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Can I just say how awesome it is that Short Circuit 2 is listed as Short Circuit 2:Nun soup?

I was asked today what I do for fun, and I legit had to refrain from saying that I was part of a cult of technomancers working to restore the future timeline to save the internet.

and that felt pretty good.

Mad science boy has started quoting Dual Core to me...

He's becoming.


I have hounded Pine about releasing the pinephone with a clear case.

I want one.

@ryen No, it's the manufacturing... my son has figured out to clean the sticks with isopropyl alcohol... seems to fix them right up.

@cantinto Well, back then, you had few choices... this was the coolest one.

Cordless home phones were still not common.

I had one of these hanging off my modem on my PC...

because tech was not yet evolved to the hellscpae we have today.


We went to an orchard last fall... all 6 of us filled up a bag...

There were wasted apples.

Backup is at 37%

so quick Math would say our langolier worst case scenario should be about 4 AM.

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