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Do, a loop until a while
Ray, a vector made of light
Me, a reference to myself
Faq, a common query list
Foo, a type name in a doc
Bar, a name to go with foo
C, a language taught in schools
And that will loop us back to do.

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My son: “I’m treated like a god! People ignore me until they need me.”

Too clever for his own good.

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I might have contributed to the "toot" pile-on and I feel it got a bit out of hand. Not feeling great about it.

To be very clear, the PR in question renames stuff in code, but does not change the UI. "Toot!" button remains:

There is a mention that there might be a conversation about it later, which is what (re)started the whole controversy now.

It's fine to shitpost 👀 a bit and have one's wordplay-related fun, but when it starts feeling like a pile-on, that's uncool.

I still don't get any notifications when I private message myself. What a lonely world


Probably shouldn't call myself a shitheel in the official public company bio, but there's not really any other word that's more accurate and precise.

Sometimes it’s just too cold to look up at the night sky in wonder.

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I can’t get out of my head how good that 70s budget Morris guitar that I played a few weeks ago was compared to my loosey goosey 90s Washburn. Felt like playing all the Taylors when I used to go to the music store to practice on things I could never afford.


Goodness are my glutes sore.

I Love You Always Forever keeps getting better even after the tenth or twelfth repeat

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Guthrie is at the cutting edge of electric guitar technique today. Here he is showing off a bit.

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Money request, dysphoria, tails :boost_requested: 

Hi everyone. my dysphoria is spiking and i need to ask for help again.
There aren't many... serious attempts at helping with transspecies dysphoria, if any whatsoever. That lack has led to no decent prosthetics, and no support in most medical communities (which is to say, any medical communities i have found).
A lack of tail has been a major dysphoria source. As such, i am attempting to obtain a tail from The Tail Company, plus a pair of positionable ears. All told, this is going to be around $300 what with shipping and stuff, last time i checked. While i am slowly saving towards that goal, any help getting there sooner (and hopefully relieving some of my dysphoria sooner) would be immensely appreciated.

Thank you, all. Please boost and donate as you can.

Cashapp: $LindsaySchm

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re: transphobia-adjacent, sports, note for cis people 

Cis people:

Please don't permit yourself to be fooled that things like this only affect the exact people that they officially target.

This is one example of an actual slippery slope.

A bill banning young trans girls from womens' sports teams at school, doesn't just affect young trans girls at that states' schools -- though that's already far too many girls.

* It affects the cis girls who are their friends, and want them on their teams.

* It affects trans boys, weighing up the risks of applying for the boys' team.

* It affects nonbinary people, who understand they'll have to "choose a side" to be on a team.

* It affects adult women's teams, who will have fewer experienced players to choose from.

* It affects coaches, who now have to enforce a policy they might find soul-crushingly hurtful.

* It affects trans adults, who want to play sports recreationally, and now have to worry about bigotry being enabled and encouraged in their own sports communities.

Bills that target "trans children" are intended as threats to the entire transgender demographic. Children are easier to legislate against, as they have few rights for themselves, and there is a cover of their "protection" to hide behind.

What is done to trans children is what bigots want to do to ALL transgender people, and all non-conforming people of any kind.

Including you.

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re: CSA, trans; for cis parents and wannabe-parents 

Cis parents:

Suppose you have a daughter who wants to play a sport.

Would you want her to go through such a "physical examination"?

If she was accused of "being a boy", they'd have to check. Even if you both knew she wasn't a trans girl.

No one is exempt from fascism. Y'all had better care.

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transphobia-adjacent, sports, support + 

I don't know if anyone reading this is athletic, but if you are:

Don't ever feel bad about being better than someone at sports! *Especially* if you're transgender. It's a gift and we need to see all your awesome talents, bigotry be damned.

I know transmisogynistic attacks on women's abilities at sports and athletics is the latest iteration of TERF bullshit, but that's what it is -- bullshit.

Women have ALWAYS come in all levels of skill, ability, and interest in sports. They've also always come in all sizes, appearances, and hormone combinations.

If you're transfemme and can't kick a ball straight, awesome! If you can kick one 1000 meters, that's awesome too! You do you, and fuck those people that say your skill is unwanted. It's not true.

I'm sorry my trans sisters (even the ones not interested in sport) are bring targeted with this crap, in addition to everything else. Athletic ability is an amazing thing and they deserve to maximize it if they want.

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(Blah blah blah meter off blah blah haven’t heard the original in years)

I wanna go where the people are,
Then I wanna go right back home
Drive by and wave and socialize
As much as I can through a passenger window
Step on the gas, then blow on right by, briefest of glances and no conversation
I want to be
Part of the world
I want to be
Part of the world

I like everything about fugazi except their music (which I don’t dislike)

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