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Back around 1993, I wrote a TTRPG called "SLUGS" - the Satanic, Loathsome, Unwholesome Game System. Only 200 were ever made. About 20 pages, copied & stapled.

Today, folks pointed me at a FB discussion about that game. It has fans.

Put your weird out there. People will love it.

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@cat It's never safe to turn on your computer!

We should do another battlestations thread.

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It's never safe to turn off your computer.

@madrush I’ve been maintaining a metal Mohawk most of the pandemic… getting trimmed up the day before my flight.

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For those of you who play Blizzard games.

The employees have asked you not play them at all tomorrow as a message to the company.

Digital Strike and all that.

Need to up my style a little before DefCon. Been a while since I’ve really gone out.

Did Pearl Jam release any albums after Vs.?

Asking for a friend.

re: He-Man 


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1627319707141 — linear/julian/cylinder at 5.0810e+7 iterations, 46.3,63.8,10.1 background.

Starting to play with saturation and hue shift a bit more...


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Introductions (selfie; eye contact) 

Lol anyway, thank you for reading my Ted Talk; follow if you want more incredibly cringe-y, late night introspection, though I don't actually play videogames anymore so don't expect me to post much about those. 😅

Oh I also make and build fancy things in JavaScript for newsmedia in London, UK; my background's in journalism but I pretty much exclusively write code instead of prose. I promise I won't post anything media- or politics-related here, though; that's what birbsite's for (though I might boost some stuff in that vein on occasion 💚).

I identify as nonbinary transfemme and use "they" pronouns. Please feel free to boost any of my stuff, I don't mind!



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To be clear, I wish no ill-will to the devs or non-bad actors in this scenario... my earlier statement may have been too glib.

But the leadership and members that made this possible? my earlier statement stands.

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