Birdsite keeps showing me an ad for a writing workbook for young children, and I feel the testimonial "I love this because children are forced to stay inside the grooves" is just about the most dystopian thing I've seen in quite a while.

Signing in to Github just to downvote the de-tootification of Mastodon :P

Was listening to a podcast on delegation strategies, and I have a new favorite phrase for the week which is "delegate to the floor"

(i.e. just stop doing your least important tasks, and see if anybody cares)

Next stop on our journey was _Tove_, a marvelously well made & acted biopic of Moomin creator Tove Jansson - sure to strike a bell with anyone who's struggled to figure out who you are vs what others expect of you -

Already worth it just for the included short _Mom Fight_

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Pretending it's midnight at the Egyptian, and we're about witness some crazed BS in company with a theater full of like-minded freaks: _Get the Hell Out_ at

On our way to where the air is sweet with _Street Gang_, a doco about the early days of Sesame Street. Can you tell me how to get to ?

Chopping into with _Deadly Cuts_. Irish working-class hairdressers vs gangsters and corrupt politicians. It's increasing my appreciation of Gaelic gangster rap!

Kicking off with _The Dry_ as part of the opening night celebration. this year is fully virtual. If I can't be at the Egyptian, my couch will have to be the second best place!

TIL in passing that SQLite has full text search built in, and well I feel like "lite" doesn't mean anything anymore

In a moment of supreme Googliness, Google Play Console is bitching about the fact that my app "contains an Ad SDK" _WHICH THEIR OWN LIBRARIES HAVE SMUGGLED INTO MY DEPENDENCY CHAIN_

As a member of Gen-X, I'd just like to publicly apologize for using up all the irony so that there was none left for younger generations.

A WaPo headline flashed up on my watch, and I glance read it as "_Matisyahu_ has no clear path to remain prime minister" and I thought "Well yeah, he's a King Without a Crown" and this is probably only funny to me...

This morning, wrote down 3 things on my "must do today list". It is now 3pm and none are crossed off, but I have added 4 more things.

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