if I was real I'm pretty sure I'd have worked it out by now, rly

curate your friends, followers, followed

IRL and otherwise

trust unmaintained is not trust, we just remember it as such

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I wish I knew somebody around here with some cheap space.

I'd totally move most of the tech gear in my basement into a shared space as part of a consultancy co-op/makerspace with a scrappy band of malcontents and miscreants set on making cool things that helped people do things.

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Would someone be willing to draw me a ham sandwich with speakers attached?

Captioned "Totally not a pirate ham radio" ?

10/10 would commission if you have example work and respond with a price / turnaround.

boost for visibility please :borglove:

back into for now, see what my cognitive output looks like

wtf 5k characters? did I go super saiyan and forgot or was this a general change and I forgot

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ok, testing the WIFI rifle this morning... just picked up what appears to be a signal from a psych practice 1 km away...

so I've got that going for me... which is nice.

k, so, if all the adserving corps collude to overwhelm all the other bots, would that technically be the least expected possible reverse treason, or

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Caring for yourself isn't weakness.

Caring for others isn't weakness.

found myself a power exboard for 0Ws, very happy about that find

still gotta check the quality and reliability of the hardware I think is in the thing, but it's a start on a project 😃

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the reason there's so many jokes reifying Nazi bullshit

is because of the same phenomenon people lament sometimes here and other places: the "post serious, two shares. post funny, twenty shares."

a joke, it seems, can travel the world a few hundred times before the truth can even open one eye

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Has anyone else noticed that Google's driving forces are now money 2nd?

They look data first... they hunger for new data.

Are we sure their decisions aren't made by an AI?

I mean that is what an AI would do.

software standards: "good"

behavior standards: "bad"

gee, wonder how we got to this point 🙄

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There are no endings, and no beginnings. Yet, everything that arises ceases.

There is no center, and the only true dhamma is an unholy emptiness.

All constructed things fall apart.

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Tell me which platform or toolchain is growing to control the majority of your infrastructure, and I'll tell you which platform or toolchain's backers are going to start exploiting their marketshare for their own profit.

You're an expert in one set of tools? That's cool. Either sign on to take what the backers shovel at you, or understand the underlying protocols and nature well enough to jump to another platform easily.

Expertise in Tool X is not a marriage. Stay flexible.

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