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We are a house of disabled queer abuse survivors. Between rent, bills, groceries, and meds, we cannot survive without assistance, nor can we pay the $4000 in rent that we owe. If you can spare anything to help us, all support is dearly appreciated.

Thank you for keeping our coven alive, fediverse. 💜

Venmo: @void_

You should stop using Youtube and start using decentralized video tools. TILvids is a great communal initiative based on Peertube and has interesting content.

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If you're bilingual (*fluent* in two languages and speak both on a regular basis), please answer this poll!! (it's multiple choice)
*in the third option, I mean the level of someone who only speaks one language at a native speaker's level
**in the fourth option, I mean you feel as if you can't hold up to standards of a native speaker's level and it makes you feel out of place, eg. in groups of native speakers, at work etc.

Help is out there. Ask for it if you need it.

So PV is moving away from Mastodon because it's a flaming pile of horse shit but we're still gonna be around as we continue to push forward with our own community until the new platform gets done.

Social is gonna be up for another few weeks before I take it down and focus on internal projects so if you'd still like to support and stay updated on the latest check out

For the good folks that don't like Patreon use or $Are0h at CashApp

So it's been a while coming but I'm finally losing my housing, soon. (Folk who've followed me for a while are familiar with my unusual work/housing situation, but it's... well, unusual.)

Looking for a new place for me, my partner, and our cat. Lots of mechanisms for securing housing aren't available for us, so if anyone knows of a person around the Triangle, in North Carolina, that'll work with us, please let me know.

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Hello again, I haven’t eaten a proper meal in that last week a would appreciate any generous donations towards food.
Venmo: journei-g
Cashapp: $journeigr

next time someone needs a demonstration of the cut curb effect (e.g. how even the most selfish ablebodied people should want accessibility measures, because what is necessary for a disabled person is often really nice to have if you're ablebodied - for example, a cut curb may be there to make something accessible for people in wheelchairs, but if you're pushing a grocery cart or baby stroller they're also really handy), may i suggest: this meme

There's a new "experimental feature" being tested in Firefox 83: sponsored sites in the URL bar.

"Mozilla works with advertising partners to place sponsored tiles on the Firefox home page (or New Tab) that would be useful to Firefox users. Mozilla is paid when users click on sponsored tiles."

You can disable this by setting `browser.newtabpage.activity-stream.showSponsoredTopSites` to `false`.

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Universities should strike any app mandates from their existing student commitments, and should pledge to not include them in future student commitments.

So what are you doing to restore the cyber-occult utopia today?

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i hate to do this again but my wife is likely going to be homeless soon and has no money due to medical costs and still has nowhere to go. she's in the raleigh area if that helps, any help is appreciated, even if its just listing local refuges or advocate things. ty v much

Are Android tablets even a thing anymore cause we don't seem to hear about them often if at all. Last big tablet we heard of was Galaxy Tab S6 or something so...

#DOFH excuse #62:

Random script from GitHub curl'd directly into bash.

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Hey! I need $50 and willing to make some art, I can make a ref sheet, two full bodies and an icon for $50 or you can pay what you want for whatever!


Scully completely wrecks a young man suffering from sex curses with a single stare. Mulder accidentally flirts with ghost cavemen.

"Great news for everyone concerned about the Flash end of life planned for end of 2020: The Internet Archive is now emulating Flash animations, games and toys in our software collection."

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