I love burgers amps. They are total tipoffs of other models, but Behringer really knocked them out of the park in their 2nd gen

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Let the traces of copper on the board form a warding glyph, carrying forth energy that is the evocation of the language of the machine.

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In a world of metered bandwidth and wide-spread poverty and socioeconomic injustice, ads are a form of gentrification.

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And I will leave this here as why I don’t fuck with Vespidae familia.


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@ryen I am considering my Wife’s health insurance plan though.

@ryen @now I need to figure out self-employed health insurance... yay!

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when do we get Hackers: Rebooted, a gritty sequel about Dade hunting rogue nazis


I think I’m going to propose a virtual CSO role with me consulting, and use that as the first big contract to get Gibsonsec in the air.


I mean they are C level, but public owned... so hard to answer I guess.


I agree on all of your points, and no, a lot of those things have not yet happened.

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did last coat on dresser
will move it into the house
in the morning
I'm really stiff
and tired
i did see hackers
again this afternoon
and all i remember is


On the one hand, they played their hand on a Saturday, which means they want me as CSO really bad... they also offered a parachute if the company sells.

On the other hands. They are spending their weekends calling me and recruiting me... not sure I like the culture implications.

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