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Like, there's an entire flag which covers trans, gay, and PoC all in one and it looks dope as FUCK while leaving the white trans stripe

Use that one, it's the best Pride flag in every way

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Dark Sky, the weather app and programming interface, has joined Apple.

But don't worry, they will "reach far more people" by, you know what, not even gonna make a joke. Any non-iOS apps and interfaces are shutting down.

Universe help me, I'm getting the "must buy tools" craving again. ><

If it's the trans day of visibility today, I should punk my co workers by actually turning on my zoom video.

Shit... It's trans day of visibility? They can see me? Fuck, I should put some clothes on...

Made a lot of progress outlining the next chapter of my hard-SF tonight.

Announcement: Putting a JIRA issue in the backlog with the unspoken assumption to never work it shall be now known as "The Minnesotan Close".

Time to make some instant pot beef stew. Set the pot to saute mode and add some diced onion and a bit of butter. You don't need the whole onion. You can chop and freeze whatever you don't need.

open-source low-cost ventilator (covid)(pls boost) 

I had to do Lin's Hand-Washing guide. I just had to.

Animal crossing 

re: mh (-) 

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USPOL - Grim 

mh (-) 

Thank you for the additional run, @wearenameless. I missed the first half.

Somehow managed to get myself our of work mode after the hardest week I've had in a while.

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