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no name, no slogan

Using 4 computers at once today... as you do. These 3 (Windows, Linux, Mac OS), plus FreeBSD desktop. I’m developing CI scripts for a Rust crate that needs to run on all 4 OSes and needs a bit of special setup (such as Xvfb on UNIX like ones).

#rust #freebsd #linux #windows #macos

omg be careful don't post mp3 it's piracy instead convert to mp4 then it's fine 😎


we're watching Strange Days tomorrow, 17 of November at 10pm UTC!

There's still time to get your copy (or lookup a stream or whatever, I don't judge).

Don't forget to pin the hashtag. It'll be used to hangout and comment during the movie!

With love and excitement,
Ella K. :C_H:

It's too bad I can't treat hashtags as lists, and save them off to the side. I think it'd be really handy to click "Hashtags" and see a list of them and be able to bring up the timeline for each one, without having to actually search for it or pin it.

What kind of weirdo writes "Mac" (as in the computer) as "MAC"?

I'm just staring at the screen. Productivity on personal projects has collapsed this week.

I need some kind of four day weekend.

20 years of programming and a decade of involvement with documentation efforts have gotten to the point where i'm perpetually infuriated with how much technology is badly (or totally un-) documented.

if your shit doesn't have a usable manual, your shit is half-finished at best.

woke up in the middle of the night with the epiphany that I should deem all my sorry, unfinished, abandoned projects as “practice” & now feelin liberated af

One of the things that upsets me about infosec is [REDACTED]

Ooh me, me.

Vulnerability Assessment is making a nice a report....

Pen testing is making cowsay using an RCE?

Fellow Londoners get yourself to this protest regarding Climate emergency tomorrow:

#london #rebellionday

Also the 1980s.


Nuclear weapons!

Acid Rain!

The Ozone Layer!

Do any of these ring a bell?

They were all just symbols. We kept pointing to the actual thing, the Earth, and you kept saying 'nah, you're fibbing, we couldn't possibly affect that, it's too big'.

I know 'you' doesn't mean you, specifically, any of you, but, it is a little frustrating to have been talking about this since 1945 and even William Gibson only just now started listening.

Sincerely, Every Environmentalist.