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Things you'll see me toot about:
* If there is a local film festival going on (and at random other time) I'll post about the films I'm watching
* If I'm attending a tabletop gaming convention, I'll post about the games I'm playing
* At most other times, I'll post about random computer or computer programming related things that caught my attention
* Occasional snark

Model 100 has arrived to sub in for my well loved Model 01. I went for mahogany this time, always slightly regretted not doing it on the 01. First impressions are overall better fit and finish. The slight wobble I always had with my old stands aren't an issue.

Organizational dysfunction of the day: "we have a Slack channel for the team to collaborate on, but also DM everyone because nobody ever looks at the team channel, even if you @ them there."

I'm always baffled by the tech press' love of alphabet soup when discussing monitor and device resolutions, e.g. QHD, WQXGA, WTFBBQ... JUST TELL ME THE PIXEL COUNTS!

As if the gods were bored with peace in our hearts

Solving climate change by accelerating the heat death of the universe!

Nothing like unit tests with mocks that assiduously test that the mocks return what the very same test has programmed the mocks to return.

My current least favorite bit of corp speak that is in vogue is "I'll give your time back to you." 🙄

The latest version of MacOS lets me select an adorable little animated creature face as my account icon. And then on the login screen, said little creature watches me type, and when I inevitably fat finger my password, it shakes its head sadly. STOP JUDGING ME, LITTLE EMOJI CREATURE!

With spouse at her gallery for monthly artwalk. I've found myself a nice couch in an out of the way corner, there is something called a "Mango Jalisco Mule" on the table that I can nip at, and a live band is playing a very grunge-infused version of "Wave of Mutilation". The fact that I'm wearing an N95 really isn't making it any less pleasant.

I find it fascinating that small (phone to tablet size) OLED panels exist at reasonable price and quantity, and giant (50" plus panels) exist for TVs, and seem to be coming down in price, but the middle ground (desktop monitor) size are scarce and expensive.

The "engagement manager" of my new team is currently freaking out about our orgs shortcomings in a channel _where the client is present_ :blobcoffeegrump: I'm super glad I went contract on this gig.

My new gig is well on track for having the most clown car on-boarding I have ever experienced.

In less than 12 hours I return to the world of regular employment - - it seems like it'll be a good gig, but I still am really going to miss the general not having to be arsed of the last two months.

My doctor: you should see a urologist about this unusually large kidney stone that left you writhing on the floor of an emergency room at 2am

Urology: we can see you in three months! No, LOL, we've got an earlier appointment if you don't actually want to see a doctor, about two months?

Best Healthcare System In The World™


Intellectual property is an incoherent concept.

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