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Gonna open a conflagration delivery service so I can knock on people's doors like Jane Wiedlin in Clue and sing "I am your singeing telegram!"

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Do, a loop until a while
Ray, a vector made of light
Me, a reference to myself
Faq, a common query list
Foo, a type name in a doc
Bar, a name to go with foo
C, a language taught in schools
And that will loop us back to do.

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Money begpost 

Hi all.
Money is currently stressing us the fuck out because.... well, everything. We were close to finally being in the black on our finances before we were forced to buy a new car, but now we're right back in a hole.
i need the ability to throw myself into my OSStudio work without having to fight to find a part time job or worse, a full time job. my spoons are already massively limited.
So... yeah. If anyone has some money they could throw our way, it would mean an incredible amount. Thank you.

Liberapay: @ Lindsayschmocker

Boosts also appreciated

This book about a hero who can cross the panel lines of his comic is just brilliant. There's some stories where part of a page is missing so panels from other pages show through and get reused in different ways and it's the best. It'd never work half so well in an ebook.

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London Protest / home office protest info / ukpol 

Via email:
"The UK’s brutal, racist treatment of asylum seekers is already appallingly unjust.
Yet now, the government’s plans to pile even more hardship on people seeking safety from violence and oppression. Its new immigration policy plan will deny safe, legal routes for refugees to flee political, religious and anti-LGBT persecution, then punish them for escaping by irregular routes. Many of those seeking sanctuary will find themselves arbitrarily imprisoned in brutal, inhumane, offshore detention camps. Read more about the Nationality & Border Bill from the Refugee Council.

"Unconditional support for oppressed people to seek sanctuary and live peaceful lives in this country - regardless of how they got here or their ability to pay - is key to supporting liberation struggles everywhere.
And once here, no one should live in fear of deportation or be limited in their rights and opportunities. Everyone living here should have equal access to work, social security, and public services.

"Join us on Thursday, 29 July from 7 pm outside the Home Office. Stand up to the Home Office to show our solidarity with those in need, regardless of which side of a border they come from!"

#Protest #London #Refugee

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OCR Output (chars: 205) 

Emma Manzini

A shark could swim faster than me, but
I could probably run faster than a
shark. So in a triathlon, it would all
come down to who is the better

I wonder how many identical twins get named something like "Jess" and "Jess from five minutes in the Future". Most of them, I'd bet.


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Burning down and burning up are not the same thing but they are not opposites either.

I love the optimism of a brand new book from a new author that tells you it's the first in a series


Communion wafers are the original cryptocurrency

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I'm an open source nerd. I'm a library nerd. I work with Polaris ILS and Innovative products every damn day.

So my eyebrows shot straight up when I read that ByWater is working with Innovative to make Koha, a FOSS ILS, work with INN-Reach:

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hell yeah I can tell these extensions apart by their icons, can't you?

I want a road trip planner that highlights the weirdest stuff possible on a given route.

I love how powershell aliases basic commands like ls and rm to powershell equivalents then chokes on the regular unix flags to those commands. That doesn’t constantly slow me down for no reason at all.

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Never challenge Death to a pillow fight 

unless you're prepared to handle the Reaper cushions.

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She grabbed his hand. That was not what he was expecting, though in retrospect he ought to have. 

Edthwin, not being a stupid man, followed where she led.  The fort was in flames, after all, and there was cannon fire in the distance.

She picked an old well house and paused, clearly just for a moment.  

"Okay, you need to do exactly as I say for the next-"
"I'm your bodyguard,  you know."

"I know, and you m

re: fitness 

Protip: if you get super thirsty and drink like a gallon of water right after your run and that isn’t your normal routine, just punt on the weigh-in that day. Weight isn’t really that important as an indicator of health anyways.

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Ran a nice easy 9.3 miles this morning. Thought about getting up to an even 10 but enough is enough. Feeling great now.

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