I think I'll start towning more on this account. Expect follows.

New ksbd 

MIRV? Quality eschaton.

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Mastodon web UI users: if your account started off with the newer "unified" view, with all the timelines combined into a single column, have you since switched to the multi-column "advanced" view?

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Binary reverse engineering advice requested 

I have a linux-amd64 binary from some random vendor that probably does some useful stuff but I'd like to convince myself that it doesn't include any glaringly obvious backdoors. The vendor seems like a juicy target for supply chain compromise, so while I think they're probably not malicious I can't say the same about their deliverables.

I figure I should open it up in radare2 and take a look, that way I also get a chance to learn more about a tool that's been on my "should really learn that" list for a long time.

Got a pointer to a tutorial, book, or video that'll walk me through the UX?

Should I be using another UI or tool than radare2?

Boosts welcome!

@pagrus so noisebridge is moving, and they have some ISP gear on the roof that needs to move. Can you rustle up some monkey attention? They apparently haven't had the most success getting things scheduled via the normal channels :)

Hmm seems @eqe is going to be offline for a bit, moving activity over here for a bit

@vortex_egg happy for the follow but I'm mostly over at @eqe , feel free to follow there too if you like

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COVID 19 predictions by state. 

An amazing graph made the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation, look up your state:

Got a GPU wu overnight but apparently the OpenCL kernel doesn't like my Radeon, yay a fun bug to root cause! (Not sarcasm, I love having a broken thing with a worthwhile motivation to understand it)

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Folding at last. Currently cpu only, not getting any gpu WUs this evening.

Wifi nonsense, security? 

This morning the wifi+docsis router provided by my expensive "business class" isp suddenly doesn't have wpa2 enabled anymore. The ssid is the same as yesterday, just unencrypted classic wifi rather than wpa2.

Haven't checked the nameplate yet but iirc it's fcc cert says it's a cisco product (the front panel branding is comcast).

Is this isp fuckery or is this some malware hitting that router config command injection bug that made the rounds yesterday?

Remembering that I still know the static IP that I had in the dorms during undergrad

Hasn't been mine in 21 years, doesn't matter

At least I've forgotten the IP of the open uni DNS server that I used to use when my ISPs wasn't working

@l on my it j7juu7 up 7 I'm on my kkbg8nm. Knj m. M

OH: "I don't do devops, this is more like black ops. Runs in the shadows, gets no oversight"

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Rename your git branches from "master" to "main" challenge 2020

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Sad and ironic that Ted Nelson's "Computer Lib" is essentially inaccessible (out-of-print, existing copies are expensive collectors items and the author refuses to allow it to be distributed electronically) to a generation of programmers who need it most.


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Medium article, Rust 


Rust is the shiznit! I'm glad people are using Rust. We're all tired of techbros but I don't really care as long as it's free software.

The repo is here: github.com/valeriansaliou/soni (MPLv2)

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The Google+NASA quantum supremacy paper (in early preprint version as leaked from the NTRS server) is available at nextbigfuture.com/2019/09/here

And Scott Aaronson has reasonably balanced blog post about it at scottaaronson.com/blog/?p=4317

#quantum #quantumcomputing

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rms, resignation 

RMS has resigned as FSF president and from the board of directors: fsf.org/news/richard-m-stallma

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