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tl;dr - i'm a , , programmer from my beloved NJ. i write & , play & . i like , , & . i'm older than most of you.


i run, a speculative lit mag for women-identified authors.

i run & its bots for those that need self care resources.

i do a LOT of other things (check the pins and links on my profile).

my alt is @pixelpaperyarn which i use for various writing talk and announcements.


i show my learning process, hopefully demystifying how the tech industry works. i chat about the ideas i have that i don't have time to manifest.

i'm a lawful good paladin, yet i am friends with chaos. lawful doesn't always mean "nice" nor does it mean following laws that break my moral code.

i believe in kindness and do my best to help when i can.

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i do a LOT of things, many of which are meant to be helpful to other developers and some just because i love doing them.

i've designed 2 different card decks, have a couple newsletters i send out monthly, and keep various trello boards full of curricula i design for myself.

details on all this stuff (and more!) are here:

one of my final "weekly library time" visits this evening. words of wisdom i needed to hear right now.

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If anyone ever discourses in my hearing about artists "wasting time" on fun projects, I'm going to link them to the Wikipedia page for Mozart's song about ass-licking.

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Ok toot nerds, anyone here in magazine publishing, specifically the print ad dept? I need some advice of a weird nature.

Boost for vis!

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👋 hi all! looks like i'm officially moving house. what started out as a really awful situation is turning into something really nice. managed to find a place where i've wanted to live for years now.

i'm still in the thick of it but will be back to sharing my chatter about trashfires in programming as soon as i can. :D

good personal news is coming. i'll be resurfacing soon. :D

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hi all!

once again it's domain renewal time for

if you have gotten use out of the site or the bots i've created, a dollar or two of support would be most helpful and greatly appreciated.

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Painted this small one yesterday night and with this I managed to FINISH all the materials for “Tokyo at Night” book! Woohoo! Now only waiting for the book to be edited, designed, translated etc. exciting!

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if there were sound in space you'd never be free of the boneshattering bass of the constant explosion that is the sun and stars

i feel like i need to sit down and just make myself memorize the native JavaScript methods because every code review there's at least one thing i've written that is suggested i refactor to a single line leveraging a built in method.

it's starting to make me feel like a dumbass and that's never acceptable.

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Honestly though, I'd love a response to my first question today: can you legally own a website if you're homeless?

personal moving whinging + stress 

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I am a man, and I should dress like a woman if I were not such a coward.

That is, I should revel in velvets, in silks and satins, in plumes and ruffles, in rich or delicate colors, in daring and dashing modes, in endless variety suited to my whim, to the weather or the occasion. It would be great fun. It would be an artistic gratification. But I don't dare.

In the days of knighthood, when men were really breve, they out-dressed the women; but in these degenerate days we do not venture our fancies beyond cravats. No man in modern times has dared to dress as he pleased, except Oscar Wilde, and we buried him with craven hisses.

We men rail at women's fashions, but in our hearts we know ourselves to be the slaves of fashion, of one dull, deadly, monotonous fashion, which we hate, but from which we are too cowardly to free ourselves.

-- Life magazine, February 1916

doesn't happen very often, but i finally had a legit reason to use a FOR...IN loop. that was wild.

today's task is reviewing REST. my favorite resource for this is: which covers pretty much everything.

i'm reviewing those materials, plus the original dissertation where REST was codified:

🤔 these and a couple other resources would make for a good guide and article, so i'll probably create those, too.

sometimes it's okay to just stop doing something you've been doing. no announcements, no preamble. just stopping.

especially online, it's likely that no one will even notice or mention it. and if you decide to start it up again it will be a pleasant surprise for all.

i want to invent a new job title: "Production Engineer".

i used to be a "Production Designer" back many years ago. that's the person that comes in and does the tweaks and cleanup and fixes on print ads so they look their best. it also involves knowing lots about print color separations and other technical aspects of print.

a Production Engineer's job would be to duplicate existing features into new versions, work on debugging tickets, clean up files and implement design changes. it's the stuff i'm really good at.

that would free other engineers up to work on new features without dealing with the "drudge work" of smaller tickets and dealing with design fixes.

just a thought as i apply to new jobs and get frustrated with myself and the roles available.

so the personal news... 

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