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slightly controversial idea, yet one I feel comfortable stating Show more

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Aha! Self-doxx as a newborn shitposter (Htown, what did I miss today? :blobcatsurprised:

reality right now is kinda "Is Hope Actually Worth The Risk?: Finding Out The Hard Way" as the home edition

hell of a thing

y'know what? fuck it. I'm going full body mods until I'm Sexy Grandma Dinosaur, complete with scale tattoos and a got dam tail. I'm a grown ass woman and ain't nobody gonna stop me

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The truth is...

I possess a lot of wealth. I'm not talking about the monetary side. Arguably that's the lesser of my assets. But I've been given the opportunity and privilege of amassing a huge amount of intellectual wealth. I know things, I have learned how to apply techniques to solve problems, and I know how to read literature that helps do more of the same.

I worry that folks forget that this sort of thing is a different, but tangible kind of wealth.

Unlike traditional objects, I can share it and it loses no value. Indeed, it may gain in value. But it is not as easy to share as a loaf of bread or a $20 bill.

I also wonder what it means for me when we talk about various ideas for appropriating concentrated power and wealth. What obligations and duties does that leave me with?

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They set the world on fire for your liberty.

The world is still on fire.

Where is your liberty?

if anything in life is gonna start making sense it'd be nice if it happened soon

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person: every one of us is a significant, valuable human being. just be yourself.

me: can I be a different myself.

person: uh, but then you --

me: then I would enjoy my fucking existence instead of being a perennially near-zero-capability waste of a life

person: w-well, you're still valuable, though, and --

me: I've been a human warning sign most of my life, I'd like to be someone else instead, ty

if someone ever creates a language consisting of people pissing and moaning about details it will immediately be the only programming language

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> I find that learning about how it works makes one less manipulable by them.

I've heard the opposite, but I don't really live in the real world anyway, so I probably haven't got real sources, only imagined ones

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never forget: if you ask people, most of them think they're smarter than average

and that's not how statistics work

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hamburger hexer
for when
the dark powers
are after your burger

the ultimate consensual consensus of Mister Rogers as guide

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