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I created a radio on Radio4000 for ontariosstreet... in the unlikely event anyone wants to follow.

It seems to be some kind of wrapper around youtube and souncloud API's that some guys from Berlin built as an open source tool/community

seems to be pretty cool, totally brutalist design, and you spare yourself from Youtube's abhorrent UI

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Ontario Street Sessions: (00_036) is published!!


It sounds more like Ontario Street than the most recent sessions, a lot of electronica between IDM, just fun electro and openly experimental, but with a fresh approach and a lot of fun.

Porn Sword Tobacco, Proswell, Global Goon, Luke Vibert, Casino Versus Japan, Verbose, Cylob, VHS Head

The opening version of My Generation by Atom TM would make our very own Max Headroom dance again on screen....

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ontariostreet Sessions: (00_034).

It is a weird session with a lot of glitchy sounds, obfuscated pianos and lots of experimental.
Featuring artists: Lorn Porn Sword Tobacco, Roly Porter, Kangding Ray, Nosaj Thing, Ash Koosha, Ochre, Throwing Snow and more.
About an hour of weird journey, consider yourselves warned!!

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I realized today that after the time warp, my pinned toot was no longer there.
So I do this music sessions hosted in Mixcloud and, if anyone is interested, this one is the most recent one.

You can listen to it in my website:

Mostly electronica, neo-classical, ambient, drone, etc. Target audience is very limited, definitely far away from any kind of mainstream.

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In case you were wondering, sudo has 106,000 lines of code according to Wheeler's SLOCCount.

48k in plugins
28k in lib
10k in src_top_dir

of mostly C code, but also yacc, lex, sh, python, and perl

your head spinning yet? :psyduck:

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West coast friends, please be safe in the crazy weather headed your way

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Web design grumble 

If the choices for your website are:

* Yes I accept cookies, or
* Open a "settings" page where I have to spend like 20 min choosing exactly what cookies I want, and some of the "disable" buttons are greyed out because they're "essential"


This is user-hostile

We know you're doing this on purpose in order to get us to click Accept out of opt-out fatigue

Just stop it

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A super-talented artist by the name of Stéphane Richard (known previously as Wootha) dropped a bunch of their work into the public domain.

How much?


#PublicDomain #HolyShit

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Ok I'll share ONE(1) Bernie meme 👴🏻👧🏻🦝


Am I too late to submit?


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i have discovered the beauty that is The Ballad of Buster Scruggs

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Home server 

upgrading my home server host to Ubuntu 20.04LTS...

**cross fingers**


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Started watching wonder woman 84

And it is up to a very bad start :blob_pensive:

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Awards and medals are cool, yes, but being the "The William S. Burroughs of X" is another class reserved for extremely special cases.
It's praise that scoffs at any regular material rewards and acclaim.

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   ᠎    ᠎    ᠎  ᠎    ᠎ ᠎     ᠎    ᠎   ᠎     ᠎    ᠎    ᠎  ᠎    ᠎ 

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