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Feel like I need to make an anti-"rules for my shop" sign just to annoy the dudebro makers.

1. There are no stupid questions.
2. My tools are tools, use them.
3. Mistakes are great! Learn from them.
4. Lift up less privileged voices.
5. Is it gay? Good. :transsmiley:​

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I've lost count at how many I've used. Consumer, industrial, minicomputer, mainframe, high concept to complete toy. Pre-release, beta, half broken dev builds. I've cut my teeth on so many UNIXes and Linuxes they all look the same.

So, what's the best?

The one you have, and the one that feels like home.

There is no ultimate OS. Prefer to crack code on bog standard Windows? That's cool. MacOS? Sure, if that works for you. I don't care if you're on a mean and lean Arch build, a Haiku Alpha, or some patched monstrosity running in a VM on top of Qubes.

Your home isn't my home, and shouldn't be.

That's what makes it beautiful.

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Confession time 

My first job involved a lot of consulting. Mostly for telecoms, banks, insurance, gov, and even the military. High powered, enterprise stuff with million dollar licenses and secured data centers. Sometimes with loaded weapons.

There's a reason I make websites now, and for none of those people.

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Hi, I'm socketwench. You can call me 'wench or socket if you like. I mostly do Drupal and Devops by day, and enjoy bad sci-fi by night. I like creating things with my hands like toolboxes, portable computers, and keyboards. I also write tutorials and blog posts up on my site, Once and a while I also write fiction or draw things. I have...complicated...feelings about the term "maker" and don't apply it to myself. I don't even call myself a "hacker", unless you consider the broader Levian definition. I have a weird social emphasis on my love of tech, which might confuse you at first.

And yes, I still have hard copies of "Hackers" the movie, and all three soundtracks.

an entire windows-like thing. in your web browser.

science has gone too far

And now I'm having an internal debate as to if The Matrix qualifies as "brainweird" or if there's enough of a whole subgenre of VR/The-world-is-a-lie films to make that the follow-up theme.

hoo boy.. with the ADL and Paypal partnering up to "combat terrorism and extremism", here's a reminder to NEVER EVER SPECIFY a political cause in your donations/ direct aid. If you have to, be vague: diapers, groceries, tire repair, just send i love yous and happy birthdays. don't fucking rat yourself and others out.

and remember, this goes for Venmo as well, because Paypal owns them.

Me: Someday I'm going to have to get to Terminator 2, Wrath of Khan, Hypercube and other sequels, but now to interconnect them thematically?

Brain [flatly]: How indeed.

Had an idea for someone that can 3D model.

There's a lot of self-watering systems out there, but they either also include the pot, or make assumptions about the entire size of pot.

Here's an alternative idea: A series of small, interconnected boxes with a preforated top. There are interconnect tubes on each side: Four for center pieces, three for side pieces, two for corner pieces. There's also a corner piece which has a hole in the top for a watering tube.

You print off the number of boxes to fill the bottom of your particular pot, then interconnect them using the tubes.

Bingo, customizable, any pot, any size, self-watering system.

Revision 2 of the PinePhone keyboard, this one is actually nice to type on :D

The heatbreak for all Ender 3 printers will now be known as heartbreak.

People who use this printer know why.

Still kinda riding the happy engineering vibes I was getting from working on the printer yesterday.


A disk-usage-like graphic on the back of every tabletop RPG book which breaks down how much is character creation, backstory, running the game instructions, rogues gallery inventory, and battle system.

These stabilizers came with the dual Z kit I ordered last month. It's an all mechanical version, but I need to redo the PSU base first.

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The extruder light I bought a very long time ago. Last fall. It was actually tricker to install. I had the extruder apart anyways, so I installed it. The best wire routing required some cutting on the metal shroud; a Dremel and a needle file made quick work of it.

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After the Tricorder, the nozzle was all clogged. Since I had it apart, I replaced it and the heartbreak.

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Replaced the stock coupler with a breakaway coupler, and installed the drawers I printed last winter. This printer sometimes has Z crashes so the breakaway is a key safety feature. Also, only $6.

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Printer update thread:

Finally replaced the X and Y tensioners. Like most updates, I bought these months ago as single items when I had the extra money to spare.

Well, the benchy was going well until it peeled off the bed. The g code is pretty old on it, it doesn't have any of my tuning for this printer. The calibration cat turned out fine though.

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