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Oh, I reimagined my laptop tonight... maybe it was Youtube's last server?

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k, a few of the hackerrank challenges done, resting the weak mind for a bit

gotta hit the store later, might have some time to try to finish one of the HRs I couldn't get through

christ my Perl is rusty

well, I wanted to find ways to make my own custom monogreenesque h.t style, this'll help :)

-webkit-text-fill-color: transparent;

yuuuuuuuuuuuuuuup, that'd do it

found it

webkit is setting it to a color that has full transparency, looks like


95% of why I say "interesting" is that now I can use a console and look at *why* it's happening :D


heh, this is amazing

something broke in terms of this browser's display now, and this is a different browser entirely from my mobile, where I was having the same issue (i.e., all non-expanded-toot text is the same color as the background AND the same color as highlighting -- which makes all the text invisible unless I expand each toot)


doing one of those "learn to code" websites to see how much my skills have oxidized, and the answer is: way too fuckin' much

nothing to do but start exercising those pathways again

w/e, I'll get where I need to

Sliding into your EDR infrastructure like,

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During the t-shirt economy years, I tried to design a shirt for Murphy's Law Bus Lines with the slogan "Running over the people you can't live without since 1949"

"but if I don't document the code, I can never be cut out of the development loop!" said the fool, as a bus rammed into them at top speed and caused a massive crisis for possibly several hundred thousand people or more


the next time someone tells you "motives don't matter", do them a service

trick them repeatedly

teach them to fear humanity, as they should

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anyway just keep it in mind if anybody offers you a "mind training" helmet any time soon, I guess

maybe their idea of what to train for ain't yours

"BrainNet: A Multi-Person Brain-to-Brain Interface for
Direct Collaboration Between Brains"

tl;dr: brain activity in two other people was used to 'recommend' next choices in a game, and the target brain even filtered when there was noise injected

my first thought and maybe yours: "a step towards cyberspace"


but an attempted brainwashing machine isn't a hard next step with this, IMO

it'd have to be the cult-style "it helps you think right" sales pitch, but yeah


I love how the early teen cracker groups of the 80s do for the meetup - you just crack into a random Bell telephone system and start a teleconference for free... 🤣

And because networked databases didn't exist, if you are lucky you would never be found out by neither the company nor the FBI 🤣

Only possible in the 80s...