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naming conventions for apps/applications is really getting old. (would you ever guess Inventum is about accessing a movie database?)

there have been some movement toward generic names with KDE and GNOME but ultimately we have not escaped the application paradigm.

it's about time we start distributing functions and libraries of functions that users can assemble themselves.

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I am a Buddhist anarchist forging my own way in this world.

Recovering from capitalist abuses, I now work to create systems that protect humanity and our home.

I am ready to build and to learn.

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me every day: damn i should really write this thing

also me: woah! shiny thing! i should stare at it for a couple hours

@cypnk In historical monetary systems, there were fairly frequently multi-metallic systems. English/British coinage was trimetallic: gold (guinea), silver (pound), and copper (pence), corresponding roughly to government/finance, wholesale, and retail respectively.

You also had metallic coinage based on iron (China) and ISTRC bronze (mesopotamian, I think).

As well as a multitude of non-metallic currencies, including shells, rocks, beads, hides/pelts, and others.

First version of #Calibre ported to #python3, great! Conversion from PDF to #EPUB fails with ... you've guessed it ... an #Unicode traceback :)

wait. deserializing json-ld potentially requires doing http requests to urls inside of it??

i hope i'm wrong, that's so extremely cursed

having to do io to deserialize something is one of the most cursed things i can imagine

how j went commie mode 

Ah, dekstop Linux. Because why name an application by what it actually does, when you can instead steal & squat on another name that means something completely different?

— Brought to you by my new microblogging app, GNOME Blockchain

decolonise Software 

Pain in the ass #Apple shit. Books on Mac refuses to read a book, error -42408, error web page tells me to install Catalina and iTunes. Fuck no.

Here's the same error, unresolved, from 7 years ago:

So, I quit Books & iTunes, kill all the iTunes sync processes, restart Books, works fine again.

If you'd told me in 2010 that OS X would be almost Windows or Linux level of bullshit, I wouldn't believe you.

Nobody manning the helm there, who actually uses the OS.

This is guaranteed to be the coolest thing you will come across today

Cities as ecosystems 

As compromises of encryption gear go, the Crypto AG case might seem morally less fraught than many; the main customers were governments, which are arguably fair game. And yet the moral dimensions were anything but simple or clear.

Still reading this European Space Agency report
``Although synchronous clock design is intended there are VHDL coding styles that might lead to unwanted results. In one specific design, the VHDL process sensitivity list of the
synchronous part contained OTHER signals than the usual clock and reset signals. This kind of coding style can lead to simulation and synthesis mismatches.'' 😉

It's fine that no one owned the "monkey selfie." Most of our culture, knowledge, and history isn’t "owned" by anyone at all—it is available for all to use in the vibrant and ever-expanding public domain.

► Crypto-Anarchism :

“ The revolution is not about putting a different kind of person in power but a different kind of power in people. ”

So, South Korean government decides to migrate from Windows 7 to GNU/Linux, they will use a local company, wich brings some advantages over the migration to Windows 10, one o them licence wise.

But there is another more important reason, I remember an article explaining how USA government spier on their allies by selling them military equipment, and their allies were aware of that situation.

Almost unbelievable.

► Crypto-Anarchism warning :

The technological architecture of the current cyberspace called internet, with its corresponding cyber-power model, is not adapted to a peacefull humanist explotation of artificial intelligence, and will lead to a fascist one.

You are warned.

This app is a message, and a system of messages.

Building this app was important to us.

This app is not a place of honor. No highly esteemed deed is commemorated here. Nothing valued is here.

This app is best shunned and left uninstalled.

We considered ourselves to be a powerful culture.

FYI if anyone’s interested, I have a free 3D printable portable computer shell in STL format

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