I had to hike a mile to check my email today. This is heaven.

Wonder if mozzarella flavoured chewing gum is a thing

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basically if people would just carve off 5% of the sci-fi panic and anxiety and spend that energy being legitimately concerned about how if you tell a computer "learn the rules of this game", the rules it will come back to report to you will be dripping with systemic inequality that must be directly confronted instead of excused or praised as infallible because "a passionless computer did it"

we'd all be much better off

How do you fit a giraffe in a fridge? 

Biore nose strips are so much fun. It's almost as good as using an otoscope.

When Jerry Douglas and Sam Bush are both on a recording, there is none more bluegrass

I've fished quite a bit, but never caught a keepable fish.

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If you or anyone you know is a low-income artist looking to break into digital but can’t afford a reliable tablet, I’ve decided to give away my barely used intuos art + touch tablet! RT to spread, LIKE to enter! (you don’t have to be following me!)

🐦🔗: twitter.com/injuuns/status/116

Assuming I'm never going to make anything from scratch, anybody have any suggestions for a good vegan soba tsuyu concentrate? The only one I've found so far is Yamasa umami sauce and I'm not loving the ingredients list (corn syrup, sugar).

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Black.af is the best domain name. Makes me smile every time

I guess Alabama Song is public domain since it was written in 1925 and performed in 1927 (if wiki is right).

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> Here’s a portion of the chapter “How to Catch a Drone”, in which Serena Williams helped test whether tennis serves could be an effective countermeasure against flying robots … by taking a drone out onto a court and hitting tennis balls at it until it crashed.

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Claymation is hard.

It's hard, and nobody understands.

Sql Server: 1 of the 50 params to this stored proc is bad. We aren't going to tell you which one. It's a surprise!

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Okay, so STORYTIME with Lili!

I do actually have the Jack Chick "D&D is of the DEVIL" tract. I think it's hilarious.

But how I got it is another story.

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