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I am a Buddhist anarchist forging my own way in this world.

Recovering from capitalist abuses, I now work to create systems that protect humanity and our home.

I am ready to build and to learn.

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somehow, I don't think protesting Shell for the Nth time is going to amount to anything. 😑​

@theruran So far, I used it only to help produce the 53000 processor design.

SMG is a tool which is used to build "PLA"-type instruction decoders, such as those found in the 6502. You feed it a set of if-this-then-that style expressions, which are all independent from each other (being implemented as asynchronous logic). That allows more than one decoder output to respond to a common set of input conditions.

“Would you like to parse and look at this pretty calendar appointment? We’ll even draw it as it might appear on a calendar. Not *your* calendar, though.”

"If it is for the public good, don't wait for permission." - Bruce Schneier

Time to raid.

Time to build.

Time to own the future again.

I wrote an open/free guide for #ActivityPub to help other developers.

Can't wait to share it with you! 😁

Is there such a thing already as conlanging or conworlding but for types of media or file formats and if so whats it called or how do I find people who are into this?

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