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naming conventions for apps/applications is really getting old. (would you ever guess Inventum is about accessing a movie database?)

there have been some movement toward generic names with KDE and GNOME but ultimately we have not escaped the application paradigm.

it's about time we start distributing functions and libraries of functions that users can assemble themselves.

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I am a Buddhist anarchist forging my own way in this world.

Recovering from capitalist abuses, I now work to create systems that protect humanity and our home.

I am ready to build and to learn.

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CEO: I can't work without getting paid!

Creators: We pay in exposure! It'll be great!

Radio Apocalypse. Starting now and running daily until the collapse. Curated music you didn't know you needed.

#RadioApocalypse #music #distraction #pandemic #plague

Bookmark this thread. Boost it.

I will be maintaining it daily until the grid collapses or shit returns to normal.

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zoom has been sharing peoples personal info

by default it adds everyone who shares the same email provider to each others list of contacts

this is only disabled for email provides zoom has heard of like gmail

#security #zoom

uspol, covid, ICE 

This is the first time in a while I've felt like buying bitcoin. That drop was too much panic and too little reason.

We need to know whether our hospitals are safe. If we can't even prevent retaliation against healthcare workers for warning of hazards during a pandemic, "whistleblower protection" is a cruel myth.

Linux vs Windows 

Coronavirus: GE workers walk off the job and demand they build ventilators

'Our country depends on these highly skilled workers and they’re wondering why they are facing layoffs instead of having the opportunity to use their skills to help save lives'

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imagine being CEO-or-whatever of Mozilla Corporation, showing up on a panel at Decentralized Web Summit, and then shoving Pocket centralized bookmarking service and DNS-over-HTTPS centralized service down your user's gullets

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except that it seems Mozilla's habit is to add more centralized services to its web browser even though we have decentralized technologies to do those same things.

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web browsers seem to do everything else

why not add teleconferencing to the mix?

I wish that every technology was dedicated to the public domain

but I must be some kind of nutcase for thinking that, huh

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in my view, something as critical as teleconferencing facilities need to be both free-and-open specification/implementation.

the pandemic is turning everyone into socialists and its incredible to see.

what's that? don't have enough of X resource?

form a co-op and meet the need under a sustainable mission!

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