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Time to myself here at h-town.

I'm a with more decades in service than I care to think about. I'm a Unix guy who deals with Linux when I have to.

I am heavily into musical theatre ( ) but don't act/perform. I mostly do lighting - most recently as Master SpotOp for Seattle Musical Theatre.

I love to cook, mostly baked goods and meat proteins.

I'm gay, single, and live in Seattle.

I generally won't accept follow requests from blank profiles.

Any other questions? Just ask.

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covid netops joke 

"I'm so ready for delta, even my subnets are masked."

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Real talk: who puts a password on their SSH keys? Boost for reach pls.

The one good thing I can say about this otherwise horrible time of year.

Going for a walk in the Burke Gilman trail this morning. I got to the bus stop at exactly the right time to learn the bus was running late.

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covid, masks 

on behalf of myself, and all the immunocompromised people I know and/or care about

thank you for wearing masks in public

I know it's not always great
but every time I see someone else wearing on, I'm glad that they don't actively want me to die

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What the what? These were on display in an American Eagle outlet store next to the rest of their men's briefs.

fans, good news! The "former" Delta executive who was running the service is now the former CEO of Amtrak!

This explains why they're doing so much to improve things now. The new executive is from another rail company and understand why Amtrak is important.

I may have woken up this morning but I'm certainly not awake.

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What do you know about #FreeSoftware, tech culture, #infosec, #DevOps, and things like that? We want you to share with the #SeaGL2021 community! The CfP is open through 5 August!

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The vaccines are all effective against the Delta variant of Covid.


The longer there is a pool of unvaccinated people in the U.S., the greater the opportunity for a mutation that *is* resistant to the vaccines. That variant will then be able to spread at will, nearly as if we had started over. 

Or worse, the thing could mutate to become more dangerous to children. 

Please get your vaccines, people. We need to stamp this thing out while we have the chance, and for that, you have to do your part. #GetVaccinated

It's not just about you. Experts say getting a Covid-19 vaccine protects everyone around you:

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Anyone here use Vmware NSX-T -- I need a nerd to rubber duck stuff with, I really dislike this software and want to understand why it does things the way it does. I'm missing something and just need someone to talk to that has used the software in prod

I just went to adjust the chemistry in my hot tub but I broke the key that lets me get into the lid. It's 20 years old so it's not really surprising that it broke. The problem is I can't find any spare, if I ever had one. I guess I get to go back to the spa store and buy a new one next weekend. Sigh

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life in USia 

please reduce your electricity usage so there is enough to keep all the billboards in operation.

please reduce your water usage so the amusement park up the road can keep running fake logs up and down a sluice filled with thousands of gallons of water an hour so they can get people to pay them.

please recycle the harder to reuse plastic bottles we have chosen to sell you rather than the wonderfully reusable, easy to sterilize, simple to recycle glass bottles we previously used.


@eggandburger Thanks for the follow but I think the instance I'm using is about to defederate from due to their incredibly lax moderation.

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What's that ringing noise? It's the Call for Proposals for #SeagL2021! We want to hear what you have to say about #freesoftware, #opensource, and more!

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plague, account policy public notice 

My wife lost, at last count, 51 colleagues and hundreds of patients to covid.

This plague has RIPPED through poor communities.

Show up in my mentions with "it's just a cold" or "masks aren't proven to work" nonsense and I will mute you. No appeal.

Seattle area people, a friend of mine is looking for an old serial terminal. Anyone have one they'd like to get rid of?

He says, "I'm looking for an old serial terminal for a side project, so please keep me in mind if you come across anyone with a pile of them somewhere. Specifically hoping for something along the lines of a Wyse WY-60[1], but not ultimately especially picky if it works."

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Any and all answers are greatly appreciated. No judgement whatsoever. Asking this for research on a WIP article:

Do you #selfhost :flan_hacker: ? If so:

- What do you host yourself?
- Do you use an existing toolchain (Ansible/Puppet scripts, Yunohost, etc)?
- Do you run it bare metal, virtualized or containerized? Which one?

Boosts appreciated :flan_balloon:

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