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The Big PDA Software Links Post 

hey I should probably let you new pda owners know that beyond palmDB are sources with bigger libraries of software:
Tucows Software Archive (Internet Archive)

this list comes from Palmcatto from the ITL Discord:

help add to the list! :boost_requested:​

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looking for housing again :boost_requested: 

We need /out of here./

So last time, we found this weird... community housing program thingy. Cool.

So we got in
and we're required to go to a million different things and if we don't go to all of them /we get kicked out/.
On the street.
With nowhere to go.

That hasn't happened yet, but we cannot keep living like this. It's untenable.

so yeah. We're in the California Bay Area; anywhere in range of BART is equally good.


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Wait is elite dangerous like the modern version of elite

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self medication, anarchism, medical system 

self medicating while properly informed is safe and can often lead to better results faster than going through the medical system, where either no one believes you or doctors sell you things you dont need.

self medicating can also make it a lot easier to force med professionals to prescribe something ("so it's safe and proper"). probably about half of all trans people on hrt will confirm this too, though it's true for all medication.

the medical system is usually not flexible enough to allow you to actually try out different things until you find something that works and decisions may be influenced by money from big pharma anyways, though prescriptions are useful to force the system to pay your drugs.

mutual aid includes sharing info about self med and just like with everything else, building our own healthcare from the ground up. only anarchist mutual aid healthcare will actually care about your wellbeing and not just your productivity.

while medication is ultimately a product for profit and not necessarily a treatment, i trust myself and my friends a lot more than someone motivated by profit motives to find something that actually helps.

I swear I saw something somewhere about using drawterm with Termux on Android...

Now yeah, tablet ain't gonna run your fancy new Linux or windows anytime soon but seriously the fact it runs any kind of VM like Qemu is amazing to me.

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I'm running VMs with less than 1gb of ram available on an old tablet

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Not thinking I'm a hacker then realizing I've done so much with such little resources. Makeshift jank is like my thing.

I'll write up about this VM stuff on my gopher as well.

Kolibri ran faster than DSL, slightly helped by being given 160MB RAM instead of 128MB.

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Maybe i could do the 9front install on Limbo running on my phone, then transfer the hdd file to digibook

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