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It's a good day to touch up my #introduction.

  • stock model white cis male 40-something #FOSS-friendly geek in Seattle WA USA
  • I write code (mostly #python right now) for work.
  • Non-code hobbies include #drawing and #knitting
  • Otherwise, I am a crow: enthusiastic, sometimes noisy, drawn to shiny objects and junk food
  • I have more words and pics at
  • There is no intended theme, brand, or purpose to my toots. Just what's on my brain that moment.


  • I'm not as good about content warnings as I could be, especially for food/beverage/eye contact pics
  • my public toots and replies-to-self forward to Twitter unless tagged #nobirb - not boosts or replies to other threads though.

Light from setting sun reflects off south-facing window a block away into my north facing window and off my northwest facing monitor.

Right into my face, with me blinking like the stunned meme guy.

Protip: when someone from an opressed group (e.g. POC, immigrants, women, etc) complain about something a privileged group tends to do (white, non-immigrants, cis men, etc), if you are from the privileged group, there's no need for you to comment assuring that you don't do these things. There's also no need to comment "lol yeah we're horrible aren't we" on a serious post about terrifying opression. It makes you seem defensive and like you're not taking opression seriously.

If you don't do those things? Congratulations! You don't get a medal, that's a bare minimum. If you do those things? Quietly improve and maybe boost the post that made you realise that you did wrong.

I know it doesn't seem like a big deal if you're privileged but it gets tiring when half the replies on a serious post about opression are joke replies by the privileged group.

TFW you successfully show up 20 minutes early for your 10:15 appointment and plot twist you actually showed up an hour early for your 10:50 appointment.

Solved my Linux printing woes the traditional way:

plugged the printer into the macbook instead

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First time printing something in 2020, which of course means finding out why my printer won't print.

remember the time involvement thats hidden

ive been working on lollipop cloud for a couple years now

my current photography projects take a minimum of 40 hours per project

I have a $dayJob

people may post cool things they've accomplished. dont forget the time, effort and energy. rarely is it as simple as some text and a photo.

... kay so my curiosity is getting the better of me. on average, how much time do you spend listening to music a day? constrained to time spent awake. please boost cuz i'm curious.

An update on the wall art I make from new filaments

11:15pm and we got the beach wave white noise generator near ear-damaging volume to blunt the effects of the cars — racing? Sprinting? Flatulating? — down 6th Ave.


This is not my favorite block in Seattle.

Getting real tired of formatters that slap <!DOCTYPE html> on some div soup and call it HTML 5.

Between Islanders and Dead Cells my main gaming impulses — relaxed optimization puzzles and 2D kill fests — have been satisfied this week.

Having a Nick Drake moment with Norma Tanega. I thought this song was a lot newer than that.


You're Dead by Norma Tanega

Me, as pointer passes "The Wire" on the way to "Vikings": "I've been meaning to watch The Wire for years."

She: "We could watch it now."

Me: "Not tonight, that one takes brain cells. I've seen enough episodes of Vikings to know it doesn't."

It’s a good night for What We Do In The Shadows.

cutting down on coffee is easy just get an on-call alert as your energy lags and notifications going off ON ALL THE THINGS will wake you right up

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