"It's 2021 where are the flying cars"

They were invented ages ago, they're called helicopters and they cost a fortune to build, run, and maintain, and you need a skilled aviator to use them safely, and obviously air traffic clearance in many places so you don't fuck up a flight path for a commercial airliner. They're lethally dangerous to park so they need special open spaces and they don't generally taxi away from those, so it's one at a time.
Basically you're talking shite is what I'm saying.

@seachaint I don't think helicopters quality as flying cars. It's just a fact that we don't [yet] have the tech to really do flying cars.

I can imagine tech that would make them possible, but it basically comes down to needing to store enormous amounts of energy in a very small/light package -- so, basically, Mr. Fusion.

@woozle The barriers are, as far as I can see, mostly energetic and "humans are already shit in 2d do we really want another d". I agree the tech to do a more compact flier is there.

Though, the device would need a lot of driver-assist computer power, and based on how fragmentary, secretive, oversold, and under-audited our car "AI" ecosystem is.. I'd be very worried there too.

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