Say, VSCode, could these extensions be applied to other areas of my life???

My company continues to model best security practices:

1. Sends me an email with an Excel sheet of salary updates for my direct reports. This time they haven't accidentally sent me the salaries of everybody in the division, so already an improvement!

2. Excel sheet has a password, I'm informed the password will be sent in a separate email. Good good.

3. Password arrives. It's trivial and obvious, clearly the exact same password has been used for every instance of this sheet sent to every manager :picardfacepalm:​

I hear a chime and check my notifs. It's someone making a comment on an issue in my repo, the last thing I need this morning.
I boot up the MS Code Plus interface and pull out my NFC stored value card. Some mental gymnastics and I'm sure there's at least a few hundred coin left on it, but I still hold my breath when the light goes green on the scanner and I tap the card. The UI switches to a loading animation. A few seconds later, one of my old pull requests shows up with a new comment highlighted in light Microsoft GitHub blue. I dismiss an ad for ZeniMax's tournament and start reading what was so damn important.
I slump back in my chair, relieved. It's an automated security alert about a dependency of a dependency of the project. I swipe the notif away and wave my card near the reader again to pay the dismissal fee. Morning's off to a good start here in the open source world ☕️

One thing we are not talking about is that the pandemic broke toilet paper. Sure you can buy it again, but it only comes in two varieties - tiny single ply rolls that disintegrate instantly when touched to a human posterior, and mega-rolls that don't fit on normal toilet paper dispensers. I'm not sure what happened to the ordinary functional toilet paper that existed 18 months ago, but apparently it is never coming back.

Docker was jealous of all the attention the IDE was getting, so after I added a random stack overflow line to build file that I never needed before to get the build working, Docker started barfing all over the place. All this so I can verify a hotfix I diverted into writing so I can get back to the feature that needs to get finished tonight.

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Okay, it's apparently one of those days where absolutely nothing has changed since the last time you ran a build in your IDE, but today it insists there is an inescapable build error. Cool cool.

Where can I buy DRM-free ebooks?

Here are almost 300 ebook, digital comic, magazine, and RPG bookshops that sell titles in DRM-free formats!

Urban Dictionary is a crowd-sourced, decades-long, never-ending retelling of "The Aristocrats"

Requalifying as an American with minor-league baseball, a hotdog, and later a fireworks show!

Finding the historic traces of networks that were or might have been, as inspiration for building the future seems like a very thing to do…

Attempting to beat the heat with a Strawberry Daiquiri-like creation - fresh strawberry puree, cachaça, dark rum, simple syrup

Wandering around with a meat thermometer, assessing temperatures outdoor and in…

First step into an ACTUAL MOVIE THEATRE since the Panjandrum commenced!

fuck purpose. the great and glorious project of man is how to live well despite the impossibility of purpose

"Making the world we love will be playful or it will not be successful. We will win by playing, by making the world a haven for what we love and inviting more of the world to join in."

Is it normal that my core reaction to a goal setting exercise at work is "let's blow this place up and all leave"?

So sure, Jeff Bezos will be taking the first ride on his experimental rocket, but what I want to know is if he'll be taking along his actress fiancee, her rebellious kid brother, and his cantankerous former college roommate who is also an elite pilot?

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