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So what I'm getting from my research is that no, don't spray paint key caps. Dye them if you can, but most caps are ABS, so they can't be dyed with in-home methods.

This is North Dakota.

That is not a city in northwest North Dakota.

No, that is the second largest oil and gas field in the US, burning off enough gas a day to heat millions of homes.


2019: Sophie Labelle's Assigned Male comic making a damn good point


It's the dead of winter and I have a bunch of unpainted keycaps.


Spray painting indoors seems like a remarkably bad idea.

People complained when Microsoft bought GitHub as if it wasn't already a for-profit corporation.

I continue to be disappointed in how industrialized the build chain needs to be for 3D Printing. I probably won't be satisfied until I can feed old bottles into it and get prints out.

I'm the weird Arch Linux person, aren't I? It's my primary OS, and literally the second to last distro I'd recommend to anyone. The last is Gentoo. And I used Gentoo for four years.

There is no "right" or "perfect" distro. It's all personal and contextual.

I'd rather people use *any* open source OS. Ubuntu? Arch? Fedora? BSD? Haiku? Does it work for you and make you happy? Sweet. 👍

So when I see devs attack PHP, see the same thing: A means to destroy social standing, rather than real deficiencies.

There's also the fact that we, as programmers, really like shiny new things too. Who doesn't! But to be taken seriously, a woman in tech has to work twice as hard, or harder. And even then, some will never take us seriously. Managers will push unwanted projects on us as a result.

There's an enormous pressure as a woman in tech to learn the newest, most difficult, most *trendy* things. The idea is that by learning the difficult, new, shiny things now, we might be able to use that social inertia to push back on the sexism we encounter in the industry.

How does this connect to being a woman in tech?

Women in tech start from a disadvantaged position socially compared to male devs even if technical skills are equal or better.

I know of *no* programming language that's had to do this, and not so publicly at such a scale.

Nevertheless, the stigma was attached, angry (often white and male) devs decided to take out their anger and frustration by trying to destroy PHP's social standing. Like revenge.

Many of those features -- exceptions, true classes, advanced OOP features -- didn't come into their own until PHP 5.x, and some not until 7. Meanwhile, the devs behind PHP had to manage an *entire* *industry* to ensure breaking changes were communicated and projects updated.

I often feel that PHP has gotten it's "laughable" reputation because at the height of it's popularity, PHP3 and 4, it...really wasn't that good. It was painfully making a transition from an advanced template language to a "complete" language.

Someone please tell me that the Town is familiar with Cybersix.

here is a geometric explanation of FOIL as given by the islamic scholars of algebra in the middle ages. unlike memorizing some stupid rule of pure symbol manipulation, it actually makes sense

Are you in the process of unionizing? Do you work in tech?

Check this out:

Ahhh, that "just delete your account and stop angering everyone by existing" feeling. I guess it has been two, three weeks since the last time I felt like that?

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