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Feel like I need to make an anti-"rules for my shop" sign just to annoy the dudebro makers.

1. There are no stupid questions.
2. My tools are tools, use them.
3. Mistakes are great! Learn from them.
4. Lift up less privileged voices.
5. Is it gay? Good. :transsmiley:​

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I've lost count at how many I've used. Consumer, industrial, minicomputer, mainframe, high concept to complete toy. Pre-release, beta, half broken dev builds. I've cut my teeth on so many UNIXes and Linuxes they all look the same.

So, what's the best?

The one you have, and the one that feels like home.

There is no ultimate OS. Prefer to crack code on bog standard Windows? That's cool. MacOS? Sure, if that works for you. I don't care if you're on a mean and lean Arch build, a Haiku Alpha, or some patched monstrosity running in a VM on top of Qubes.

Your home isn't my home, and shouldn't be.

That's what makes it beautiful.

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Confession time 

My first job involved a lot of consulting. Mostly for telecoms, banks, insurance, gov, and even the military. High powered, enterprise stuff with million dollar licenses and secured data centers. Sometimes with loaded weapons.

There's a reason I make websites now, and for none of those people.

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Hi, I'm socketwench. You can call me 'wench or socket if you like. I mostly do Drupal and Devops by day, and enjoy bad sci-fi by night. I like creating things with my hands like toolboxes, portable computers, and keyboards. I also write tutorials and blog posts up on my site, Once and a while I also write fiction or draw things. I have...complicated...feelings about the term "maker" and don't apply it to myself. I don't even call myself a "hacker", unless you consider the broader Levian definition. I have a weird social emphasis on my love of tech, which might confuse you at first.

And yes, I still have hard copies of "Hackers" the movie, and all three soundtracks.

food, insomnia 

I'm just going to assume I'll get hunger-induced insomnia tonight. Usually happens when dinner is just soup.

I can't avoid the thought that the solution for the PinePhone and Chromecast is...replace the Chromecast. Ideally with a single board system as a media PC.

Which sounds like a straightforward problem until you run into how hard is to find any SBCs lately.

Oh, unfortunate. There's no Searx Helm chart.


In the US, the political response to a gun massacre at a public school is for politicians to transfer their kids to private schools.

birdsite link, worldpol, immigration 

I am here literally begging non-USians to read this and actually find out what your immigration policy is like.

Go on. I'll wait.

They really are like this.

I know because I've tried several and was rejected every time.

covid, yelling? 

apparently I'm super annoyed that people think running conferences in the middle of a pandemic is a good idea

like sure

encourage a bunch of people to get infected

you asshole

Okay. Netflix is canceled. Account won't actually close until next month, but I'm not sure if I'll actually finish MST3k on there. I'm....just not feeling it.

Given the release dates for Star Trek stuff, I may cancel my Paramount sub too once I'm finished with Picard (which isn't all that enjoyable either).

Me: :blobglare:​

Box of CAT5e: πŸ“¦

Me: :blobglare:​

Box of CAT5e: πŸ“¦

Me: [draws cat ears on it] :blobhappy:​

horror sf, silliness, yt link 

Is it wrong of me to want to see the rest of this movie?

joke about β€œtwo genders” 

The real two genders:

Punk/goth hacker and UwU devops catgirl

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