now moving for the concert, it's a really hot day.

It's late. Moving my (for the second time) first steps with C, also getting into the world. Good night everyone :)

I really hate when you look at someone and then starts staring at you in an angry way.

Aaron Swartz docu-film is so great, is called "The Internet's Own Boy" and I really suggest You to watch It if You don't know so much about him.

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I may have caught the used Thinkpad bug. Talk me out of this.

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just bought *the* C book i was planning to buy to study this summer. Also biking a bit.

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I keep telling everybody to patch their shit...


last exam passed! I dunno how...but it doesn't matter anymore.

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If I can learn and understand C and the Tor's architecture really well, I think in 2 years I'll try to contribute to the Tor's core. It'd be really awesome. Maybe I'm just dreamin' but this is my new long term goal.

so maybe this morning i'll try to setup a good OpenBSD environment.

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I definitely have to backup my favourite songs, in case something bad will happen.

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