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Just got an invitation to a three hour meeting "and celebration" next month but there ain't no way being locked in a room with my coworkers for three hours is a celebration.


I'm Looking for programming related accounts to follow.

Please boost this pineapple if you program so I know to follow you


Had to shut my office door. Which meant the dogs, instead of chasing each other and barking, began wrestling in front of said door and crying for me to come out again.

maybe posting the left side of my desk will cause me to clean it up out of shame...

the young people in green uniforms selling cookies are comrades right because I really like their cookies

syncthing has always been one of those set it and forget tools for me, but every time I need my files in a new place, I'm just so thankful it exists.

Did Mastodon's stance on "No nazis" appeal to you when joining?

[ ] Yes
[ ] No
[ ] Don't recall

It worked! What a lovely can of worms I am about to open.

uh yeah fixed that "admin:admin" default router setup in a hurry.

He got lost trying to find our unit. To be fair, so did I this afternoon.

According to a text I got 30 minutes ago, my internet hookup person is en route and will be here approximately oh about 25 minutes ago.

So far, no.

If your "go for beginners" blog post tells users to pass everything as pointers, you're fired. If you want all pointers all the time, just go write C. Chances are high you're trying to force Go to be C anyway.
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