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Hey yo newbies on and beyond. Permit me to myself if you will.

I have a 1 in 6 chance of detecting secret doors and a pick lock skill of 10%. I'm probably talking about old-school D&D and totally not .

I enjoy slinging code, especially C and sometimes C++ although I mostly golang for $daygig.

My stack of unfinished projects includes a Mastodon client for the Amiga, a side-scrolling shmup on SDL2, most of the first draft of a bad fantasy novel and so many unfinished CTFs.

I'm also the sysop of
:hacker_b: :hacker_o: :hacker_l: :hacker_t: :hacker_h: :hacker: :hacker_l: :hacker_e:
the experimental BBS for specifically awesome people.

Follow me for vaguely misleading PII, drunkposts about Blondie, Amiga propaganda, cutting the chord with big-tech, silicon valley snark, and a generally bad attitude about the tire-fire that is the modern web.

Rarely lewd but a bit sketchy on CWs.



Mystery stranger was very generous indeed with Bourbon. Thank you, whoever you are.

(posting public just in case)

So not surprised that Gab-loving Private Internet Access is behind the Freenode takeover.

My favorite Star Wars movie is every single episode of The Mandalorian.

Just watching a Babylon 5 episode written by Neil Gaiman, and starring Penn & Teller.

As you do.

There’s a lot of people wearing n95 masks in this...

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I’m watching Robot Jox (don’t judge) and apparently the screenplay was written by Joe Haldeman!

Very happy to see API's protected as fair use.

I just need someone else to do pixel graphics and someone else to do music :blobjoy:

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Back on my bullshit of working through Photon’s Amiga hardware demo programming tutorials. This is a lot easier with two displays!

I'm thrilled to finally have hardware-accelerated video playback working on my X5000. Small step in terms of being a "daily driver" but a big step forward for the platform.

:amiga:​ I'm in!

Emotion 1.9 with new video card acceleration from A-EON Enhancer Pack 2.0 running on my X5000.

Fullscreen works nicely too.

I just poured a whole pot of freshly made coffee into the water reservoir of the coffee machine because I was thinking about making a demo.

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