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I am a Buddhist anarchist forging my own way in this world.

Recovering from capitalist abuses, I now work to create systems that protect humanity and our home.

I am ready to build and to learn.

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Looking at the EME spec, the introductory diagram shows the central role of "Content Decryption Modules" quite well:
An example of a CDM is "Widevine": Wikipedia:

Weston implements "protection levels" at:

@freakazoid @alcinnz @theruran

It's fully not useful to them to build bulletproof DRM where more people can't watch it than can, so it has flaws...

People use those flaws to grab content, in the end since the VCR there is no way to take AV content and 100% keep it from duplication unless you want no one able to view it... If you can view it, so can something else.

It's why DRM is basically "flawed by design" really and in the end a foolish waste of time, that mostly just makes proper users jump through unnecessary proprietary hoops, this actually proliferating piracy, because it easier now to pirate that to view legitimately entitled content...

One thing I'm wondering is if it's even possible to design a system that prevents the use of DRM (defective by design).

To ask a question "via e-mail", you need to create a user account. To to this you have to enter your gender, male or female.

"Things become more personal with a TomTom account."


Looking forward to the lawsuits when kids start realizing parents have been posting photos of every private moment of their lives without any sense of discretion whatsoever

"As we advocate to restore our Right to Repair, those of us at iFixit are usually mad, sad, and astonished on a few different levels. We’re thinking about the environmental cost of e-waste, the frustration felt by the person trying to make something work, or maybe the financial cost of having to replace entire logic boards instead of fixing one tiny wire."

This is a *general* vulnerabilities-by-type for CVEs across products and categories, not just browsers. But instructive, and should generally apply to Web browsers:

#Vulnerabilities #WWW #WebBrowsers #Bugs #Security #Chrome #Mozilla #MSIE

Alpine doesn't seem to have a wiki page on setting up gpg yet, especially all the weird incantations you have to scream at your terminal to make smartcards work.

EFF, McSweeney's, surveillance 

@theruran Seems to fall into a similar boat as Morton's 'hyperobject' - a thing so big and complex that we cannot actively hold all of it in our mind.

👀 'Towards fungal computer' 

might start unironically submitting neo-luddite talks to software conferences

hello. this is a software conference, but i have some bad news for you: software is bad. in this talk i will

ArsTechnica published a thorough #Purism #librem5 review two days ago. Hardware build quality is worse than I expected from a beta batch:

"[..] glue blobs that have squished out from around the display. The earpiece speaker has some of the display glue on it."

Power management still bad, charging indicator not working, doesn't charge when booted, doesn't turn on reliably and battery has to be pulled to make it boot, etc.

Looks like the hardware also still needs a lot of work.

need to do more programming tbh

and update my website
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