There was an Uber hack. NY Times

Reading the reports, it gratefully sounds like the kid is what I like to think of as a "grey hat" hacker: sure, going places they're not meant to go, doing so without consent, but then posting to Slack, sending porn, screenshotting all the things to which they had access; even sending a message about Uber drivers deserving better pay.

It's troubling, . . . and those aren't (necessarily) the actions of someone planning to make bank on the info they scraped. That looks a lot more like somebody new to the scene, making a name for themselves, and highlighting why it's damned important that no one person have access to so many internal systems.

And they got in with the simple "social engineering" hack of calling some poor schmoe, pretending to be from the IT department.

Kid, you learned well from the Old School. Don't fuck it up now.

Honestly, as long as the kid (I keep using that term; they're 18) sits on their hands & doesn't sell off the info, this could damned near be a love letter on the "Hackers" release anniversary.

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