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Point of Fact that Most of Us Didn't Realize in the Earlier Days of Punk Rock: There is no such thing as a song you should be embarrassed for liking.

Yeah, ok, so I guess it's time to learn lock picking. It looks like the perfect sperg hobby.

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Me, swapping phones last night:

<entire shutterstock library of "person yelling at phone"/>

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The longest tasks are the quick five minute ones.

*waits for Xcode to download to see if its set of command line tools differs enough from xcode-select that I can install Python 3.7.4 via pyenv*

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Things I love about this fedi community, part 93:

I can admit that I don't know something and I don't take shit for it.

It never really ends, does it? The act of taking responsibility, of deciding to be anything but numb, means that one accepts a process that must be continually renewed, not just when the whim strikes, but *every damn day*.

Learning new things. Undertaking new disciplines. Turning intention into attention, and not flagging.

Every day I feel it takes more than I have, and every day I find something else. And if I'm honest, it's only that which keeps me alive.

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If any company I work for requires that I leave my laptop camera on so they can monitor my presence, I will work in a fursuit.

Finally got tired of SpiderOak's increasing unreliability and ditched them.

Sorry, Ed.

Having gone to some effort to block the morning sun, I now find myself dodging its reflection off a plastic case on my desk. The damned thing tasks me.

One can never be too paranoid, too early or too late. The time is Now, the measure is More.

I always find myself back here.

Cozy, in 'that steel cylinder with a welder's helmet glass' sort of way, innit?

Things about which I am urged to burble but must remain circumspect. At least my terror abates somewhat.

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the great thing about getting middle-aged is that you go from "poser who only knows the new album" to "appreciator of obscure deep cuts" with absolutely no effort on your part

It feels strange to be "getting my shit together" at my age, and after a 20 year stretch of cave dwelling. But that's the way life is.

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The sign reads:

“This #cat suddenly came to our store early this morning. We led it far away from here but it has returned. We tried to lure it with pet food but it will not move. Today is the anniversary of the death of our store’s manager so we’ve decided to see this situation as a special day. Please forgive us for the hindrance.”

People online were immediately intrigued by the mysterious situation, leaving comments like:

"Welcome home, store manager.”

Recently I've been a largely self-managed developer, interacting with the clients directly rather than through an active PM.

I kinda like it.

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