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Gonna open a conflagration delivery service so I can knock on people's doors like Jane Wiedlin in Clue and sing "I am your singeing telegram!"

You've got all that is really needed to save a dying world from its funkless self.

Pure sodium crayons would be sweet as heck though.

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I wonder if I could suspend different chemicals in wax sticks to make a crayon chemistry set that does stuff when you cross colors. Probably not easy to get concentrations that’ll do anything fun and dangerous and then getting the non wax suspension stuff to touch when they cross ‘d be a bit unlikely.

Were Dreamcast memory cards measured in segabytes?

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Aisas is a 63-year-old sandwich seller from Cambodia who needs $229 to fund cataract surgery and keep working.

I don't have much money, so I like to give to Watsi to fund surgeries in countries worse off than canada, which has a universal medical system. you don't have to fund the whole thing, which is why it's good for me.

One if by heaven,
Two if by hell,
Three if by Boston

Sloths are all about slowcial gatherings.


I wonder how many other dog sauces there are out there besides bulldog sauce. I guess catsup is wiener dog sauce, but i mean branding wise

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Dear Internet, I'm helping an old man who's almost blind. His computer is really important to him, but he's losing what's left of his sight rapidly. He uses Windows on a normal PC. Can anyone recommend tools/settings/software I can help him try? #a11y #toot

This morning I saw Yoshi the cat for the first time in a few months at least. He has quite a bit more grey fur but has also doubled in size due to fluff and still likes getting scratches. Yoshinews update out.

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► Integrated Circuits Backdoors news :

Undocumented X86 instructions to control the CPU at the microarchitecture level in modern Intel processors.

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LightBasin ( aka UNC1945), a highly sophisticated hacking group, has been identified as behind a series of attacks on the telecommunications sector using custom tools aimed at gathering very specific information.


If Blur got together with Focus, I wonder who would win

When will my Will come will my welcome Will come well?

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Annual psa tests are no longer recommended for everybody

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#Maille going out of business sale: I am putting down my pliers once and for all, and need to raise $1200 by Oct 31 to avoid a lease default. Prices cut across the board. Pride jewelry, superhero bracelets, necklaces, purses, earrings. On Nov 1, the shop closes.


Bump thump
Urgh argh ag
Why’s this room
So dark and crowded

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