* Is it Important, which Instance you are in ? *

Once again I had an enjoyable conversation, earlier today.

Achso was there, and we continued a conversation from a day before. We discussed different things, and specially how choosing an instance to fit your needs and preferences is important.

My thoughts on the matter, and a detailed list of some instances I frequent.

On today's web magazine, live at : write.tedomum.net/rgx/is-it-im

[ a repost of my original Jan 4, 2020 Blog post announcement -- relevant on this day where I am mentioning other instances worth of consideration and instance listing sites.

More is better. Less is Twitter, FB. Don't need or want that ]

GlitchSocial Enhanced Text available at discerning instances where BETTER text format is alreayd supported.

Thank you to #GlitchSocial and #Pleroma Projects - you Rock.

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Hello everyone.

There is a non-zero possibility that major US cities are about to get their civilian communications infrastructure turned off or significantly restricted. If this idea scares you too much to contemplate, please move on. I can't think of how to CW this appropriately, so my apologies for your anxiety, but this is important to my social circle, so I'll continue.

If you're worried about COVID-19 but you still want to make a positive impact, you can help to prepare for this eventuality.

The best way I can think to fight against comms being shut down is to use Dual Power Structure thinking: let's make our own network. This is not as unrealistic as it sounds. HAM Radio folks are already doing it. The software is open source, and runs on a massive number of surplus hardware. Check out the AREDEN Compatibility Matrix: arednmesh.org/content/supporte

If you work your local network and make a few fast Amazon orders, I bet you'd have several square miles of coverage ready to go in an instant, and ready to backhaul internet to people who need it to protest.

You might say, "But Endomain, I'm not a licensed ham operator!"

I am not telling you what to do, but a lot of folks are breaking a lot of laws just by protesting. Folks are rightfully afraid of COVID-19 and that's fair, but you know what's socially distant? Rooftops of boarded up or looted buildings that are empty but still have electricity. Maybe this is a risk folks, licensed or not, are willing to take to take to keep comms up for protesters.

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Just discovered, from a Bing search for a book (which they have, in their library).

Web design is pretty hard to read on my laptop, but can be zoomed out for larger text.

The Information Database at the CyberPunk Project


And see their Library also at :


Thought you should see this -- a really enlightening twitter short thread.

What is the meaning of these wacko extreme right, civil war dreaming people using Aloha shirts and prints?

No, it's not only despicable BAD Taste in attire. Read it.


That was a very good article, really enjoyed reading it with the Reader mode in Firefox. Dark screen! Increased width. Wow.

Another good article, which the author here referred to at the end : ben-evans.com/benedictevans/20

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Thought you all would like to read this, possibly?

"Ever-faster processors led to bloated software, but physical limits may force a return to the concise code of the past."


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@ryen I wanted to link your post in my blog post (besides mentioning you by name and the reply here that inspired me) but can't find it anywhere.

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@snowdusk_ I just realized I completely missed Wasabi!!! TT o TT ) I'll have to tune in tomorrow!

Good news, though: the Altair 8800 is up and working!

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@rgx @design_RG

Your message was seen here in a Pleroma node with full formating intact, and looks much nicer than plain text indeed.

As we go into the message editor in Pleroma, you have a choice of how your text will be formatted or not.

  • Plain text as in the dead elephant nodes.
  • HTML Markup code for any enhancement you want.
  • MarkDown, which does most of the same, much easier to use.
  • And BBCode — which for years was used in Forums and is similarly friendly.

Choices. Amazing. This is a new account, I had never been in a Pleroma node, and it is a very pleasant experience so far.

Ah —- No freeking Pesky 500 character max limit here. 65,555 when I started this message.

Still got 64,700 left, if I fancied writing a mini novel. :agummywink:

Reading on GlichSoc webpage and a nice explanation of enhanced features it has.

One of them, Enhanced Filtering, neat.


Just discovered, from a Bing search for a book (which they have, in their library).

Web design is pretty hard to read on my laptop, but can be zoomed out for larger text.

The Information Database at the CyberPunk Project


And see their Library also at :


#Wishlist for 2020 ?

I would like to see what this screenshot shows:

  • A post with RICH text formatting, here in Geoff's post a Quoted block, but GlitchSoc does support full MarkDown tags in Toots text.

Things like Bold, Italicized, Underlined text . Underlined links if desired - and more.

  • Web Clients that, like Pinafore already (see screenshot) support displaying this RICH formatting. Yes, Pinafore is awesome, thank you Nolan!

  • Pinafore's homepage is : pinafore.social

  • GlitchSoc is advanced, cutting edge Mastodon development. See it at : glitch-soc.github.io/docs/

  • or in person at an instance near you.

  • Screenshot below shows Geoff's post at Hackers Town -- hackers.town , which runs GlitchSoc.

But, wait - won't this BREAK in other Mastodon instances? Display UGLY formatting marks in line with the text? Nope.

See in a minute a screen shot of This post (pretty, here in GlitchSoc) as shown (Plain Jane) in a normal Masto instance. (kind of a let down, but no damage done)

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Everyone else in the house is asleep except for me and KK Slider. Weird.

And here is what a disconnected place Stats looks like : fediverse.space/instance/gab.c

Note the Insularity --- off the scale.

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