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Stranded in train-light,
a rushing sound under a rust-red moon;
what do stones regret?

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Feel like I need to make an anti-"rules for my shop" sign just to annoy the dudebro makers.

1. There are no stupid questions.
2. My tools are tools, use them.
3. Mistakes are great! Learn from them.
4. Lift up less privileged voices.
5. Is it gay? Good. :transsmiley:

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I've lost count at how many I've used. Consumer, industrial, minicomputer, mainframe, high concept to complete toy. Pre-release, beta, half broken dev builds. I've cut my teeth on so many UNIXes and Linuxes they all look the same.

So, what's the best?

The one you have, and the one that feels like home.

There is no ultimate OS. Prefer to crack code on bog standard Windows? That's cool. MacOS? Sure, if that works for you. I don't care if you're on a mean and lean Arch build, a Haiku Alpha, or some patched monstrosity running in a VM on top of Qubes.

Your home isn't my home, and shouldn't be.

That's what makes it beautiful.

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Hi, I'm socketwench. You can call me 'wench or socket if you like. I mostly do Drupal and Devops by day, and enjoy bad sci-fi by night. I like creating things with my hands like toolboxes, portable computers, and keyboards. I also write tutorials and blog posts up on my site, Once and a while I also write fiction or draw things. I have...complicated...feelings about the term "maker" and don't apply it to myself. I don't even call myself a "hacker", unless you consider the broader Levian definition. I have a weird social emphasis on my love of tech, which might confuse you at first.

And yes, I still have hard copies of "Hackers" the movie, and all three soundtracks.

children being better than adults is the optimism I need today

I would very much like a 10 minute short where captain Pike talks about stress and sleeplessness while making hot chocolate from scratch.

As spooky season decends, let's all remember the most terrifying moment on CN (YT link, audio only, silly and not scary at all) 

ui/ux, file formats 

really peeved that people use webp as a way to "protect" images because a lot of image applications have been slow to support the format

Tempted to try some of the newer MST3k eps on Gizmoplex now that they're no longer under Netflix.

OK who wants to buy this giant refurbished military vehicle up for auction for an Antifa Mobile Command Center

On the bike ride to the school, I sometimes pass a parked car with a sticker that says, “Make tea no war,” and while I appreciate the sentiment the owner is _probably_ expressing, all I can ever think about is the deep link between tea and British imperialism that popularized the drink enough in the Anglosphere that a USian would even have such a sticker. Not to throw shade: I am making tea as I type this. It’s just a weird dissonance.

_to the tune of MacArthur Park Suite by Donna Summer_

Someone dropped a rootkit
on my box
I don't think that I can take it
cause it took so long to make it
and I'll never have that vimrc againnnn

You see, Tom Nook cannot possibly be a racoon because he hates trash and loves capitalism. In this essay I will...

you are in a maze of twisty yaml, all alike

And let's not forget our f̷r̸i̸e̵n̶d̸s̸ t̵͚̒͝h̶͚̋ę̸̯͝ m̶͇̲͙̪̒̒͜͝ų̸͕̈́͗̎̎̀s̶̤̟͙͈͈̈́́h̶̨̑̓r̶̯̀̍̄o̷̜̔͛̊͒o̶͚̒m̴̡̯̎͠ş̴̤̇͒̒̎ 🍄👽

before you seize the means of production, you should make sure you can seize the means of staging

I rewatched TRON (1982) last night and wow I did not realize how much they predicted.

#tron #linux #unix #systemd

Anyone know of a way to make a LUT from two images using Gnu/IMP or other Linux-friendly software?

My need: I have a video I recorded in split shifts last week. Apparently I must have knocked the white balance off on my light rig and everything's different on half of the video.

My thought is I should be able to take two stills and color match the one into a LUT that could be applied to the other in Kdenlive, but I'm not a colorist. Anyone have an idea?

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