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Ontario Street Sessions: (00_036) is published!!


It sounds more like Ontario Street than the most recent sessions, a lot of electronica between IDM, just fun electro and openly experimental, but with a fresh approach and a lot of fun.

Porn Sword Tobacco, Proswell, Global Goon, Luke Vibert, Casino Versus Japan, Verbose, Cylob, VHS Head

The opening version of My Generation by Atom TM would make our very own Max Headroom dance again on screen....

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ontariostreet Sessions: (00_034).

It is a weird session with a lot of glitchy sounds, obfuscated pianos and lots of experimental.
Featuring artists: Lorn Porn Sword Tobacco, Roly Porter, Kangding Ray, Nosaj Thing, Ash Koosha, Ochre, Throwing Snow and more.
About an hour of weird journey, consider yourselves warned!!

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I realized today that after the time warp, my pinned toot was no longer there.
So I do this music sessions hosted in Mixcloud and, if anyone is interested, this one is the most recent one.

You can listen to it in my website:

Mostly electronica, neo-classical, ambient, drone, etc. Target audience is very limited, definitely far away from any kind of mainstream.

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I'm going to mix a new session today!!!
Track selection is done!!

I'm starting to feel like Elementary does not like my graphics card at all... lots of problems that I never had before with Fedora... 🤔​

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Hey, folks? Bull's back in the hospital. The bacterial load in his bloodstream went up again, and he's being treated before he goes septic again. If you've got a couple of bucks free, would you please consider donating a few to help him with his medical bills? If you can't, please boost this call for help.

anybody knows how to stop gifs from autoplaying on hover?? it crashes my graphics card!! It doesn't seem to be an option in the settings.
Just one more reason to hate gifs... 😩​

Embarrassing as it sounds, and after 20 years in tech and working as a developer...

I'm just learning to type!!!

And it is fuking hard!!

😥​😥​🤦‍♂️​😅​ 👁️​

gifs are crashing my graphics card :birbblobpats:​

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Finland ends homelessness and provides shelter for all in need

All homeless receive a small apartment and counselling – without any preconditions. 4/5 people a make their way back into a stable life.
All this is cheaper than accepting homelessness.

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I adore seeing so many people working on so many projects that fall into the broad category of "nobody does that because it's too complicated to approach anymore and it'll never work anyway"

People designing new hardware architectures and operating systems and browser engines and networks and community spaces, y'all feed me and I'm always hungry.

Keep up the great yet popularly futile work.


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“It’s extremely impressive to see what the developers have accomplished in Hera. Make no mistake, even though this is technically a point release, the move from 5.0 to 5.1 is substantial.”

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I really despise that design trend that makes fonts to be huuuuuge in big screens...

the fact that I have a big screen doesn't imply that I need a 60px body font!!! 😩​

It took me literally 10 minutes to have a fully functional dev environment for WordPress with Docker... 😅​

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