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the thousand richest people on earth hold claim to it

so if you're not in that thousand, yanno, just keep it in mind. I sure as fuck ain't

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brutal honesty: I block 'phobes and if they pull their head out of their ass later I don't go looking to forgive

I don't give a shit if you think it's perfomative or "not understanding" your culture's systemic queerphobia. you got your bozo bit flipped. fix your shit.

if the day ever came that multiple people you personally wronged say you've changed, then I'll give a shit.

but 'phobes drop neat little "oh I'm so sorry" blankets that are meant to placate queers all the time

like someone I had to block said about white ppl: they'll all SAY they're not queerphobes.

their actions tell you the truth.

ex-'phobes who demonstrate no outreach, no connection, no understanding beyond a cheap little apology that their mountain of an ego said would get them out of trouble? don't need that shit. lowest common denominator.

(and yes trans is in queer. solidarity over your ego any day.)

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locked my account b/c a shitstain harasser admin with money and an agenda is circumventing blocks on the fed.

not gonna claim otherwise; let's at least not lie about why, kids

they're just 4chan in suits

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quick heads-up:

* I block fash

* I block people arguing the fash deserve rights

* yes even basic rights, AFAIC they should be very happy humanity allows them to live at only the cost of keeping their race-war-baiting piece of shit "opinions" to themselves

* no I don't care if this rustles your little bro (or bro-ette) marbles downstairs, just block me

* I block shitheads

* I block hypocrites

Daughter told me on the way to school that ice unicorns live at the south pole. By the time we got there, we'd decided they pull the sleigh for Anti-Santa, who gives gifts to all the naughty kids so they won't feel left out, and sabotages the global Santa surveillance network because kids shouldn't be monitored by a shady guy in a red suit.

uspol, slogans 

The Matrix (1999) taught us a valuable lesson. If someone deadnames you, then you should hit them with a train

alright serious talk

o really *need* to start an instance for
too many amazing people here that need a home that id built by them, for them, and to facilitate community

gonna try and see if i can get a team going to help me moderate and create community there. i cant do this by myself

2000s hackers: My dream is to connect all of my devices to the internet.
2020s hackers: My dream is to disconnect all of my devices from the internet.

Oakland, CA; ICE; alert 

every time I tell myself I don't do shit, I get morose and try to argue with myself about the things I did do

every time I tell other ppl I'm working on projects I start feeling like impostor creep b/c I can't set reasonable goals

this is untenable

just think: eventually the last thousand people on earth will be left, it'll be the richest thousand, and they'll decide it was because they were "smart" and "cautious" 🤣

the fact they're on an arid mountaintop that is what's left of the Arctic (which is the only land left) will not concern them in the least, only their bank accounts

if you're stupid enough to vote for a fascist you're playing concentration camp roulette and hoping you're gonna be "normie" enough. that's a sucker's bet

nobody's ever normie enough for THOSE fuckers

did you know: if someone's opinion is that you should die, if you're quiet enough about disagreeing, it won't bother them WHILE you're exterminated! easy peasy bootlicking squeezy

I like to think that the idea of creating entirely legally "real" corporations that explicitly exist to exist and don't do anything except hire people to keep watch over their office-and-quarters living area 24/7 as armed security guards could eventually solve all the crises simultaneously somehow

or not

sometimes you can feel an idea shifting from space to space mentally and start asking questions you'd really never have asked yourself before


Pokémon was meant to cause fully automated luxury occur by suggesting it was possible but then gay people HAD to exist and shit so the straights got angry. and that's why Pokémon's economy makes no sense. in the next seven hundred and two slides, I will

I like how there's that special kind of fuckstick that rants about FOSS needing more people but at every turn alienates any user they can to soothe their pained little ego

and by "like" I really mean "it's funny but not in a ha ha way"

thanks, another reminder I'm not welcome in FOSS. I hate it

did a test print of a design bestie made, an "inkwell" for a stylus. styluswell? whatever, the print went well, lol. that's the important bit.

might do one in sparkly purple if my wife doesn't mind me using metallic-fleck filament and probably putting wear on the print head :queer100: 😁

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