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I am a Buddhist anarchist forging my own way in this world.

Recovering from capitalist abuses, I now work to create systems that protect humanity and our home.

I am ready to build and to learn.

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Part of the announcement that the hacker gave with their recent hack of an offshore bank~ :3

(The skeleton says 'Be gay, do crimes!' in Spanish :3)


Using public USB charging stations could drain your bank account, Los Angeles District Attorney's Office says

Trying to figure out if the web browser support for DRM also works if you want end-to-end media encryption when you don't trust the server you're passing it through… like, can I use the W3C "Encrypted Media Extensions" for good?

@theruran "Some people told me they didn't like how I opened the last episode, and I heard you, and I just want to say that I don't care, and abolish ICE"

glibc is bad and you should feel bad for using it

'Advertising rationally, the way it’s described in economic textbooks, is unattainable. Then how do advertisers know what they ought to pay for ads? "Yeah, basically they don’t know," Lewis said in one of those throw-away clauses that kept running through my head for days after.'


"Following the news about the millions of dollars eBay had wasted, brand keyword advertising only declined by 10%. The vast majority of businesses proved hell-bent on throwing away their money."


"Economists at #Facebook conducted 15 experiments… A large retailer launched a Facebook campaign. Initially it was assumed that the retailer’s ad would only have to be shown 1,490 times before one person actually bought something. But the experiment revealed that many of those people would have shopped there anyway; only one in 14,300 found the webshop because of the ad. … selection effects were almost 10 times stronger than the advertising effect"

The willful blindness to waste—jawdropping.

Openstreetmap is reaching the point that it is just more information rich and beautiful than google maps and that is awesome

You thought I was making up Hyderabad being a Digital Dystopia. After Hyderabad Metro we have ads of Bigg Boss is watching us around the city under every surveillance camera 😭

Tired: "Rocket Science"

Wired: Rootkit Science

Computer screen sizes should have followed paper sizes .. that way when you split up an A4 screen you'd just get two A5 screens, and it would be easy for applications to design for them since the overall shapes would be consistent. Like, this is a solved problem.…

♲ Day 104 of complete Internet blockade on Kashmir imposed by govt of India.

Select businesses being allowed by the police to run broadband Internet (landline based, not mobile data) on conditions that no social networking, VPN, file encryption, USB will be used, and so on.


#opengl is now 27 years old and I can still hang the whole system by calling glBindTexture from two threads concurrently. As an "unprivileged" user.

thanks to the modern apocalystopia, it's bat country no matter where you are

remember kids: misinfo is everywhere, don't believe everything you read online

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