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Hello, I moved here from in July 2021, so many of you may know me already, but here's an updated bio anyway.

I'm an electrical engineer working in power conversion, a , a and user, and a cat lover. I've got a list of projects including things related to renewable energy and home networking, which I make varying degrees of progress on. Expect posts relating to these now and then, along with animal pictures, music, and other things.

I sometimes post sporadically, but I usually keep an eye on my timeline. Feel free to poke me now and then.

For pronouns, he/him/they/them are good.

Christmas lights 

I still have Christmas lights up, and will probably leave most of them up until the snow melts a bit around here. I usually leave some up all year round, but swap them for white ones outside of the various holiday seasons.

I'm mostly using lights these days. These are some multicolored LEDs on a bush in my back yard. I like them, they're more efficient and tend to be less of a pain than incandescent, but the light quality is interesting. The colors are pure, and the green and blue LEDs tend to overpower. Incandescent lights look a little nicer in this case.

That said, if you want to put strings of all one color somewhere, the LEDs have a neat intensity to them, and work well.

I set up a instance yesterday to play around with. It's a single go executable, and wasn't too hard to set up. I'm running it behind Apache, but you can run it standalone as well, either with SQLite or Mariadb. It would probably run fine on a Raspberry Pi or similar.

The blogging experience is pretty minimal, and it's not as complete as say Wordpress. For example, embedding an image requires an image host, as opposed to uploading a file through the web interface. Formatting is mostly through markdown. That said, that could be a feature depending on how you look at it.

It does seem like an easy way to get on the fediverse with something self-hosted, though. I don't know how long I'm going to keep this up, but if you want to follow it my blog is

It's 26 degrees F outside (-3.3 degrees C) and sunny. Good day to lay around and watch the squirrels out in the snow.

If you make a piece of software, and people are required to use that piece of software in order to, say, pay for their housing or groceries or pay back a loan, you are on the hook to make sure that software works for _every single person_ who needs to use it.

All of them.

Every screen reader user. Every person with muscle issues who can't use a mouse. Everyone who doesn't speak English. Everyone with three first names, or no last name. Everyone who is Irish or Jewish and has a ' in their name. Everyone with slow internet.

EVERY person.

"Oh we don't have the resources to do that!" Great. Then you don't have the resources to make and sell that kind of software. Pack up and go home.

I cannot stress enough how this pandemic isn't over and that it doesn't care that you're tired of it.

Long COVID is leading to lifelong disability. You can get it even if you're vaccinated and boosted. Some people (younger children) can't get vaccinations yet at all.

"Children who have recovered from Covid-19 appear to be at significantly increased risk of developing Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes, CDC researchers reported on Friday." ->


It's time for the yearly post-Christmas pile of discarded Christmas trees in the parking lot of a local park.

Searched for 'nft tutorial' hoping to find some info on the Linux nftables firewall. In hindsight, I should've known better.

Looks like I can find alternates for most of the parts in my DC-DC converter project. So maybe tomorrow I'll swap some things, hopefully I won't have to mess with the PCB too much.

Looks like nasty weather tomorrow, I will have to put off my trip home until Monday.

So having just finished a layout, it's time to put together a bill of materials (BOM) and get all the parts ordered. I know from looking up one or two resistors, thought, that quite a few parts won't be available. Not a problem, as I think I can substitute for just about everything, but it will be kind of a pain.

A future project will be to throw together some kind of CLI tool for DigiKey or Mouser to look up basic info given a part number. (Not sure if something like this already exists, but if someone knows of something a suggestion would be cool.)

If you wonder whether or not it will finally be the year of X on the desktop, you can rest assured that for someone out there, it has been the year of X on the desktop for several years.

People out there feeling weird about having a good 2021: mine was shite, and I enjoyed seeing every personal triumph from all of youse. More beating the odds, please and thank you.

Cat, eye contact 

It's New Year's, but it's also , so have another George pic.

Happy New Year from EST!

Another year down. Whatever comes our way this year, remember to toot about it, and stick together.

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