My bourbon glass appears to have dried itself.

Why would god do such a thing?

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masto movie night on rabbit tomorrow. hackers again.

sat, 7pm est.

(@125 beats on 1/20/19)

be there or ur a cop.

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Alright. I'm going to shill for a friend of mine now. Shill isn't really a fair term, since I like his work.

You may know @mwlucas from his tech books. They are amazing. He thinks and talks like me as a sysadmin. Good stuff.

That's not the best stuff he does. He writes fiction. Good stuff. Like sci-fi? Go get Hydrogen Sleets. Like existential horror? Immortal Clay. Shadowrun/Cyberpunk badass runners? Go get Butterfly Stomp for *free*! Cozy mystery that has my name? Git Commit Murder.

Do eet.

Blade and Bow has ruined me.

Woodford no longer tastes good.

@ryen With me it's more like inhaling packets...

but no... I am reviewing some .pcaps from a very interesting source... supposedly.

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current motto: "Everyone has a testing environment. Some people are lucky enough to have a seperate production environment."

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Linux and “open source” in a nutshell, from the horse’s mouth:

“There is a genuine reason to worry. My desktop is free but my data and applications (which run in the cloud) aww not … what do you care about more – just that the code is open or also about the business practices as well?”

Linus Torvalds: “Personally, I only care about the code. When I say maybe there are people who worry about walled gardens and cloud provides who take ownership of your data, I am not one of those people.”

Pork butt in the smoker, I have a new bottle of Woodford I'm going to crack open tonight... life is pretty good.

I think I found bourbon again last weekend while out on the town with my wife... This town has a way of reintegrating you.

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@jerry I feel the same... but none of mine want to go into IT at this point... I may have one hacker amongst the four of them.

The other three just don't show any intereest at all.

Fought a huge permissions issue this afternoon, writing an install script...just could not find the needle in the haystack....

3 hours in... I find the pathing error.

And that my friends, is when I quit for the week.

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