Watching Abandoned (TV show). Somber as usual.

Realized that admire Rick McCrank (pro skater) for his honest and caring view. He listens and gets the bigger picture. Rick appears to connect with people.

@jonw You still out there? Not heard from you lately.

This is your official "You okay, dude?" check in.

getting back to basics:

getting drunk on mead while listening Letterkenny.

Friday night and I am spending fighting malware on a Wordpress install.

This is my life.

Wait...Gamestop is owned by BlackRock?

So much for it being the little guy competing with Amazon and Walmart.

Getting drunk.

It is what I do when I get overwhelmed with the world.

Is it positive? No.

Keeps me from doing anything stupider.

Afghan Whigs today.

Is today describe as somber or mellon collie?


Got my pre-ordered Vampire The Masquarade: Swansong last right.

Bringing back lots of memory of LARPing in Indy. My lore is rusty, but that will come back to me.

Like the format so far. Usually not a big RPG video gamer, but this isnt bad.

Of all the people to mis-type a message to, a writer.

/hangs head in shame

Been fighting on LinkedIn again.

Why do I do it, no one wins?

Today is Security Sunday.

Time to do updates and work on a security related project.

My project today is trying to get my yubikey working with SSH.

Remember, security is a process not a product.

Today's objective is the stay off the ps4 and get things done.

Maybe I can start with just playing for 30 minutes and then get things done.

And maybe get things done until a certain time and then play.

...I am not going to get anything done.

Fire99 is on soundcloud now.

Wish they would make more music, but still loving what they have done.

@thegibson Now that you have been running ProxMox for a few months, what is the thoughts on it?

Best feature?

Underrated feature?

What is it lacking?

I know where you are at....

Is that raccoon or opossum? Which highway did you find them at?

While I don't care for Courtney Love or Hole in general, I like there first ablum, Live Through This.

Likely this is due to the good times that came during my life while listening to that album. I yearn feel the emotions that go along with the memories.

It has been said that Kurt Cobain ghost wrote most of that album. Maybe that is why I like it.

Why do I feel the need to justify what I enjoy listening to?

Going to rewatch Person of Interest, but have some mixed thoughts.

I loved the show, but wonder if the show contributed to Jim Caviezel believing is Qanon. Did submersing himself in the character make it easier to believe or were these thoughts around before and why it was attracted to the character.

By the end, I realize that Fusco is the true hero.

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