If any of us say something wrong, don't be afraid to call us out if we don't correct ourselves.
Also don't be afraid to ask us questions about stuff we talk about.

All sorts of mainstream and niche interests.
Anarchist, White, Autistic, ADHD, Pansexual, Polyamorus
Relationship Anarchist

Follow Request Denied if:
SWERF, TERF, neonazi, Anti-LBGTQ+, ancap, bootlicker, heavily involved with crypto (NFTs, Bit/Etherium/Doge, ETC.), You haven't interacted first and we don't know who you are, You defend Stallman or the FSF, and/or are a techbro/fossbro.

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there are a lot of reasons to be polyamorous but if we're being honest we all know the true reason: the secret desire to pilot a robot jaguar and form a giant mecha with all your partners

Mini microcomputer recommendations? 

My 9 year old wants a Pip Boy. Most of the projects online are based on smartphones. No thank you. I want him to have something that's completely programmable, so a modern single-board recreation of a #microcomputer seems ideal. Anyone know of an existing board design that would work well for this? Though-hole would be optimal, but surface mount is fine too especially if there's a source for pre-soldered boards.


Genuinely had a "spit drink out" moment when we read the words "including pen and paper".

Like that can't mean what we think it means? Like running uxn on literal paper?

Small yelling 

these platforms include running uxn with pen and paper :)


Woah, uxn can run on DS huh?
Would've made a great addition to our tricked out DS we had a couple years back.

please consider commissioning or donating to my partner and i, i know i've asked for a lot of money recently but i still haven't found a job despite going to several interviews

the place keeping our storage container told me they don't really have room to keep it and they need it out of there by september, but shipping a container full of stuff isnt cheap

if we are unable to pay, we may lose everything in there

commission and donation info in thread

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Rig Mod: Mounted Droid 

Could probably alleviate the weight issues by using a smaller device. Don't exactly plan to do really heavy intense stuff to it so a weaker device won't be too much of an issue. The real issue would come from Android version possibly preventing the installation of software if it is too old for most apps (Must meet or exceed minimum target API version).

Any recommendations for Linux-friendly bluetooth adapters? Our rig's built-in one....may not even be in there anymore and we don't know.

new stuff up on gophersite about our rig and stuff.

re: sickness, HA, + 

No I don't have what mom had, just was tired. Good to know.

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sickness, HA 

drowsy n stuff and trying to not worry about catching whatever mom had. I did sit around all day so

I just typed cat noises into the terminal instead of commands

Only thing I need is ears.

@vanillacherry I think I'll try to hide this in the next project document I submit ๐Ÿค”

non-p2p content distribution on the internet is a surveillance capitalist scam 

I like everything about this piece until it talks about using CloudFlare to accept secure connections meant to only be seen by your website as solution to privacy risks.

It then goes onto talk about how the future is 100% IPFS, but there are also privacy risks involved with p2p connections that necessarily come out of broadcasting your intentions publicly on the network for anyone to see versus a direct secure connection to a trusted server. IPFS can be used effectively for things which do not have significant attached privacy risks, though, like downloading books from an online library like libgen which offers IPFS mirrors. Until those issues are resolved I'd still like to be able to browse webpages securely over Tor without your corporate reverse-proxy service automatically blocking my connection please :) (or in much less nicer words:

Also: long-term corporate datacenters need to replaced with cooperatively owned datacenters which run fast IPFS (or other p2p service) connections as well as public gateways (for Tor connections, etc) instead of begging end users on slower residential connections to skimp on network bandwidth, drive space, etc until we overhaul our networks to quit favoring enclosing of the network resource commons. Or in other words, fucking seize the means already.

It would be fantastic if addons for IPFS integrated with common proxies like Tor and allowed switching to a private non-p2p mode as a temporary solution. Using the proxy service to connect to a public gateway to the p2p network anonymously in use-cases where privacy from your peers on the network is a real concern. Add this all as hooks to a private-browsing mode and tada!

Anyways just posting this here, because I know how well a take that is distrustful of centralized security authorities fares on or reddit.

minimum requirements?
bout to set that lower than you thought it could go

re: android mounted onto rig 

like take a screen, and on say the left side, place a little shell that would hold the phone. This shell could fold back to sit on the lid when not in use.

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android mounted onto rig 

like I want to have it secured and in place, but be able to maybe fold it out of the way when not in use.

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