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It is okay to lie if it is very funny. This is called a Joke and only the seven most powerful sorcerers on earth know how to use them. It is your job to seek them out and kill them.

"Yeah, 4 billion... all 32 bits".

The undeniable retro-modern appeal of cyberpunk aesthetics are a vector for messaging and culture that must be possessed and maintained by we freaks, lest they be used against us.

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Im watching this fellow who has one of those, "phone with wallet case" deals (that way when its stolen they have *all* your information in one place 😬) and he has it propped up so that anyone can clearly see his license and most of a credit card number.

Apple keeps on disabling uBlock Origin because it will "slow down my web browsing experience."

Pretty sure that even with its slight added overhead on page rendering, NOT having to render gigantic piles of advertising elements will be a net performance gain.

Time to write code and change lives.

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I am at the end of a road, outside a small building.