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digga-digga-deeear Strong Bad. How do you boot into a linux distro with boxing gloves on? Crapfully yours, Eugen Rochko from Pensacola, FL 

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The Countryside Is Burninating — And Many Are Blaming Trogdor

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🎵 A duck walked up to a lemonade stand and he said to the man runnin' the stand 🎵 :ducc:

@oranje @sungo

I know HOWEE pretty well. I knew when I started that the thermistor and Heater were due, but I didn’t want to do that because it was a bigger job... should’ve followed my instincts.

I had seen temperature fluctuations being reported in octopi the for several months, but it continued to work well enough.

After I had troubleshot the entire filament path, they were the only answer left...


I wanted to say all sorts of snarky things, but they all sounded condescending....

So instead, I simply applaud you for being a part of our little restoration project.

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"If you can’t be certain what data Microsoft collects or how the company will use it, then you can’t give informed consent."

and another Spearphishing forensics situation.

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So, do you guys remember when I was working on the insane shitty nameless-space-replace? I finally put out a much better version of it.

This server is proving remarkably resilient to my attempts...

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Also, when building a tv station, or watching the monthly movie, you should probably invest in one of these(mine has been dormant for a good 4-5 years but has seen activity recently...

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Hey, everyone! :ablobsmile:

What's a good public domain show that you would recommend to a sci-fi fan? :C_H:

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