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Spring's here: birds sing, pandemic rages. Time to update the .


  • not great about CWs, especially for food / beverage / eye contact pics
  • public toots and replies-to-self forward to Twitter unless tagged
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I swear these shots are the two seconds right before a truly epic fight scene between us and the quarantine zombie horde.

Anyways we're married now.

Look out zombies.

Started to make an unwise post about work and was saved by ADHD.

Spent the night futzing around with my Awesome WM config, for my mental health.

set up db copy

use env vars

django-environ in project, use .env not .envrc

invoke tasks use those too

add inv task to stuff .env into context

is it working

add flag to dump new env variables in a rich table



`git commit` until I remember what i was doing

I have ten tasks listed as priority:H in Taskwarrior. Sure that's out of 127 pending, but that's still too many "OMG DO IT NOW" items.

Need to do task triage today.

I'll add a task for that wait no.

Using pyfilesystem and invoke to throw the nodejs lua-fmt tool at my awesomewm config files

ah yeah i still got it

where "it" is chaos

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First step was to split the default config into logical libraries. TIL about Lua metatables.

(quickest way for me to learn how a thing works is to try lighting myself on fire with it)

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Back to learning how awesomewm config works!






ship name: "STS Seattle" the Seattle part's more or less obvious the STS is "Space Trucker Simulator"

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Got Elite working and uh oops good thing this thing is insured on the first run.

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Checking out the space games after my CPU upgrade. No Man's Sky, taking advantage of the graphics card a little better I think. Elite seems to be confused by improved hardware and fresh drivers.

Not a good look, Elite.

Only thing I really have numbers for is the work project test suite, which went from ~15 minutes in WSL2 pre-update to ~12 after.

Course, `pytest -n auto` went from ~7 minutes to 1m47s. Cores are good.

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new motherboard for the new cpu and the computer boots which is definitely progress vs my last upgrade attempt

gotta be careful about having my music on during meetings

Die Antwoord — "DJ Hi-Tek Rulez"

Hey, #Fediverse, do you use (say, at least once per week) any Mozilla products?

Context: some people are claiming "nobody uses Mozilla's products anymore". I'd like to see if that's actually true.

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