Wondering if Lunduke ever found Shatner.



Lunduke? Is he still around? Hadn’t noticed.


Or the plot, for that matter.

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Subtoot of a subtoot of a subtoot 

I’m not watching Godzilla for the actors.

@gedvondur I love my pitboss... I just wish I had opted for the larger one.

@gedvondur I have a pellet smoker now. So far so good in Winter. Way better than my electric was.

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also plan on doing a port for esp32 because why not and maybe wedge it on esp8266 for wireless forth throwies

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Thank you for tuning in! Up next is DJ G.Love 's Organized Chaos! @glove Please stay tuned in! 👍👍


Pork butt is on the smoker. Let’s see how well it does overnight in January.

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If "Pac-Man" were a new game released today.

(My entry into b3ta's "Modernise Games" image challenge at b3ta.com/challenge/modernisega )

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Ok fine you parasites I've ordered an RC2014 Pro kit and I'm hyperfocusing on z80 lore, I hope you're all very happy

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@JoYo tinnitus is better but still present, unfortunately.

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