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not sure how often "this will be a hilarious story or an extremely upsetting experience" is a thought other ppl have sometimes, I assume, but I have it pretty much continuously. so, this will be a hilarious experience or an upsetting one, and here we go

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the thousand richest people on earth hold claim to it

so if you're not in that thousand, yanno, just keep it in mind. I sure as fuck ain't

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brutal honesty: I block 'phobes and if they pull their head out of their ass later I don't go looking to forgive

I don't give a shit if you think it's perfomative or "not understanding" your culture's systemic queerphobia. you got your bozo bit flipped. fix your shit.

if the day ever came that multiple people you personally wronged say you've changed, then I'll give a shit.

but 'phobes drop neat little "oh I'm so sorry" blankets that are meant to placate queers all the time

like someone I had to block said about white ppl: they'll all SAY they're not queerphobes.

their actions tell you the truth.

ex-'phobes who demonstrate no outreach, no connection, no understanding beyond a cheap little apology that their mountain of an ego said would get them out of trouble? don't need that shit. lowest common denominator.

(and yes trans is in queer. solidarity over your ego any day.)

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locked my account b/c a shitstain harasser admin with money and an agenda is circumventing blocks on the fed.

not gonna claim otherwise; let's at least not lie about why, kids

they're just 4chan in suits

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quick heads-up:

* I block fash

* I block people arguing the fash deserve rights

* yes even basic rights, AFAIC they should be very happy humanity allows them to live at only the cost of keeping their race-war-baiting piece of shit "opinions" to themselves

* no I don't care if this rustles your little bro (or bro-ette) marbles downstairs, just block me

* I block shitheads

* I block hypocrites

could devices just be easier to design already goddamnit

eight slots, stacked two by four, u shaped bus. sockets in with a custom connector and lets you replace any cell in the pack seamlessly

Reading bios before following is good because:
✨ you can learn really basic essentials for future interactions like pronouns
✨ find out important boundaries to prevent you from sticking your foot in it later (check pinned toots too!)
✨ learn their interests for an idea of what they might toot about
✨ website links to have a nosey at their art, projects, etc and potentially give support towards them
✨ discover the big red flags early
✨ it's just polite, really

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re: CW: bizarre poll, "meat" content, total trashpoll 

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leave yourself bizarre notes constantly.

that is all

These range maps shows the geographic spread of this dialect of the course of 20 years. The language these birds use to communicate with each other is evolving.

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my birthday wishes 

Did you know that the racist overseers of the USP McCreary satellite camp are falsifying incident reports to block captive Black people from early release via CARES Act?

There’s a reason why our comrade inside calls it “Klantucky.”

More on this in the coming days. #FreeThemAll

it's always inspiring to see the kind and able kneecapping the abusers of the world

and yeah I'm not trying to encourage my worst self but hello satisfaction

CW: bizarre poll, "meat" content, total trashpoll 

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