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Tomorrow is the EFF's 30th anniversary, and they're having a livestream!

These guys have been fighting for my digital rights since I was a snotnose kid hacking around on DOS BBSes. Party!

Also give them money. They're running a membership special:

Also also: Boost this. The internet would be a lot shittier if it weren't for these guys.

Courtney Jaye really is much better when she's got a ukelele going.

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😂😂 😂
Das war doch sicher so gewollt!!
Bayern bauen buckligen Radweg
– wegen eines Planungsfehlers im Landratsamt.


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how long has it been since you've done an armpit fart?

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Album Dorp 

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At one time the city of Timbuktu was five times bigger than the city of London, today if you go there and go to London, you can't even imagine!

I wrote about it sometime last year

re: what do you call a sticky town? 

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what do you call a blue town? 

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If I were a kangaroo, I'd prentend to be doing slo-mo in the matrix all the time.


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I wonder if moons say peekaboo to the sun every time they orbit. I wonder if the sun ever gets tired of getting mooned so often.

If I were Momotaro, I'd put lifts in all my shoes.

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If I were a shoemaker, I'd put a tiny dancefloor on my back before bed and hope for an elf percussion massage.

letter of introduction 

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