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Hey yo newbies on and beyond. Permit me to myself if you will.

I have a 1 in 6 chance of detecting secret doors and a pick lock skill of 10%. I'm probably talking about old-school D&D and totally not .

I enjoy slinging code, especially C and sometimes C++ although I mostly for $daygig.

Update: Currently learning because I don't wanna do anymore.

My stack of unfinished projects includes a Mastodon client for the , a side-scrolling shmup on SDL2, most of the first draft of a bad fantasy novel and so many unfinished CTFs.

Currently lost in the endless beyond of

Rarely lewd but a bit sketchy on CWs.


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'Existence is beautiful, if you let it be. Life is not a question. There does not need to be an answer.'

– A Wise Korvax Cartographer

Here’s to the people who want your attention right until something better comes along.

I had a weird encounter with a shifty dude in a leather trench coat in downtown Santa Cruz, CA. He was prowling around as if hustling. He asked partner and I if we knew where to get pizza.

He gave off I wanna sell you drugs vibe after the event. But also gen x cop vibes. Is this a thing? It was odd.

Passed him walking a few minutes later near the pizza place. He didn’t have pizza.

Friendly life pro tip I'm enjoying today:

You don't have to show up to every argument you're "invited" to.

toxic rpg list 

A list of rpg companies compiled by those who conflate anti-bigotry with being anti-consumer.

(For the union of the sets of bigots and consumers.)

Spend wisely.

fascism, rpgs 

"no woke nonsense" is a dogwhistle, yeah?

software engineering 

Turns out industry best-practice isn't always the same thing as the new hotness an intermediate-level dev read on a blog.

I'm really enjoying Beyond a Steel Sky, even down to the hopelessly cheerful main character.

Sometimes, I just want to channel Darth Vader. I need to push back on this urge. There's a part of my psyche that is a wild force that wants to be focused and I need to be very f-ing careful about how I wield it.

Anger is like a wound. If untreated it can fester into bitterness. Please tend to your wounds.

My favorite era of cinema is precisely the time when Gary Oldman was every villain.

Ukraine invasion 

Just saw the vehicle my colleague's fundraiser was able to buy for a unit in Ukraine.

This is how we win.

I might need to find a programming language I actually like.

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