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Intro Post, Long 

This is DataRoyale. 6 Weirdos, one vessel.

We are:
Cherry Mayday (Mechanical Succubus)

Vanilla (Demoness)
Onion (An Utauloid Given A Soul)
Alicia (Flower Caretaker)
Junko (Grand Librarian)
Kirin (Magical Girl)

If any of us say something wrong, don't be afraid to call us out if we don't correct ourselves.
Also don't be afraid to ask us questions about stuff we talk about.

Vessel is Trans Woman in appearance.

All sorts of mainstream and niche interests.
Anarchist, White, Autistic, ADHD, Pan, Polyamourus
Relationship Anarchist

Follow Request Denied if:
SWERF, TERF, neonazi, Anti-LBGTQ+, ancap, bootlicker, heavily involved with crypto (NFTs, Bit/Etherium/Doge, ETC.), You haven't interacted first and we don't know who you are, You defend Stallman or the FSF, and/or are a techbro.

yeah I could get used to this movement cap, its like a joystick sorta.

Okay so the reason turning is slow with mouse is because of a speed cap on turning to level the playing field with Keyboard only and joystick players I assume. ok with me.
it takes a second to get used to (Descent 1 and 2)

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Many young people are able to get vaccine appointments in Berlin currently because there is very little demand for the AstraZeneca vaccine.

While risk of clotting is less than that of the virus in general, there have been fears about birth control/HRT.

If like most trans people you take bioidentical estrogens, you have a lowered risk of clotting compared to young cis women taking birth control. If you are taking transdermal (patch spray or gel) or injectable forms of estrogen as opposed to oral there is also decreased risk. Please get vaccinated.
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When you criticize adults for “child like behaviors” 90% of the time you’re just saying you’d wish autistic people would mask harder around you

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why'd they call it programmer socks when they coulda called it softwear

btw fuck fractions i dont understand why you wouldn't just use a fucking decimal

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weird mp bugs included my screen swapping halves when I used fractions.

Like the top and bottom half of the screen would swap

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fuck your mathprint and fuck your unstable mp versions

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well gonna have to make one actually cause I don't have one set up right now
tomorrow, cause that iso download is gonna take too long.

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yeah its definitly a tilp issue
basic apps and OS files transfer fine
also it gets completely stuck if I cancel a transfer

tilp for some reason is failing to transfer Flash apps correctly
it finishes but gets stuck at the end and the app doesn't transfer.

downgraded our TI-84 Plus to 2.43
bye bye TI bullshit

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Welcome to the dystopia. Save yourself and then save the world 🌍

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"Without telemetry or analytics, your writing software for users, blind."

Me: With telemetry or analytics your writing software for users, with a palantír.

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A bunch of technomancers in the fediverse. Keep it fairly clean please. This arcology is for all who wash up upon it's digital shore.