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It's a good day to touch up my #introduction.

  • stock model white cis male 40-something #FOSS-friendly geek in Seattle WA USA
  • I write code (mostly #python right now) for work.
  • Non-code hobbies include #drawing and #knitting
  • Otherwise, I am a crow: enthusiastic, sometimes noisy, drawn to shiny objects and junk food
  • I have more words and pics at
  • There is no intended theme, brand, or purpose to my toots. Just what's on my brain that moment.


  • I'm not as good about content warnings as I could be, especially for food/beverage/eye contact pics
  • my public toots and replies-to-self forward to Twitter unless tagged #nobirb - not boosts or replies to other threads though.

Accidental discovery I'm sharing as a #helpfulhint this cold season:

a little beard oil on a chapped nose is kinda nice actually

I put priority levels to great use in Taskwarrior.

"H" is for stuff I gotta do now
"M" is for the stuff I'd like to do soon
"L" is for the stuff I'll get around to

Just switched my shell to zsh which has been priority:M for 1.4 years.

Ok. It's not a perfect system.

Pretty sure new year celebrations have begun in the neighborhood.

Rapidly closing browser tabs less I accidentally damage my treasured ignorance about who Joe Rogan might be

I wasn't feeling great but the dogs needed walking so I walked the dogs and it's raining just a bit and windy just a bit and anyways I am ready to die now.

Honest standup from me: "I'm sick, so my brain's even more disorienting than usual."

sometimes i use the amazing vim command ":%s/\S/A/g | %s/A\s\|A$/AH!! /g" to have my code reflect how i feel. example follows:

I've been using UNIX{,-like} operating systems for too long when an installation works exactly like I'd expect out of the gates. Manjaro is seriously freaking me the fuck out.

Friend is visiting and setting up his new Surface Book 2.

It's so pretty.

i want to install linux on it

Round about the 5th "TThis is a TEST of AT&T Wireless Emergency Alerting System" in fifteen minutes I started to wonder if there was a way I could block CMAS

Coworker foolishly asked an interesting question.

An hour later, I'm still trying to wedge my brain back into code space. But I got the question answered, and the research involved was work-related so \o/

me when I try to use awk and it doesn't work: g god, fuck awk seriously

me when I try to use awk and it works: awk is a gift to us from the gods. it is perfect, and humanity would be doomed without it. its language can be used to express everything and it is as pure as running water. Truly an awe-inspiring piece of software

Browser cache issue had me thinking my debit card was compromised. But hey at least I got to have a quick friendly chat with the bank fraud department.

Looking like I accomplished two work-related things today. It's a damn record.

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