Autumnal sleep patterns taking hold.

May turn in early tonight.

@c0ntr0l_4lt_d00m This is kind of awesome... but yes, it will be very much abused.

@banjofox I am still mad that I discovered them two days after they played here.

1000 seat venue.


Music video idea:

Rammstein's 'Wo Bist Du?", only instead of a person, it's about how the singer ordered a sandwich online and it has yet to arrive.

alright fedi, i think its about time i bought a 2FA key to use. is yubikey still the best option? do you boot encrypt your drives with this key? do you use it for other things?

@pixelpaperyarn @lilithsaintcrow

We aren't digging ditches, nor aging via UV radiation as much... that's my bet.

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