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Spring's here: birds sing, pandemic rages. Time to update the .


  • not great about CWs, especially for food / beverage / eye contact pics
  • public toots and replies-to-self forward to Twitter unless tagged
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I swear these shots are the two seconds right before a truly epic fight scene between us and the quarantine zombie horde.

Anyways we're married now.

Look out zombies.

We are *trying* to teach the dogs how to dance but they're just not cooperating

DNA Lounge: Bootie Mashup: Barely Legal: 18-Year Anniversary (2021-08-21)

Parting email sent to work friends with contact options, ordered from greatest to least in "likely promptness of reply":

- telegram
- twitter
- mastodon
- email
- discord
- physical mail
- linkedin
- steam
- phone

I mean all code bites you on the ass eventually, but clever code has so many teeth.

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Me, a couple minutes ago: “this library is cool and kind of clever, which should have been my first warning sign. Universal rule of code: if it’s clever, it *will* bite you on the ass sooner or later.”

One last day of marathon onboarding for my replacement. Nokia's making sure to get every last dollar of value out of my contract, that's for sure.

Not complaining TBH beyond generic "ugh people." Thinking how barebones my start was, and glad to make someone else's better.

we restore the database so we can restore the database so we can apply the migration

it worked!

now we make that a Fabric task for new deployments


Another FOUR HOUR pairing session today. Final one tomorrow. That's eight days total. Thirty two hours of making word noises with my mouth meat.

broke it down and i have not talked this much for this many days since running the daily vampire sessions a few decades ago

I don't know the folks who run Spotify. I don't know what drives them. But from everything I've seen from them ever, I would've been downright shocked if they chose Neil Young over Joe Rogan.

Hell I have to go out of my way to find music there. It's MTV all over again.

Crow outside using our chimney as a hard surface to break up food. Very loud bangs.

Me, stepping outside and looking up at said chimney: "Do you mind?"

[Crow quietly picks up food fragment and flies off]

Realized I'm tapping my toes to Wham!

13yo me would have been AGHAST

course he was kind of a jerk about pop culture

I don’t often get a Jack in my lap. Usually because Barry’s monopolizing the space.

Got to explain pytest fixtures and pytest parametrize in the same block of time and that was fun.

"God your nails are getting long. I need to hang you from the shower curtain and <inaudible>"

i sure hope she is talking to the dog

Little tourist moments in . Graffiti at the statue's base caught my eye so I looked it up and <> says "ORSOVA ROMANIA - 09.01.2017: Danubia statue the monument of the victims of the communist system" though its tag's a bit more pointed.

I got 13 repos on my Gitea and ten of them are alternate versions of my blog.

Introvert vs extrovert is insufficient. I dislike interacting with unfamiliar humans. Downright anxiety, right?

But I've been doing infodumps with my replacement 4h daily all week. Loved it. Scheduled more for next week.

First to say "ambivert" has to clean the whiteboard.

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