I was planning to change my chiclet keyboard: have you ever found a 7-row keyboard like that of the T420 already modified/adapted to be compatible with the T430's palmrest?

I've been one week without internet connection. I felt the same.

i want to experiment something with devuan's sdk

It's strange that someone has never tried to hack into a computing center trying to earn some money with the RSA fact. challenges.

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I feel oppressed. I just want to go out, meet new people, going over the surface and try new experiences. Move to another country, another city would be cool and exciting. Sometimes the self-esteem and the courage is not enough. I don't know if You ever felt like this, any toughts?

Data-mining reveals that 80% of books published 1924-63 never had their copyrights renewed and are now in the public domain.


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holy shit. I did it. It actually works.

I have spun up a Pleroma instance on... my fucking Nintendo Switch. I don't think the Switch was ever intended to be a **webserver**, but hey, it's 2019 and there are lightbulbs with CPUs built into them soooo

It can be accessed at cursed.frinkel.tech. don't sign up if you want a reliable instance, since it'll probably be down 90% of the time, since I'd actually like to use my switch to do what it was intended to do and play games. :P
My Nintendo Switch displaying a…
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To remove sheet password protection from an excel file:

unzip example.xlsx -d newdir
sed -r -e 's@<sheetProtection.*'\/'>@@g' -i newdir/xl/worksheets/*.xml
find newdir/ -type f | xargs zip newfile.xlsx

This came in handy today.

Taken at DowntownSound. Finally driving in the Autobahn!

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libfive's neat but sometimes the code is a bit too magical for me..

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This Russian jet, the Sukhoi SU-30 is my favourite so far in terms of design. The cockpit is above the center line, while the rest of the plane is below! It looks so alien, and has a great sense of flow to it.

#art #sketch #drawing #plane #aircraft #jet #MastoArt #CreativeToots

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