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== I am ==
* Irish, Husband, Dad to 3
* Highly driven to learn, adapt, and improve.
* Possessed of an atypical neurology.
* Buried in nearly-finished projects and neglected hobbies

== I Believe ==
* People will do their best if given the conditions to thrive.
* Individuals need communities to thrive.
* Good Individuals owe something to good communities.
* Money and Power self-accumulate. Unchecked, they kill communities.
* The Natural Environment gives abiding wealth to communities.
* It is possible to have a fair, technologically advanced world that is ecologically sound.

== I am Interested In ==
* Programming, Data,
* , Computational Neuroscience
* Genetics, Cell Biology, Metabolics, Nutrition
* Permaculture, , Composting
* Forests, Fungi, Evidence-Based Herbalism
* , , Resilience
* , Amateur Biotech
* Decentralisation, Mesh Networks, Sneakernets, Rogue Archives
* , Reflection, Creativity
* Celtic Languages - !
* Music, Singing,

One nice "fringe benefit" of / is that it excludes many kinds of "antinutrient" from the output, which can make some kinds of otherwise-inedible leave candidates for protein extraction. By and large, the best Leafu inputs happen to already be nutritious and healthy to eat.

But in principle, it's a possibility that you could use, say, older nettle leaves riddled with cystoliths, because those will generally be excluded in the fibrous matter. Yield will be lower but if it mattered, you'd accept that.

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If you're not familiar with / the concept is super simple: juice leaves, boil juice, strain and press the curds that precipitate out.
Yield is low, obviously - 1kg of nettles might yield 50g protein. But that's 50g of protein! In foraging terms that's pretty good, and it brings a lot of vitamins and minerals in with it.
It can be dried to a powder for storage, and used like a stock powder later in the year. Yield is affected by variables like plant growth stage, hydration, etcetera. I have a feeling perennial kale, which does not flower, would be a good partner to this process. Flowering is usually the point where otherwise good species sharply drop off in yield. Brassicas rate pretty well for protein overall (nitrogen permitting..).

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Bought a hand-crank "wheatgrass" juicer in order to try making / from perennial kale and nettles. I'm all about that resilience, and it's an interesting and versatile foraging hack to tackle foraging's biggest usual challenge: available protein!

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For those of you who play Blizzard games.

The employees have asked you not play them at all tomorrow as a message to the company.

Digital Strike and all that.

Am up too late preparing slides for a work presentation and I am not pleased with this situation

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Imposter Syndrome / Navelgaze (+) / Long 

I'm going to tag onto my share of the PhD comic regarding Imposter Syndrome amongst academics. It's one of my warmer takes, but often those who suffer from it are often times the ones who are so driven to prove themselves wrong that they push far beyond those who don't. I even heard a great object lesson on this regarding Russian circus performers.

There are also some, like me, who flinch. I suspect everyone flinches at some point, AND first circuit fight/flight outputs are priority interrupts.

If you need it, and posting as a reminder to me, please get out of your own way. I've spent my life with people I admire who don't realize how mindblowingly awesome they are.

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Covid, masks, ventilation and filtration 

I am so mad that we haven’t gone all out on ventilation and air filtration in the last 18 months. It would have a host of benefits beyond the very important benefit of knocking down transmission of covid, colds, and flus.

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(Last boost on endangered European languages boosted as a subtoot of my sister in law there in the living room arguing that the problem with additional language requirements in the Basque country and Catalonia is that they're "imposing" the language on people...)

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I love the internet story #36126:
Today I have discovered a website for the Herculaneum Society. Herculaneum was the OTHER city destroyed by Mt Vesuvius in 79ad. What makes it so special is that there was a library FILLED with scrolls. The scrolls were badly blackened and are finally, thanks to technology, becoming readable.
So, now I have 20 years of annual newsletters to read. I am in hog heaven.

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Friendly reminder that if you think you have no talent at drawing, writing, making games, developing, etc... that choosing to participate in the act of creation is in and of itself a precious revolutionary act, and the thing you make will have more artistic value than all of the pristine plastic shit you see on a daily basis.

Grow a shitty garden, draw a shitty picture, and make shitty games. Just do it for yourself and your friends, and do it for fun. I promise you that the corporations need your money more than you need their culture.

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progressive web apps imply the existence of reactionary web apps

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Update: this latest crowd were the shitty kind of teenager, quelle surprise. Put their litter in the bag I provided, them fucked the bag into the woods.

Filled two bags of bottles, foil, cans, tissues, plastic masks, and assorted other waste.

Watered as much as I could using the pump-waterer I had before the mosquitoes came out.

This has me convinced that the classroom has to go. It's making the place attractive to shitty teens and they're polluting and making the place dangerous, and lately posing a fire hazard. I'll be contacting the landowner and requesting it be removed.

This is sad to me. Indeed, to invoke again the Anarchist bit, it really feels like a slap because what recourse have we, if we want to keep nice things but people are just so shitty? Just destroy anything that we can't physically defend? It's not like these teens are even locals, they bus and drive up here from Blackpool and Ballincollig to shit in our woods.

The plastic part at least wouldn't exist so much in a left-Anarchist world, but the shitty behaviour? There's nothing political behind that. They could easily have brought their rubbish to a public bin nearby.

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What films told me Anarchism was: biker gangs, nihilism, breaking glass and throwing molotovs

What the internet told me Anarchism was: USian lefty teens purity-testing each other and shaming strangers

What Bookchin told me Anarchism was: Sponteneity! Whatever that means!

What the most Anarchist things I do are: forest irrigation, grumbling about teenagers with my litter picker

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The rough-hewn wooden outdoor classroom in the woods near us used to be regularly used by the school, probably to the betterment of the kids.

Then some shitty teens destroyed the safety rails around it (there's a drop). The school stopped using it, but my kids used to still go up there sometimes.

Then in lockdown, some shitty teens left broken glass and litter there so often that my kids stopped playing there.

Now in a drought, teens-who-may-or-may-not-be-shitty are frequenting the area. Wary of a forest fire I'm making a point of calling up when I hear them, offering a can of water for cigarettes and a rubbish bag. Really I just want them to know that people love here, and care about this place, and it's not a consequence-free place to trash.

Of course, as a local man in his thirties who makes a point of politely discomfiting shitty teens, this makes me "Old Man Garvey", which is kinda horrifying.

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An exciting new initiative called the Counter-Surveillance Resource Center (CSRC) has just launched to help anarchists share tips and best practices for dealing with emergent technologies and state surveillance measures.

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covid, global politics 

The worldwide wave of inauthentically coordinated violent anti-covid-lockdown protests is the start of something much much worse. I'm honestly terrified.

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