Currently disabling accounts of / notifying about 1,000 people who were re-using passwords and whose accounts were compromised by spammers

Please don't reuse passwords between different accounts and please use 2FA whenever it's available (not that people who need this advice the most are going to see it anyway)


Growing the number of organizations united to fight stalkerware has never been more important. That’s why the Coalition Against Stalkerware recently added 11 new organizations from around the world, including India and Sub-Saharan Africa.

Poll for my followers! 😀 is having service problems right now "thanks" to our hosting provider, but i want to reassure everyone here that we have no intention of taking the instance down entirely, and we have appropriate backups just in case the worst happens (which have been tested to be restorable). isn't going anywhere.

We see cyberpunk as humans having augmentations - but really cyberpunk would be *not* having augmentations in a world where most people do.

Because cyberpunk is rejecting the norm of letting big corps and the powerful few control your life.

Just like today where the _most_ cyberpunk people are those using Tor, coreboot, turning off the TPM, disabling WiFi and blowing open closed source firmware.
Not people with Google Glass & and an Internet connected toaster/car/watch.

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@thegibson the green background here is too distracting for my eyes, is there a way I can disable it? Or at least pump up the opacity in the windows?

Okay, I imported my following accounts successfully!

Today on the fediverse: Drama about a member of an infosec company who interacted with a government agency and gets in trouble.

This month on : A movie about an infosec company who interacted with a government agency and gets in trouble.

Hmmm... :blobthonkang:


Hi everyone! I'm your best friend, Rick, programmer, author and software developer extraordinaire :ablobcool:​ (okay, the last one was an exaggeration, but let me have my moment guys :blob_grinning_sweat:​ )

I'm a cyberpunk author and writing a sci-fi novel set in the far future, in a remote planet. The tentative name for the series is . It's got everything: Shady politics, factions which dispute control over different sectors of the city, androids, biobots, AI fluffy toys! :ablobcatrave:​ an armored Cybernetic police AKA Cyberpol, and a megacorporation with a panopticon AI that controls pretty much all their online operations...

and lots of dark secrets to hide.

Currently looking for a graphic artist volunteer to work on the webcomic (it's a moonshot, but who knows?)

Became friend of the ppl here due to the monthly movie watch, aka .

Made this account for test purposes but it never hurts to have a backup :blobwink:

Glad to meet you all! :blobwave:

Dream Fragment 28/02/19: The End of Doctor Green.
"After generations had devoted their lives to research, we discovered how to save humanity... Only to find that we no longer had the desire to do so."

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