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Spring's here: birds sing, pandemic rages. Time to update the .


  • not great about CWs, especially for food / beverage / eye contact pics
  • public toots and replies-to-self forward to Twitter unless tagged
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I swear these shots are the two seconds right before a truly epic fight scene between us and the quarantine zombie horde.

Anyways we're married now.

Look out zombies.

Dangit brain I got stuff to do. Got no time for your ADD RSD nonsense. You know for a fact things aren't how you're making them out, now hush.

Started writing some pseudocode using Robot Framework notation (for a non-Robot non-Python project) and once again sidetracked thinking about how I should finish my notes for that Python reStructuredText PKM.

I could be my own worst user.

My main nit with TypeScript is summed up by this very Microsoft sentence from the 4.7 release post.

IDE tools are great. A language that feels broken without IDE tools is not.

Today I added details of multiple RFCs to my notes, and linked other notes to them for clarification.

I worry that I may be taking this PKM thing too far. Ah well. I MUST NOT quit now, and SHOULD commit to the bit.

[adjusts glasses and resumes typing]

Switched to mainly digital for dev books by 2009 due to the terrible shelf life of hot tech topics. Looking through that library in 2022 and it’s time to cull. Many of those titles are way past their best-by date.

Tonight in Subnautica Bad Driving: got my seamoth stuck in a hole.

This would have been a great day to have my knitting out. Why did I not think of that until 2pm?

You can tell how important a thing retroactively is by how many tabs are open to the exact same URL.

Working on a five tab task.

Ate breakfast in a meeting. Eating a steadily cooling but otherwise delicious lunch during an emergency bugfix consultation between meetings.

Must be a Tuesday.

Got some new pens for paper notes. The cats think new pens are a great idea, because they were tired of knocking the old ones off my desk and into dark corners.

The people have spoken, but it's a surprising amount of pressure to be inane on command, so I'm going to bed.

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Lawn dudes are here.

They must've heard her say she wants a nap.

The computer assistant voice in Subnautica is just spicy enough to make me think of GLaDOS without actually being malicious — so far.

as much as i enjoy a ridiculously overcomplicated workflow requiring constant fussing i must admit to the miniscule but non-zero chance that the most complicated workflow I can devise may not necessarily be the ideal quick knowledge capturing mechanism

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Got myself a working org-roam dailies capture template but goodness that took some work. And it's still not quite there.

Once again pondering if maybe Logseq or Obsidian should be my holding the core PKM flow.

Me half an hour ago, trying to track cat status: "I haven't seen Barry for a bit."

[the closet, a minute ago]: *Crash* *thud*

She and me, mid-conversation, in stereo: "There's Barry."

Jack is ready for note-taking and maybe a little Subnautica.

Steam tells me one of my friends is playing Dorfromantik and I feel a surprising thrill. Guess I like that little chill-time game.

I sure do have a lot of items on my LEARN ME NOW stack

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