Dear client: "actioned" is not a word.

Kinda losing it at the Left spluttering "wtf, I love the FBI now."

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Odin's balls this thing needs an editor, though.

So I did the thing. Cashed out various boxes of sad and got myself a Roland Jupiter Xm. Had been gassing for a Hydrasynth but the waiting got too much for me and demos of the Xm convinced me that it would find a more constant place in my actual music. I now have a single box that replaces several of the pieces of gear I have bought, loved, sold, and lamented over the years. And then some.

kinda hating my macbook air as-is and thinking i might ubuntuize it.

not sure how much longer i can hold up my piece of the world.

Reading the fistful of meds like runes.

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Shuttering birbsite for a while.
Going to see how this affects my attention and creativity.

Quietly chuckling at the gitlab apology. What did they think would happen... that their core user base of actually tech savvy and security conscious nerds would embrace being tagged with Yet Another Beacon?


Clients, man. Un freakin' believable.

I'm up to using four different VPNs now, in the course of my normal working day.

I'm so damn cyber, yo.

passive-aggressive clients are always such a joy.

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I don't always listen to The Velvet Underground but when I do I kick myself for not listening to them more.

Work as an avoidance behavior for art.

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