Overwhelmed by a new role, I jumped on the Obsidian.md bandwagon.

@thegibson Has there been any more moves to get together to watch Matrix 4 together?

Attended my first local DC meeting in 2 years. It was good.

Hoping all these new product announcements boosts the second-hand market.

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Build the cyber-occult utopia you were promised.

The beginning draws nigh.

@socketwench Have you upgraded either the firmware or the mainboard of your Ender? I upgraded Octopi after being offline all summer, and it came up complaining about my crappy (stock) firmware, made me install a plug-in.

I’d really like to watch some Sifl and Ollie

I took a week off between jobs. Camped in the desert over the weekend, and I’ll go to visit the folks nearer the end of the week. This leaves me the next couple of days to veg.

Fired up the generator that's been in dry dock for I don't know how many years. Heading to the desert this weekend to help a buddy build a thing.

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Just a heads up but you can believe someone has a right to do something while also believing it is not right to do.

Finally have the soldering station back up, so I could put some headers on an rpi pico and flash it with Mecrisp-Stellaris Forth. Connecting fine using minicom, but I’ve got stair stepping that I’ll have to figure out how to fix tomorrow.

Obsidian is lovely, but it is not free software.

There is Zettlr, however, which is:

Fucking Electron, though

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