You're no dame... I'm no duke
Somehow love... is a fluke
We've survived... thick and thin
Taking knocks... on the chin
In the eyes... of the sad
We may be... barking mad
But the truth... has been seized
We are like... chalk and cheese

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I have no doubt this is true. I have been in those companies... pray that day never comes, and then when it does pulling all-nighters for seemingly forever.


Been talking about the usn/pw thing since it happened... Nice to see them admit it though.

@estoricru I'm from the other end of my state, so not Appalachian either... but plenty of family from there.

Jean Ritchie is a cousin I can count.

I love how this thing looks in the first picture with the crusty old keycaps...

re: Tech bullshit, security nihilism, the Orange Website 

@estoricru My parents still have a few of the first prints... I grew up with these books.

@drwho That talk last year about hacker shamanism spoke to me.

@sydneyfalk I feel like HOPE is the right con for this.

We need cultural unification between Red and Blue teams.

We need some Cyberpunk hope.


We have good news. There will be a HOPE in 2020. And we expect it to be better than ever.
For several months, we have been looking for a venue that would have the needed space and flexibility for HOPE. Thanks to the efforts of many - and the massive amount of suggestions and support from attendees - we've found a new location for the conference that's much, much better than what we had before.

HOPE will take place at St. John's University in Queens from July 31st to August 2nd, 2020. It's still in New York City, easily accessible by mass transit, and well positioned to do everything we've done in the past.

But here's where things get different - and better. The space we now have access to is far bigger than what we have been working with in the past. Here is what that means:

- At least four speaking tracks with rooms as big or bigger than what we've used in the past.
- Enough extra space to duplicate what we've done with exhibitions, workshops, vendors, and displays.
- 24 hour access to as much of the space as we need.
- More than 100,000 square feet of outdoor space to use for additional projects.
- Many additional rooms for new projects or additional speaker tracks.
- Buildings that are close together and spacious.
- Plenty of chill space for people to hang out and socialize.
- A network at least three times faster than our already record-breaking speeds.
- A healthy campus environment with people who appreciate who we are.
- Options to reserve dorm rooms or suites onsite for less than the cost of a hotel.
- Food options throughout the event onsite.
- Nearby hotel space or a one-stop train ride to midtown Manhattan.
- Only minutes away from JFK and LaGuardia airports.
- Free parking for those driving in and no Manhattan traffic to deal with.
We could go on. But we're absolutely thrilled at what this place has to offer. And best of all, we're able to get so much more while keeping the price change minimal. For many, HOPE will cost less due to all the new options (parking, accommodations, food) that we didn't have before.

A whole lot has been accomplished and we believe we're about to open a brand new chapter for the entire community. But now the real work begins.

Expanding the conference to this degree will require massive coordination and more involvement from more people. We'll need to improve in the areas where we fell short and make the magic that HOPE conferences are known for even better. There will be frequent updates on all of this, including ways you can get involved. The official HOPE call for participation will be released around the start of 2020. We will be asking for volunteers, speakers, workshops, villages, and many more ideas.

And as is our tradition, we'll start offering the first batch of tickets in November. More info on that will be out soon.

If you have thoughts you'd like to share about this new HOPE chapter, please email us at We can't always respond personally due to the huge amount of feedback we get, but we do read everything and we'll be putting together a FAQ to address questions or issues that come up. For now, we're thrilled that the HOPE tradition will continue, and that we'll be doing something very different this time. We really hope you can be a part of it.


I think I'm going to apply to speak at HOPE.


I have had an idea rattling around in my head for a cultural/slightly hippie thing...

I may need to try to do this.

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