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ontariostreet Sessions: (00_034).

It is a weird session with a lot of glitchy sounds, obfuscated pianos and lots of experimental.
Featuring artists: Lorn Porn Sword Tobacco, Roly Porter, Kangding Ray, Nosaj Thing, Ash Koosha, Ochre, Throwing Snow and more.
About an hour of weird journey, consider yourselves warned!!

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I realized today that after the time warp, my pinned toot was no longer there.
So I do this music sessions hosted in Mixcloud and, if anyone is interested, this one is the most recent one.

You can listen to it in my website:

Mostly electronica, neo-classical, ambient, drone, etc. Target audience is very limited, definitely far away from any kind of mainstream.

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Here's a #question for you fedizens interested in #decentralisation and media distribution: is there a solution to do a #livestream (of audio or video) in a decentralised way, kind of like #Webtorrent but to broadcast, say, a #DJ mix or #radio show? Everyone who is listening is also a relay for the data. I can see that as something really empowering for people who want to #broadcast in a scalable way but are limited by their bandwidth and the gamble of renting a server. (boost appreciated)

I've been having problems with my server this days, Traefik container was stopping with no error code and consequently everything stopped working.
Restarting the server al all the processes was resolving the problem, but next day it happened again.

I think I tracked the error. the Celerybeat container for @funkwhale was complaining that the .pid file already existed and restarting continuously. I think that ended up killing the traefik server at some point.


I think I may have it solved by stopping the service and starting it back with the force-recreate flag (docker-compose up -d --force-recreate <service container name>)

logs stopped showing the .pid file error and seems to be working now. fingers crossed...

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To start @blodeuwedd and I are giving away a very lightly used, open copy of Shadows Over Camelot to the most convincing person (or their suggested good cause) who sends us a public message by the end of May.

Style points may be awarded for humor, general niceness and spreading the enjoyment of fun games with good people.

In June, we'll announce the "winner". The game will be mailed well-packaged but by the cheapest, grungiest, and likely slowest method known to humanity unless the recipient wishes to make alternate arrangements with us.

That's it! Boosts appreciated! 🎲

Finally got Funkwhale to work on my home server!!

Thanks @funkwhale for your help and for creating this amazing piece of software!!

Funkwhale is sooo awesome!!

Now I just have to make sure my collection is properly tagged (Picard is helping, but not as much as I would like)

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GitLab reports suspicious Git activity:

– one or more attackers seem to wipe Git repos, or hold them for ransom
– the attackers seemingly know credentials
– GitLab notifies affected users and investigates this at the moment

#gitlab #credentials #ransom #databreach #security #infosec #cybersecurity

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So #Mozilla fixed the #Firefox certificate expiration issue that disabled all your extensions. All you have to do to get the fix is to check:

✅ Allow Firefox to send technical and interaction data to Mozilla

✅ Allow Firefox to install and run studies


(Don’t forget to turn these off right after your extensions show up again. I restarted the browser but not sure if that’s necessary.)

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neon-cambrian vs. pixel-sort-angled vs. glyph-map vs. pareidolia (seed: 11298)

Firefox still having problems with add-ons??


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looking for content to feed my rss
suggestions welcome!!


Sci-Fi (Cyberpunk highly desired)
Geek/Nerd culture in general

Personal blogs and not-easy-to-finds small fringe publications preferred

Thanks everyone!!

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cell-reflect vs. neon-plasma vs. erosion-worms (seed: 10197)

Attempt n.2:

Funkwhale installation -- failed (again)

Seems like installing as root is not the way to go. It fails with permission error as soon as you try to start the first (postgress) containes. It cannot read the .env file


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anybody installed @funkwhale with docker??

I have some doubts. According to the instructions, I have to create a dir /srv/funkwhale.

I'm a newbie, but I find this very often in developer instructions and I always get confused. as I understand it, only system files should belong to root.

of course, if i run mkdir /srv/funkwhale i have a permissions error. should I sudo it? so, I have to do all the process as root and assign ownership for all the files to root?

is it ok if I create the same folder structure in my home folder?? my bet is that it will mess some internal constants for paths, etc

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