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I am a Buddhist anarchist forging my own way in this world.

Recovering from capitalist abuses, I now work to create systems that protect humanity and our home.

I am ready to build and to learn.

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I've been playing this #NES #Homebrew game for a good bit today called Project Blue. Its a really well done platformer with good audio, visuals and level design. Enjoying quite a bit so far. No idea how far into I am.

more angry at college 

yes my sister and i qualified for financial aid, but that really isn't enough to account for textbooks, travel, or therapy even. If i need to make $15 make me last a week for food I can and I will. It's immensely frustrating that no matter how many times I emailed the financial aid office that my parents were not responsible for my finances, they still sent information to my parents instead of me putting me significantly behind in receiving any form of scholarship during the middle of COVID. Not to mention we're being trained to use proprietary software that we might not even be able to afford once we leave the college.

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thinking about how a campus job pays me less than working in state because the minimum wage in the state of my college (PA $7.25) is super low and the minimum wage at my college (which costs like $70k) is only slightly above that (the most you get is $10.60 at best, and there is a cap on how many hours you can work especially if you're an international student). At best, i'm paid $12/hr working full time on the expected schedule for most summer grants offered by my college.

my sister attended the same college as me and had 5 campus jobs to keep up with payments without the support of our parents. people are surprised to hear i have 3. the field is really not equal for low income folx, especially if we're kids who can't declare ourselves legally independent. having a campus job isn't just about "gaining experience" but sustaining at the bare minimum. not all of us have safe homes to go to when campus kicks us off and the same is still true right now.

I'm bringing this up because my professor had no idea how little I was getting paid to do research with her, I am losing money that I could be making working in state because I am choosing to do work with her. If you are a professor, please take note of what your student wages are and at least be considerate to that extent.

so I guess the Wellerman sea shanty guy got a record deal.

you can just imagine those suits getting hot and bothered about cashing in on the latest viral video.

and the blog post part 1:

He describes the motivation for this project is to build a computer that you can "touch and feel" instead of relying on an FPGA or other programmable chips.

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the OSI is a spook, it doesn't represent jack shit, I can start my own non-profit that's called the closed source initiative that decides what's closed source, doesn't mean I have any autority

another gem via the channel:

zkeme80 - a -based OS for the TI-84+ calculator

The assembler is written in @scheme

Intel’s Forgotten 1970s Dual Core Processor

Can you remember when you received your first computer or device containing a CPU with more than one main processing core on the die? We’re guessing for many of you it was probably some time around 2005, and i…

Original tweet :

@stman @theruran This seems to come up frequently.

RISC-V is, strictly speaking, just a book with words on it, and that text only covers an instruction set. The individual chips that are produced using that specification might embed compliant cores amidst other contemporary I/O channels, but those I/O channels are well beyond the scope of RISC-V.

You could be using something like a Mill architecture CPU, and you'll have exactly the same security issues with PCIe there as you would with RISC-V.

I guess this is a long winded way of saying that RISC-V neither encourages a legacy I/O architecture nor hinders innovation in new architectures. People build their chips the way they do because of Linux and the huge assortment of current, off the shelf components that it works with. They want to tap into that market because it's the lowest bar to beat to become viable on the market.

Even IBM mainframes, which have a history of great innovations in both processor architecture as well as I/O architectures (that's the platform that gave the world the eight bit byte, for instance), have been forced to support PCIe in order to remain relevant in the data center.

Never limit yourself because of others’ limited imagination; never limit others because of your own limited imagination. - Mae Jemison

Nothing like learning a programming language by writing a text based survival game.

Gave an updated #Guix-#Jupyter talk this morning at the UST4HPC workshop, before an audience of sysadmins.

That was a good opportunity to raise the issue of how hosted notebooks deprive scientists from their autonomy and undermine #reproducibility. "There is no cloud".

#ReproducibleResearch #OpenScience

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