Noticing brute-force attacks are higher than normal?

Anyone else noticing this?

Anyone know what is causing this?

Maybe the internet is just mad at me.

With the recent Windows vulnerability (can't remember it now), is there a clear log entry people need to be looking for? Is there something that gives a sign that someone is probing?

Just curious, I am not currently support windows in production.

Unpopular opinion: I prefer Anthrax with John Bush over Joey Belladonna.

Safe Home is a great song.

Remember about a month or two again when I found that I had deleted my music directories?

You know, the time I was really bummed about it?

Found a backup. Currently transferring the files right now.

Call of Duty before I need to start the night shift.

Been using split days lately. Working a full day and then at 9pm, work for an hour or so at night. Great for things that need a reboot or such.

The bad part, it is merging into work from 6:30am till 11:00pm. I don't see the productivity, just the hours.

I don't have the problem splitting my hours some, but need to figure out how to do it well.

hmm, things to ponder.

Listening to the Hackers Soundtrack while getting some work done.

I am so done with the world.

Saw a story about Lizzie Velasquez, and how she it being "used" as an image for the "New Teacher Challenge". Instead of looking at what an amazing person she is, people are making fun of her disability.

I have so much to say about this it all keeps coming out at the same time, ending in a mess.

Part of me is filled with rage. I want to watch the world burn. Part of me wants to give her hugs and tell her it will be alright. It won't. Instead I just tear up and try not to cry.

Save the planet. Kill yourself.

Monday and went to the dentist...only to be referred to a oral surgeon. Hopefully will get an appointment this week.

Had been referred to another and the soonest appointment was Oct 5th. I will likely do something drastic if I have to wait till then, like play with a razor blade so I can fell something other than the pain in mouth.

Started a Z-pack today, so hopefully that helps.

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Tooth ache.

My productivity will either is prolific or nonexistent.

BTW: I am not saying Jacob Appelbaum did or didn't do the other things. I am not discounting any ones experiences with Jacob. I do not know if there are victims or not.

My anger comes from the falsification. The lies. My anger comes from the fact I got caught up in all of it.

At the end of the day, what I think doesn't matters.

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Remember the drama about Jacob Appelbaum and him getting kicked out of Debian?

I turns out the was falsified. I don't know if this pertains to all the claims of sexual abuse, or if it was just the claims used by Debian.

While I had no dog in the race, I know that I had thought Jacob was guilty. Now I don't know.

Things I do know:
I trust Debian less now.
I hate people more.
I am upset with myself for making a decision without all the fact.

The whole thing makes me uneasy.

Now i am listening to Hole's first album, Live Through This.

Everything I heard by Hole after this was over produced. Of course this album is good, Kurt wrote it.

Still can't get loud enough.

Slipknot mood tonight.

Music can't get loud enough.

Looks like a lost my MP3/music collection. Like Front 242, Ministry and such.

Dammit, I didn't need any help being in a bid mood.

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