This leads right into my second favorite movie: "Student physicist seeking belonging investigates corrupt government contractor"

Okay, I think I figured out my entry in the "describe your favorite movie in the most boring terms" game: "Amateur physicist dealing with the death of his wife investigates corrupt government contractors"

Here's how out of touch I've gotten. I'm wandering around the house thinking "why are people setting off fireworks all of a sudden" and then suddenly realize "oh, yes, it's July now..."

"When using with a drink, be careful. Do not use during continuous rotation."

(via Google Translate using text recognition)

OMG, I didn't know this was shipping. I am ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ that I cannot get it on a real table immediately!

Uber, Canada, good news 

_That_ had to be from the 120 whose picture I posted earlier.

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Woah, my Newton MessagePad powered online journal was a going thing in '96, and the Wayback Machine captured it!

I've reached the dead hard drive layer in my home deep clean. Can you believe, 3 GB in something so small? ๐Ÿ˜‰

While cleaning up my house, found this clipping of a heartwarming human interest story from the Seattle Times of 20 years ago about a retired cop making sure his buddies were equipped to brutalize protestors during the upcoming WTO summit

I'll say this about my current experience working with a general contractor to remodel my house is that I now have a really strong appreciation for the product manager/project manager distinction!

We are so over budget, we couldn't even afford the 't'

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Just finished slogging through a 180 ticket development backlog, eliminating duplicates and putting "estimates" on the rest. Now I wait for the PM to tell us how vastly over budge we are.

Intriguing. It seems the infrastructure half of contact tracing framework has quietly shown up on my phone

in the mood to write cat blues today

Went to take my morning nap
And the sunbeam wasn't there
Oh, I went to take my morning nap
And the sunbeam wasn't there
So I went to my backup
Pillow smelling like me on a chair
And my human had gone and washed it
And it's almost like she don't care

Oh, I'm
Graze-fed on crunchies
Graze-fed on crunchies
Graze-fed on crunchies
And I can see the bottom of my bowl

RT @DissidentRPG
We've got one day left before we go live and we wanted to show you our beautiful cover made by the fantastic @GoblinPrincete.

We'll be launching on @DriveThruRPG & @itchio tomorrow, with the sales going directly to the National Bail Fund Network

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