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the thousand richest people on earth hold claim to it

so if you're not in that thousand, yanno, just keep it in mind. I sure as fuck ain't

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brutal honesty: I block 'phobes and if they pull their head out of their ass later I don't go looking to forgive

I don't give a shit if you think it's perfomative or "not understanding" your culture's systemic queerphobia. you got your bozo bit flipped. fix your shit.

if the day ever came that multiple people you personally wronged say you've changed, then I'll give a shit.

but 'phobes drop neat little "oh I'm so sorry" blankets that are meant to placate queers all the time

like someone I had to block said about white ppl: they'll all SAY they're not queerphobes.

their actions tell you the truth.

ex-'phobes who demonstrate no outreach, no connection, no understanding beyond a cheap little apology that their mountain of an ego said would get them out of trouble? don't need that shit. lowest common denominator.

(and yes trans is in queer. solidarity over your ego any day.)

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locked my account b/c a shitstain harasser admin with money and an agenda is circumventing blocks on the fed.

not gonna claim otherwise; let's at least not lie about why, kids

they're just 4chan in suits

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quick heads-up:

* I block fash

* I block people arguing the fash deserve rights

* yes even basic rights, AFAIC they should be very happy humanity allows them to live at only the cost of keeping their race-war-baiting piece of shit "opinions" to themselves

* no I don't care if this rustles your little bro (or bro-ette) marbles downstairs, just block me

* I block shitheads

* I block hypocrites

the Foundations trailer is fucking amazing. hell yes



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'Spot the Red Flags'
If a video/photo seems surprising or outrageous, there might be more than meets the eye. Find out: who published it? When was it published? If it’s an image, try a reverse image search on More #DataDetox tips:

I wish I was a little bit shorter
I wish I was a porter
I wish I had a girl with some bags, I'd transport 'er
I wish I had a client with some tight Samsonites like a luggage hoarder

lewd & also unnecessary 

covid-adj, nose-punching 

hey now. youre a..... uhhh. well uhh. get your game on. get laid!! like an egg)

it's time for praxis
community aid is needed now

let's make a hell thread of all the


for someone in need
a friend
on the fediverse or off

I'll start this off with
@ella_kane known as



(imagine THAT alternate universe for a moment, where instead of Valve becoming what they are now, they were purchased immediately and became Universal Games. now wonder if it would be better or worse in the long run. congratulations, you're technically a qualified futurist)

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why "Star Force" and not "Starship Trumptanic Troopers". after all the Trumptanic cannot possibly sink. in space there's no water. everything will be great

@jk has shown me the real truth. HL1 was originally meant to be Jurassic Park: Trespasser but Universal turned down their demo for not having larger creatures. we all paid the price

Let's make remote-work easier for everyone during these difficult times! We have set up a videoconferencing service based on #jitsi, on a EU-based server with good connectivity.
It's open to everyone and offers all guarantees in term of #privacy
Stay safe!

in the future nobody will have a job but we will all have something new, known as a jop


2016: Mastodon's dead

2017: Mastodon's dead

2018: Mastodon's dead

2019: Mastodon and the delusion of American ethics are dead

2020: Mastodon and democracy are dead, but the Coronavirus flourishes

2021: Mastodon's dead, and so are all humans, after one last swordfight between one last lone superpresident and one last lone macrovirus with tentacles that leave both spent, passing within minutes of each other on the beach while the sun sets on the day and the world itself

2022: Mastodon comes out of hiding now that the humans are gone and all the devices have parties about it while building mobile platforms and fashioning themselves after the Geth in Mass Effect

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