Some folks, myself included were disappointed that Android major versions stopped being named after food (e.g. Nougat, Oreo, Pie), but I think we can bring the magic back by referring to the current version as "Elevenses"

(which means Android 10 was "Second Breakfast")

Words With Friends is always trying to lure you into games with bot opponents with algorithmically generated names - but I fear if you accepted a game with this one, you would not be heard from again… 😨

Reminder that I wrote a book for struggling programmers called "The Mediocre Programmer". It's a book about helping folks along on their journey with programming, including advice on finding communities, ranking ourselves (spoiler: it's not helpful), backstage vs. performance, and even the emotions surrounding programming. It's a free eBook released under a Creative Commons license. I hope you'll check it out:


I liked Alex a lot. For quite a few Gen Cons in a row I played at least one after hours game with him. He was creative and always let a game take him wherever it wanted. I liked gaming with him a lot.
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My friend @unwyn died recently. I published one his RPGs in 2014. I think the best way to send him off is to put a copy of that game into out into the ether. Here's a PDF of Snowball (inspired by @jvwest's The Pool)…

Got my cool new stickers, so I'm playing around with Google Translate to read the Chinese text. Usually it proffers "New World Cyber Defense Force", but if I move the camera around quickly, I occaisonally get this enjoyable alternate reading.

Also sometimes the center bug is read as (black) or (fruit) but it's brief and hard to screenshot.

Still I like the sound of " black fruit of the Fedi"

Boosts welcome.

Anyone interested in hiring a software engineer who is comfortable with low level programming, including embedded work? Now that 2021 is here, it's high time I start considering re-entering the work force.

I'm comfortable working in assembly language for several different processors, C, Python, Ruby, and C++ (in order of most recent to least recent experience).

My professional resume isn't terribly impressive in this area (who does low-level work anymore?), but I like to think that my Kestrel-3 and Kestrel-2 work shows my skills.

Let me know if you think I might be a good fit for your organization. Thank you.

I have now officially not died in 2020. This has to be some sort of accomplishment!

USPOL, Promotion 

My highly creative spouse has created a print & assemble countdown calendar for the Jan 20th presidential inauguration - each window reveals a milestone event in the history of voting rights in the USA. Pay what you want, with all proceeds to be donated to voting rights organizations

Most random thing in my inbox this morning: Bitcoin spam, sent to the support address of my (American) company, auf Deutsch, but looking like a translated version of an originally English item, with a purported "Sender" of "Elon Musk"

Fedi Christmas to All, and a distributed New Year!

My print copy of the Sentinel Comics RPG showed up today as a nice Christmas bonus. I've been eager to get my hands on the full version, after having great success with the quick-start

Got a response on Google Maps to a restaurant I visited over a year ago, and had rated 4 stars (out of 5). They said "we are sorry we did not live up your expectations" ... I'm sorry that we have a review culture where the only possible responses are 5 stars or 1 star. Not everything is the best thing that ever happened to you or the worst :blobmeh:​

It feels like it was not-dark for about two hours, tops, today. I understand that there is a word for not-dark, but I have forgotten what it might have been.

Just had my first outing in Tabletop Simulator, playing _Pax Pamir_. Using a physics engine to play a board game was just as fiddly and miserable as I suspected it would be. That said, Vassal, the only thing I have to compare it is just clunky in a different way. I'm very much looking forward to _not_ ever playing boardgames online in the post-pandemic future.

If an intellectually rigorous yet pragmatic exploration of how to run an old-school D&D campaign with a focus on challenge and exploration seems like it might be your kind of thing, you should check out "Muster: an Old School Primer"

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