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My first thought on seeing this meme was Harley Poe, but I'm sure everyone has their favorite association for such a scene.

Probably should've started tmux before `perlbrew install 5.28.2` in this session.

Several tasks done, a bit more coffee before the rest that I set as due today.

Reminder that Linuxbrew got folded into Homebrew and works in WSL. More or less. Futzing required with chown during install.

Working in WSL but may want to edit project files with Windows apps.

So: GitHub Desktop for repo management and make a link in WSL:

$ ln -s $(wslpath -u 'C:/Users/brian/Documents/GitHub') GitHub

Have now added tasks for the half dozen things I want to do that are slightly easier under Windows, and another half dozen things I want to be able to do wherever.

woohoo! Got Taskwarrior in WSL syncing to the task server! Course, had to tell WSL to stop asking Windows where servers were first. (wsl.conf: [network] generateHosts: false)

Puttering a bit on the Windows partition, particularly WSL - to get Taskwarrior working on all my desktops.

Reminding myself to install the snap of Krita, since there are many releases between it (4.1.7) and the one in distro repos (4.0.1) & one may've dealt with the "hey let's crash your entire desktop session" issue.

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Loved my shading and blending here, then realized I did the wrong layer. Alas.

For the historical record: Note 9, Infinite Painter; shade: "waxy pencil"; blend: "mostly water"

Forget it. I'm tired and I'm going to bed and I don't want to wake up to zero likes and feel bad about myself.

I'll just subtoot you all at once:

I like you, way more than you realize.

Just discovered a fun pastime of video chat while drawing, with web cams pointed at each other's work surface.

I drew a manual symmetry sunflower burst thing.

Krita (and some other apps) show brush size in pixels. My brain doesn't get pixels.

Made a conversion table to help map pixels to pens.

Been a bit distracted for drawing the last couple days. That and being too intent on doing specific sketch projects or none at all.

Must remember to let myself doodle.

Golang is milquetoast but ridiculously practical.

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