o, what a pitiful shame that we are stuck with Javascript as the lingua franca of the web, all of its many dangerous warts and pitfalls an indelible stain on the platform

now to take a big sip of coffee as I ponder the timeless beauty of the Unix way, with its elegant lingua franca, shell scripts

I feel like Mac OS X is catching up with Linux - finally got my desk set back up, and decided to connect my work MacBook to my nice big Dell monitor that I normally with my Ubuntu box. After staring in horror at the result, I just spent the last hour Googling and chasing obscure links around the net to find the magic github repo with Ruby script that patched my monitor description file so that Mac OS X drives the display correctly. Much more fun than the disappointing Ubuntu experience of just working straight out the box ;)

Maybe with Big Sur will let us recompile the kernel!

Fediverse Rant 

For some time, now, I've seen various people vent their frustrations over the state of the fediverse, what it is, and where development is going.

Some of the arguments are pretty compelling: the lack of a central working group for the standard doesn't exactly bode well for subsequent iterations of the spec. The biggest player in the space kind of has a stranglehold on certain usage conventions. Most implementations don't offer great privacy considerations, and aren't exactly designed with at-risk users in mind.

These are good things to think about, in regards to what the fediverse ought to become. There's a lot of incredible work going on under the surface, and I'm always impressed to see what these different projects are capable of doing.

But, there's a lot of toxic shit, too. Normally, I just hold my tongue because I'm used to the endless cycles of complaining and infighting and finger-pointing that makes up the worst parts of the space. You can't just take the good without the bad - this project is the byproduct of humans all building towards one common thing with different ideas about how to do it, in what way, and for what purposes.

I'm growing very tired of it, though. I'm exhausted by the endless ideology, the pseudomarxist dialectic that casts everybody working on this thing as a white fash-adjacent cis male developer living in a vacuum while jerking off to hentai and reading Mein Kampf. I'm tired of the hand-waving that this system is bad because it's meritocratic - I'm sorry, it takes technical knowledge to learn how to build things, and people aren't going to build things 100% to your specifications for you for free, no questions asked. I'm tired of seeing people whine and complain about how bad things are, how bad people are, and either sit and do nothing or crawl back to Twitter because the toxic environment there ended up being more conducive to their brand of alienation.

The people who have been trying to do the most with moving stuff forward have often had the least help in doing so, and often have to dig through endless criticism by people who prefer to sit on the sidelines and act like they're fucking fascists for not bowing down to their demands. It's happened with too many projects to count, where someone gets a horrible rap for not prioritizing some specific feature because they themselves don't even know how to start working on it in a given phase of development. Entire reputations get smeared - and yes, sometimes it's the byproduct of pursuing a bad idea because it seemed right at the time. People are allowed to make mistakes.

If there's anything I truly hate here, it's this never-ending toxic cycle of in-group out-group relations, where the finger gets pointed and everybody starts up all over again. It isn't that we can't fix what's broken or work together to make it better...we just get stuck on bullshit tribalism and flock to mass cultural hallucinations to explain things away, because that's more comfortable than actually doing the work.

Yeah, we're building a space that anyone can take part in, regardless of what they have to say is good or bad. That's freedom - boundless in its potential and unrestrained in its expression. Liberty brings in every possible belief system, every identity, and every label, regardless of whether they are good or bad relative to an individual. You can't control who gets to use it, or what people get to say, or who voluntarily associates with who. Instead, ideally, you get to decide who can see you, what they can do, and whether they should be able to interact with you. Your experience of the network ought to be something that you curate and control, in regards of what you can see. Your view of the network stops at the things you don't want to see, and the things other people don't want you to see.

You get to filter out the crap and interact with whoever you like. Personally, I'm all for the idea of greylisting and whitelisting instances as communities start and gradually branch out...we might have a bunch of fiefdoms for a while, but if that's what needs to happen to cut down on instance drama, to reinforce enclaves prior to opening the floodgates again, spaces ought to be free to do so.

We're at the point where we have a network with almost four million people on it. Some days, it may look like we're all just bullshitting around, but we have the potential to kill Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Flickr, Snapchat, Soundcloud, DeviantArt, Tiktok and more. We could lay waste to the entire old guard of Silicon Valley, if we wanted to, and redefine a lot of what the web currently is. We could knock down a lot of walled gardens and kill a lot of financial incentives to put eyeballs on pages full of trackers.

Do, a loop until a while
Ray, a vector made of light
Me, a reference to myself
Faq, a common query list
Foo, a type name in a doc
Bar, a name to go with foo
C, a language taught in schools
And that will loop us back to do.

It's alway invigorating to open your work email on Monday morning and discover that everything you are responsible for is rolling along on it rims throwing sparks from the undercarriage, and making a horrible screeching noise...

Narrator: it was not invigorating

Oh Snap! There's a app version the _Root_ boardgame now! Why was I not previously informed? play.google.com/store/apps/det
(also on iOS and Steam)

I dare not permit these faint glimmerings of hope

Pixel Buds: "Hi! I'm your new ear buds. There is an update available!"
Me: "Yes, I've heard it fixes some annoying bugs, please install it."
PBs: "What now?"
Me: "I've put you in your case, closed the lid, and set you next to my phone, as instructed."
PBs: "I have firmware version 550!"
Me: "Yes, I wish you had 552."
PBs: "There is an update available, I checked."
Me: "You said that, please install it!"
PBs: "We've disconnected."

There are two Rogers inside you; Steve Rogers and Fred Rogers . They mutually support each other's growth.

Another device I'm currently adding to our test pool is a Moto G7. Since turning it on this afternoon, it's been slogging through every monthly security update since June 2019. With a reboot needed between each one. Come on, Lenovo, ever hear of roll-ups?

So I talked my company into buying a small batch of recent mobile devices to update our testing pool. This has to be done through corporate procurement, and they have "approved" vendors. So the vendor quote came back with what appeared be _healthy_ markups on all the device, but okay, not my money.

Today I got the first of the batch, a Pixel 4a, which the vendor had quoted at $430. It came in a Best Buy box, with a Best Buy shipping label. Best Buy lists the phone for $350.

Somebody paid themselves $80 to flip to a different browser tab and place a Best Buy order for us. Fine business indeed!

Testing out the low-end Canon Elph I picked up to supplement the unfortunately poor camera in my Surface Duo, and I got this cool pic of a multi-limbed inhabitant of my porch. Real lens = real bokeh!

And the hardware itself, with the specific exception of the camera is just luxe. But I'll accept the crappy sensor as the price to pay for how crazy _thin_ it is, which is an essential part of what makes it work well as a "fold up" device.

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I'm really enjoying my Surface Duo, and glad to took a flutter on it. Mobile devices have got very "same same" of late, and this is the first one I've had in a while that is just plain _fun_ to use. That said, the software around managing the dual screen behavior is just _barely_ MVP ... frequent jank, and occasional annoying misbehavior (but never hard to recover from). It's clearly going to take a few update cycles to get solid, but the conceptual foundation is so obviously _right_ that I don't mind dealing with the occasional flaw while MS gets things sorted.

The sky over the bay was the color of the nicotine filter on a discarded cigarette.

My opinions on voting re: 2016 

I get people being dejected about voter suppression, gerrymandering, etc. But I swear, if more people voted in 2016 we in the US, and the world in general, would be in a much different place right now. That’s not even a question. Would a liberal have fixed everything we needed fixed? No. But, we likely wouldn’t have seen them dismantle our support systems and what was left of our democracy like this. There would be far less death.

Where we are now is a consequence of not voting.

EmuTOS 1.0 has been released

EmuTOS is a Free (GPLv2) operating system for computers based on Motorola 680x0 or ColdFire CPUs. It features functionality similar to TOS, which powered the Atari ST and its successors.

It can run on real hardware as a ROM replacement, bootable floppy, executable, cartridge... It is available in 11 languages for 13 different variants.

Started in 2001, and it is still being actively developed.

After 19 years, version 1.0 is available:


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