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Had a moment last night; saw myself in the mirror & thought "Damn, I look like a dad." 😄 (No negative feelings, gratefully; just acknowledgment.)

It was one of the first times the thought came not from my choice of dad-themed outfit, but just . . . seeing myself.

So, pictured: One smiling dad. (selfie, eye contact)

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Today, and every day, I wish you a good, hard laugh. The unexpected laugh that takes over for a handful of moments; that leaves a tear in the corner of your eye; that washes some of the day's dirt from both you and the world.

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People talk endlessly of separating art from artist so they might continue enjoying the works.

I wonder how many would agree to the striking of the artists' names and likenesses. Classic paintings, sculptures, songs, and films – no longer attributed, [Damnatio Memoriam] ("the condemnation of memory") the only acknowledgment that the work came from human hands.

Everywhere, reminders that a perfect leaf may cling to a rotten tree.

Everywhere, warnings that no creation can redeem; that only understanding and kindness breed forgiveness.

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Gonna take a morning walk. The weather will finally allow it, so long as it's early.

My walk around the botanical garden yesterday was good. This should be a nice return.

Just found out about brighteon dot social, full of MAGA, consipracy theorist, antivax, global heating denialist, Putin-loving, transphobe and weird accelerationist accounts.
And Alex Jones + NaturalNews are on there.

Bit of a moneybeg. 

So, our hatchday is next week and we'd really like to do something nice for ourselves, had a bit of a rough year and this is likely going to be an extremely rough day.

That said, we make it clear that we are not in urgent need of help and maybe you should consider going to help someone who actually Needs it first.

I'm finishing up the first major update to my Toki Pona learning app for iOS, Toki Trainer.

It is open source. It contains no ads or in-app purchases.

If anyone would be willing to donate to help cover my continued development time, it would help immensely.

Boosts very appreciated. The new release should be in the coming month or two regardless.

Alejandra Villarreal Velez is the next bass powerhouse.

Here's her covering the bass line from Muse's song, "Hysteria".

craft talk 

I want a red, Cobra Commander-style mask. Opaque from outside, translucent from inside.

I bought some wire mesh sheets, a sheet of acrylic/plexi thin enough to shape with a heat gun, and a spray can of red PlastiDip that, hopefully, I'll be able to apply lightly enough to get the effect I want. Also, a Dremel, bc "cutting curves from plexi".

Still to purchase, if the plexi actually shapes correctly:

  • some foam weather stripping for a stand-off or two inside the mask
  • 1.5-2" red elastic I can sew on for a headband

I'm hoping it all comes out well. 🤞 I'll try to document my progress.

Black single mother facing homelessness sleeping in my car with my 1yr old son , hoping to raise $989 to get a room for the month.

Cash App $Leahleo1
Venmo @ leahleo

botanical garden visit (flower, grasshopper pics) 

We went to a free gathering at the Botanical Garden today, had a lovely walk. The design of the space is great, and they have several cool regions: a food garden, a desert garden, a lovely pathway between tall stands of bamboo, and more. If you're in town, you should check it out.

I only took a few pictures. One is of a plant with purple flowers that look like they normally grow in profuse bunches on a long – eh, stalk? (I don't often talk plant structures.) It was in the food garden, unlabeled; if you recognize it, I'd love to know what it was.

My son saved a grasshopper from a pool at the base of one of the fountains. It rode around on Orson's forearm until some older woman got scared seeing it; he set it down in the sun shortly after. 😄

Kudos to Kevin Conroy too, of course, for delivering that line as flatly as a two-dimensional Bob Newhart. 😄

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The writers of "Batman: The Animated Series" and the DCAU "Justice League" series (both of them) gave Batman such a brilliant, dry wit. He might not have had much time for silliness, but he knew when a situation was funny.

[Batman and Wonder Woman look up at a floating city, far in the distance.]

BATMAN: I'm going to need a longer grapple.

In related news, now I gotta find some goddamn brain bleach.

Dave Chapelle's comedy ALWAYS been ugly (sex, death) 

Motherfuck, do I hate seeing "Chapelle's Show" pop up anywhere.

Remember the sketch where a bunch of folks mercilessly taunt a relatively harmless dude after gangbanging his girlfriend, then fucking kill him?


Flixable reveals many interesting things.

Like, I know "King Kong" has been made, remade, rebooted, an' all,

but I was unaware of the 1976 version that stars:

  • Jeff Bridges
  • Jessica Lange
  • Rene Auberjonois
  • Corbin Bernsen
  • Charles Grodin
  • Peter Cullen
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Has anyone mentioned that "Hackers" is now available to stream on Amazon Prime?

The Emo Phillips & Weird Al show was, unsurprisingly, a lot of fun. It was especially nice to be there with my family; even nicer to have assigned balcony seating. 🤣​


Leftists I am begging you to stop equating sexual experience with value as a person

I dont give a single fuck how much a right wing or bigoted man has fucked. That doesn't have anything to with anything

Focus on critiquing their actual ideas and leave the cisnormative acephobic language that objectifies women out of it

my birthday is coming up on Monday. would any of you lovely loves like to contribute to my "cake fund"~?$somarasu

(full disclosure: the cake will probably be pizza)

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