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new ontariostreet session!!

Sessions: (00_038)

Oceaner av radiovågor – 1900
Ich Bin Der Welt – Hainbach
Bulk Erase – Pye Corner Audio
Transmission 10 – Wojciech Golczewski
Investigator – Galcid
Temple Ravine – Ochre
Intercruise – Ital Tek
Radio Heart – Freescha
Dustclouds – Senking
Obliterated in the Waves – Valance Drakes
3rd Complex – Nosaj Thing
Crust – Shlohmo
Time Dilation – Woulg
HAL Conv. – Skee Mask
III – Rabit
Spirals – Terminal 11
UK Will Not Survive – Rainer Veil
I Look Like I Look in a Tinfoil Mirror – Call Super

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New session out in ontariostreet!

sessions: (00_037)

After a long hiatus this new session feels unconventional for OS since there is a lot more dark, goth and industrial sounds than usual, but I still think it's fresh, very synth-ish, enjoyable and, as always, very eclectic.

full tracklist:

Release Me - ADULT. & Planet B
Endzone - Fatima Al Qadiri
Prophet Vector Synth Dazzling In The Sun - Legowelt
LA (Rabit Remix) - Boy Harsher
Le Pope (266) (Aka Remix) - Leg Puppy
Turn Away (Statiqbloom Remix) - Kontravoid
Tainted Empire - Perturbator
Gopnik - Mareux
Unknown To The I - Drab Majesty
My Radio (Legowelt Remake) - Solvent
Perversions Of Humankind - ADULT.
Minus Fourteen - Datassette
Science With Synthesizers - Solvent
Unconditional Contours Memorymoog - Legowelt
Die Stadt Riecht Nach Dir - Sankt Otten

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I created a radio on Radio4000 for ontariosstreet... in the unlikely event anyone wants to follow.

It seems to be some kind of wrapper around youtube and souncloud API's that some guys from Berlin built as an open source tool/community

seems to be pretty cool, totally brutalist design, and you spare yourself from Youtube's abhorrent UI

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Ontario Street Sessions: (00_036) is published!!


It sounds more like Ontario Street than the most recent sessions, a lot of electronica between IDM, just fun electro and openly experimental, but with a fresh approach and a lot of fun.

Porn Sword Tobacco, Proswell, Global Goon, Luke Vibert, Casino Versus Japan, Verbose, Cylob, VHS Head

The opening version of My Generation by Atom TM would make our very own Max Headroom dance again on screen....

MTT 291 / Silver Lining

A mishmash of styles for this one. Ambient, electro, IDM, dubby stuff, and so on. This #djmix features tracks by Ed Chamberlain, Metamatics, Permutation, RAC, Rings Around Saturn, and more.

Getting a lot of straight-up twitter crossposts boosted onto my timeline these days. I don’t approve - if I wanted twitter I’d be on twitter

AI Image - Cyberpunk 

I see why this can be fun...

**** Researching how to install Stable Diffusion with and AMD card ****…

Bad news for UI designers. Adobe will have to squeeze the market dry to finance this.

@penpot is suddenly so much more important than ever before. And it was already very important.

Maybe it looks good in mobile... I always forget that I'm one of the few people using a browser in a big screen to get my news...

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The new The Verge redesign is an absolute horror.

It probably looked stunning in Figma, but I had to close it right away the few times I opened it.

It's a shame, I really like the design, but it is unusable...

Current mood:

Matryoshka - Hallucinatory Halo( -​)​♥​(​- )olɒH noiƨulliƨiᗡ Remixed by arai tasuku [pseudepigrapha]


more Jonathan Hickman Marvel stuff... this time X-men!

Hey, it's my birthday! Can I get some boosts? 😃​🎉​

any good resources to learn to play keyboard (synth more than piano) with 0 prior experience (no musical knowledge, never played an instrument)??

thanks!! 🙂​

A more somber mood for the evening:

Rafael Anton Irisarri - Lumberton [Daydreaming]

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