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not sure how often "this will be a hilarious story or an extremely upsetting experience" is a thought other ppl have sometimes, I assume, but I have it pretty much continuously. so, this will be a hilarious experience or an upsetting one, and here we go

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the thousand richest people on earth hold claim to it

so if you're not in that thousand, yanno, just keep it in mind. I sure as fuck ain't

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brutal honesty: I block 'phobes and if they pull their head out of their ass later I don't go looking to forgive

I don't give a shit if you think it's perfomative or "not understanding" your culture's systemic queerphobia. you got your bozo bit flipped. fix your shit.

if the day ever came that multiple people you personally wronged say you've changed, then I'll give a shit.

but 'phobes drop neat little "oh I'm so sorry" blankets that are meant to placate queers all the time

like someone I had to block said about white ppl: they'll all SAY they're not queerphobes.

their actions tell you the truth.

ex-'phobes who demonstrate no outreach, no connection, no understanding beyond a cheap little apology that their mountain of an ego said would get them out of trouble? don't need that shit. lowest common denominator.

(and yes trans is in queer. solidarity over your ego any day.)

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locked my account b/c a shitstain harasser admin with money and an agenda is circumventing blocks on the fed.

not gonna claim otherwise; let's at least not lie about why, kids

they're just 4chan in suits

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quick heads-up:

* I block fash

* I block people arguing the fash deserve rights

* yes even basic rights, AFAIC they should be very happy humanity allows them to live at only the cost of keeping their race-war-baiting piece of shit "opinions" to themselves

* no I don't care if this rustles your little bro (or bro-ette) marbles downstairs, just block me

* I block shitheads

* I block hypocrites

just think: eventually, all settings and characters will be owned by so many intellectual property landlords that nothing will be creatable at all any more by any but those approved by the five dozen or so evil billionaires who will survive the thoughtocalypse

Fundraising: RPGs for layout software 

A number of us in the self-publishing indie RPG community have grown to like Affinity Publisher for layout.

However, not every artist can afford a copy.

So I (and 52 other RPG folks) have put together a bundle of our games to raise funds to buy Publisher licenses for low-income creators.

$20 gets you 67 games and a warm fuzzy feeling. Take a look!

It's only a subtoot about you if you feel like it is. 

I wonder how many racists think they're not racist because they aren't as bad as those racists over there.

uspol (——), personal & community implications for queer & BIPOC folks + members of minority religious groups 

It’s a no-brainer that a successful attack will embolden the attackers towards future violence, yah? The far-right has already promised that in D.C. and state capitols throughout the country.

But something people tend to miss is that a successful attack generally emboldens the attackers across the board, not just towards the target(s) of the previous attack. So if you and any of yours are among an already targeted group, and especially if you’re in more than one such category? Please be more careful than you were already planning for.

in my new language, all elements are built on an integer and a pointer to some other element. technically, this will be the ultimate language. I hereby name it Fart, in honor of my sister, who would've named it Shart, knowing her

before the year 2000, my (and everyone elses) main use of computers was to download midi files of the x files theme tune, or occasionally sometimes the buffy theme tune

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Better than WhatsApp: Try these Free Software Apps and Services — Free Software Foundation India

#WhatsApp #Telegram #Signal #matrix #xmpp #p2p #element #quicksy #FreeSoftware

Thanks to Riya for making the info graphics.

the flavour of cishets is 

crust-cut wonder bread, dipped in a sauce of tap water

**Wuhan marks a year since lockdown as pandemic rages worldwide**

"WHO experts in Wuhan to investigate source of the virus say too early to conclude if COVID-19 actually started there."

#news #bot

Pretrial risk assessment tools (RATs) are decision-making algorithms that use information about a person accused of a crime to try to predict the likelihood of certain outcomes if they are released from jail before their trial

The FBI is visiting leftists/anarchists across the country, claiming they're trying to 'help prevent violence' and their targets 'aren't in trouble.'

*Never talk to the feds or cops. Ever.*

Nothing you say will help you or your comrades. Don't even talk to them about your enemies. They'll know you're a rat who is willing to talk and they'll come back to you for more, as often as they want.

Fuck the feds. Fuck state repression. Fuck the state.

parler deplatforming 


"If you are so toxic that companies don't want to do business with you, that's on you. Not them."

Absolute agreement.

I refuse to do business with a variety of companies. Maybe the terms suck, or maybe just the people.

WhatsApp clarifies it’s not giving all your data to Facebook after surge in Signal and Telegram users
42 comments - The company is trying to contain fallout over a privacy policy update

them: are you ready in case it's MAGA Dawn at the inauguration

me: I am sharpening my gun as we speak

IMO Friday deploy fuckups alone justify read-only Friday as a general best practice and I will die on that hill

thinking big has rarely gotten me further than planning, but I'm starting to plan around that. so I might have had a good, possibly great, idea for a tech waste solution. go me

(idea omitted b/c I don't wanna jinx it thx sry)

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