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Do, a loop until a while
Ray, a vector made of light
Me, a reference to myself
Faq, a common query list
Foo, a type name in a doc
Bar, a name to go with foo
C, a language taught in schools
And that will loop us back to do.

Do squirrels say sooth? Squirrels don't scry

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Oh Nandy, you came nand you gave without breaking

Wallops launch scrubbed again due to high winds. Bummer

Blood curdling scream implies somebody moved my cheese and there will be nine kinds of heck to pay

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Aooga horn noise implies old timey cars

Silence implies something else is more entertaining than me

Five dollar word just a little too heady

I don't remember who posted about mameshiba, but thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou

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I'd love to get feedback from #bookwyrm users on how you use the timelines, and what kind of timeline(s) you'd like to have:

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Long while ago after a fun race, I borrowed a friend's iPhone to call my ride. Stared at it for a good solid minute trying to find something I could recognize then handed it back and said "I don't know how to dial this, could you help me?"

"I don't know" is one of my favorite things to say cause it usually means I'm about to learn something and I no longer give a crap about looking silly.

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Pronunciation /ˈabdʒʊɡeɪt/
To unyoke, uncouple; to free.

From classical Latin abiugāt-, past participial stem of abiugāre to separate, unyoke from ab- + iugāre.


Ben was acknowledged a dumb ox, but he was abjugated after the prosecutor confirmed his alibi was rock solid, and the police had another guy in custody whose finger prints matched the bloody set found at the scene.

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Libraries will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of no libraries. - Anne Herbert

Running used to feel like flying. Shoulda stayed small.

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Camping. I was telling my buddy last night about Elon Musk's micro-satellites that will one day blot out the stars and it wasn't 30 minutes after twilight that we all looked up and saw two big strands of them passing across the sky, north to south and east to west.

I wonder if anybody pops open smelling salts recreationally

Sometimes I can smell the ocean from a hundred miles away.


Did a no plan 10k this morning with a few decent 100yd dashes around the track. Feeling great

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