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Time to myself here at h-town.

I'm a with more decades in service than I care to think about. I'm a Unix guy who deals with Linux when I have to.

I am heavily into musical theatre ( ) but don't act/perform. I mostly do lighting - most recently as Master SpotOp for Seattle Musical Theatre.

I love to cook, mostly baked goods and meat proteins.

I'm gay, single, and live in Seattle.

I generally won't accept follow requests from blank profiles.

Any other questions? Just ask.

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I don't respect Ben Shapiro's choice to identify as an intellectual

Dog, eye contact 

I went for a walk this afternoon and met a happy fellow named Teddy Roosevelt.

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My daughter shared this with me:

English is such a strange language.
-There's a silent K in knot.
-There are two silent Ks in knuckle.
-There are three silent Ks in Republican.
-There are four silent Ks in knickknack.

Rumors that Unix's Y38K bug aren't important are ... incorrect.

"Fixed: CA and certificate validity end dates after 2038 are not handled properly on 32-bit ARM #11504"

pfSense 2.5.1 is out. If you installed 2.5.0 before knowing about the WireGuard fiasco now's your chance.

Note that WireGuard has been removed.

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There's an entire universe of #anime media that never reached the US, let alone became popular here. And not getting into them, or even not knowing about them, is not an automatic license to disparage

Let's take it easy on the snobbery, please

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Google Chrome Version 90.0.4430.72 (Official Build) (64-bit) fixes the Chrome 0day (tested against Windows/x64) that was released into the Wild over the last few days. Update your Chrome if that's your gopher utility of choice ;-)

Hot take: calling someone you disagree with an idiot merely lets them succeed at whatever evil they're doing while you laugh instead of actually trying to stop them.

Now that's quality package tracking!

2021-04-12 14:23
The plane entered the port

2021-04-11 22:52
The plane entered the port

2021-04-08 16:09
Shenzhen, has been handed over to the carrier transport

Ugh. My class C isn't for sale! Stop "asking"!

😢 another school shooting.

Of course, nothing will be done after this one either.

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PSA: always use a multimeter or probe to verify a circuit is off before beginning work

This practice saved my ass today, as the outlet I was working on actually had two circuits connected (one for each socket), and I'd only hit the breaker for the top one apparently

🎵 Jibjab time
Meetin' mah mutagen. 🎵

Urgh. Just as I was about to click on the star the feed updated and I wound up clicking on a completely different star. So annoying.

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I'll limit myself to this:

If you find yourself angry that a particular demographic hasn't done enough for yours, remind yourself that there's no one in your world whose struggles you'll ever know the full extent of, but you can still hurt them with your words. Have a cup of tea instead.

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RT @LolaFaglana

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If you receive an email regarding "Poll: Galia Mancheva and Susanne Eiswirt support letter", DO NOT CLICK ON ANY LINK!

The "voting site" these links refer to is fishy at best, uses a let's encrypt certificate and uses an unique ID even if you just want to view the results. It's not clear if this is a legit site.

It appears that the emails were scraped from the RMS open letter (

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