I need to delete my Mastodon account.

An hug to all the people that wrote me, an hug to the fediverse.

See you soon :)

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Unix: “Nooooooooooo, you can’t just make everything a file!”

Plan 9: “Ha, ha. Filesystem goes brrrrrrrr.”

This is an interesting tool for using VIM as alternative editor for FoxDot.

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Just installed after some pain. This sw looks so cool :)

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Y'a pas qu'en informatique que la gestion des mots de passe n'est pas évidente.

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This period is a bit tough, an hug to anyone that feel the same.

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I want to mod an HHKB Lite 2 to have a removable cable.
What do you think about this?

Ohh! @irl is now part of hackers.town :)

Just discovered the API: it lets you monitor filesystem events.

Now i want to write a simple logger in to monitor newly created, modified and deleted files.


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Enough with the phishing already.

People on fedi are far more careful and not really into this kind of thing, I only see this on Another Social Network.

Security questions are a really bad idea.


"When you don't have money to buy custom keycaps."
"Yeah but this is ridicolous..."

i like it tough ghgh, i use it as the mod key for .

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