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new ontariostreet session!!

Sessions: (00_038)

Oceaner av radiovågor – 1900
Ich Bin Der Welt – Hainbach
Bulk Erase – Pye Corner Audio
Transmission 10 – Wojciech Golczewski
Investigator – Galcid
Temple Ravine – Ochre
Intercruise – Ital Tek
Radio Heart – Freescha
Dustclouds – Senking
Obliterated in the Waves – Valance Drakes
3rd Complex – Nosaj Thing
Crust – Shlohmo
Time Dilation – Woulg
HAL Conv. – Skee Mask
III – Rabit
Spirals – Terminal 11
UK Will Not Survive – Rainer Veil
I Look Like I Look in a Tinfoil Mirror – Call Super

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New session out in ontariostreet!

sessions: (00_037)

After a long hiatus this new session feels unconventional for OS since there is a lot more dark, goth and industrial sounds than usual, but I still think it's fresh, very synth-ish, enjoyable and, as always, very eclectic.

full tracklist:

Release Me - ADULT. & Planet B
Endzone - Fatima Al Qadiri
Prophet Vector Synth Dazzling In The Sun - Legowelt
LA (Rabit Remix) - Boy Harsher
Le Pope (266) (Aka Remix) - Leg Puppy
Turn Away (Statiqbloom Remix) - Kontravoid
Tainted Empire - Perturbator
Gopnik - Mareux
Unknown To The I - Drab Majesty
My Radio (Legowelt Remake) - Solvent
Perversions Of Humankind - ADULT.
Minus Fourteen - Datassette
Science With Synthesizers - Solvent
Unconditional Contours Memorymoog - Legowelt
Die Stadt Riecht Nach Dir - Sankt Otten

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I created a radio on Radio4000 for ontariosstreet... in the unlikely event anyone wants to follow.

It seems to be some kind of wrapper around youtube and souncloud API's that some guys from Berlin built as an open source tool/community

seems to be pretty cool, totally brutalist design, and you spare yourself from Youtube's abhorrent UI

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Ontario Street Sessions: (00_036) is published!!


It sounds more like Ontario Street than the most recent sessions, a lot of electronica between IDM, just fun electro and openly experimental, but with a fresh approach and a lot of fun.

Porn Sword Tobacco, Proswell, Global Goon, Luke Vibert, Casino Versus Japan, Verbose, Cylob, VHS Head

The opening version of My Generation by Atom TM would make our very own Max Headroom dance again on screen....

In 2012 a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn’t commit.

These men promptly escaped from a maximum security stockade to the Cincinnati underground.

Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire….

The B Team.

RSS is good. You read posts you’ve subscribed to all in one place.

Thing is, I want to admire the design of each site as well. People tend to make some adjustments to their site occasionally. I want to see it.

That’s part of the reading experience.

“Ghost 5.0”

What are people’s impressions of Ghost these days? I seem to recall talk about the software being okay but a few having a bad experience with support?

MTT 273 / Keep Close

A few different sounds this week, from #electro to IDM/electronica stuff to a couple synthwave-y tunes to some more restrained, quieter synth-y material. 120 BPM, no rush. This #djmix features tracks by Ben Businovski, Clatterbox, Galaxy Toobin', John Selway, Mikron, and more.

Today in #FediTips to birdsite settlers: Please refrain from attention hacks such as regularly boosting/reboosting your own toots. Seriously.

Over here, you are not trying to trick the Algorithm into thinking your posts are interesting and should be shown to someone. Over here, the people who are interested in what you have to say follow you and they are guaranteed to see your post in their timeline. Repeating that same post in their timelime is, in fact, a pretty predictable way to loose followers or end up on ignore lists.

Be person, not a SEO consultant.


Done some cool things around here over the years... but this might just be the coolest.

All of you Joeys and N00bs(I mean that affectionately) That feel like you mess up too much, or can't be good enough to do what you do...

read this thread

All people who ostensibly are very good at what they do, and their worst fuck ups.

We need people to see those they look up to as human... not for the sakes of the mentors, but for the sakes of the mentees.

This was inspired by @ymkml who was struggling with some stuff the other day.

But I think a lot of others can use this too.

Finished: Surface Details - Culture 9/10
Started: The Hydrogen Sonata - Culture 10/10

Really enjoyed Surface Details, surprisingly enough, I never thought about the possibility of creating artificial hells where ‘bad people’ can be sent for eternal suffering, once creating artificial realities is achieved. Given the times we live in, that’s the most likely scenario…

MTT 272 / Right Behind

More #electro and a little #techno today. High 120s. This #djmix features tracks by Aural Float, Carl Finlow, Cybotron, Ikonika, MetaComplex, Pathic, Umwelt, and more.

Leaning on some tracks I really like for this hour, some old favorites.

Current mood:

The Department of Truth - James Tynion IV / Martin Simmonds [Image Comics]

Current mood:

Clear - Scott Snyder / Francis Manapul [Best Jackett Press]

Tomorrow is Free Comic Book Day. Just a quick reminder, The books aren't free for the stores. Thousands of dollars are spent on this one day (source: I owned a comic book store for over a decade). Retailers love this holiday and are happy to do it. But maybe take advantage of the many sales and deals. This one day can be make or break for a struggling store. There's a series out there for everyone and if you need a recommendation you'll be in the right place!

To me we just need a directory for all rss's. People put their RSS into the directory by category and so on like another social media (or linktree kind of thing), and it will be searchable and you can follow sources you like

another thing is you can and find other stuff you like

MTT 270 / Far Shore

Ambient, downtempo, and IDM in the 90 and 80 BPM range for this week's #djmix . This one features tracks by Calimex Mental Implant Corp. (Legowelt), Coco Bryce, Fanu, Jega, Pete Rock, Secret Frequency Crew, and more.

Upgraded Pop_OS to 22.04 last night on my daily driver...

Everything good so far...

Finally PipeWire by default!!

#reintroduction #introduction

Hi all, re-introducing myself for all the new members (welcome!):

I am a:
-- Former contingent philosophy lecturer
-- Former sysadmin and helpdesk technician
-- Musician/composer working with computers, guitars, electronics, and voice
-- Cast iron cook stove enthusiast

I love:
-- TTRPGs, especially open, hackable, and lightweight systems
-- Thinking/Talking about Phenomenology, Hegel, Time, Merleau-Ponty, Peirce, Difference, Husserl, Space, Motricity, Semiosis
-- Thinking at the intersection of Politics+Aesthetics+Ethics+Being

I am learning:
-- SuperCollider
-- Org-Mode
-- Continuously, how to be bewildered, confused, and to dwell in that bewilderment and confusion, and to allow myself not to know, and to push back against any desire to have already arrived at knowing
-- Tá mé ag foghlaim na Gaeilge

I work with:

-- Pure Data
-- *Nix systems
-- Cassette Tapes
-- Hardware synthesizers
-- Lots of FOSS software

I was born and raised in rural New England (the most beautiful place in the world) (I'm of course kidding) (am I?)

I tend to be more of a lurker, but I am here reading, listening, watching, thinking, and working on being more confident in contributing in my own way.

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