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Friendica (@news) is a very flexible Fediverse server type with lots of useful options and a Facebook-style web interface with no character limits (or at least I couldn't find one!).

Friendica lets you follow Fediverse accounts from Mastodon etc., but it also lets you follow RSS and Twitter feeds, or turn RSS feeds into Fediverse accounts that people on other Fedi platforms can follow.

There are also extra features like calendars and groups.

The flexibility does make it a bit trickier to use, but once you get the hang of it there are things you can do on Friendica that aren't possible on other Fedi server types.

There's no dedicated Friendica app, but if you have Android you can use Friendica through Fedilab (@apps), and of course it has a web interface that works on all platforms.

There's more info at and you can find servers to join at or

#Friendica #Fediverse #ActivityPub

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Hi, I'm Bithiah (Betty, Vinny). A Melburnian who is into all sorts of things.

I am:

- Your totally average high schooler
- Lover of all birds (except noisy miners)
- Watches Old Hollywood movies in spare time.
- Social Support moderator, technical support contributor, and KB writer at Mozilla.
- Open Library Developer Contributor at Internet Archive.
- Fencer and does ballet

---Little bits about me ---
Favourite text editor: Vim
Favourite game: Legends of Zelda: BOTW
Favourite gaming console: Nintendo
Favourite book: The list will never end...too many favourites out there.
Favourite movie: Any Old Hollywood movie from the 30s to 50s.
Favourite actress: Too many but I will say Hedy Lamarr and Joan Fontaine are at the top of my list.
Favourite actor: Hmmm, Errol Flyn and Garry Cooper. Sorry, Humphrey is a bit down in the list.
Favourite food: Noodles
Favourite bird: Magpies and ravens (blue eyed ones) are my favourite.

That should give a pretty good summary about me :)

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@thomasfuchs its like a party and we weren't invited, so we can only watch vicariously from a small window in time that stretches back millions of years.

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This is gonna sound weird but in order to get our scripts corrected, we had the doctor send all the corrected in now, so we could use some financial help. Same-ish cost as last time, about $200.
If you can spare anything, it will help, and if you can't, your boosts help too.
Trying not to apologize for needing mutual aid, you know? Instead, thank you.
Paypal below.


#TransCrowdFund #MutualAid


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Political fortune teller 

I am going to go out on a limb and say the "majority" of us hackers are not for capitalism. I see most of us want a better internet and not full of junk like the corporate / big business sites. I am going to say that most of us are only looking to hack, pay our bills, live comfortable. I am also going to say that most us are more left (political) then anything. I will say it , I want socialism. I am not a fan of capitalism at all. Even though I have a good job and I can provide for a family on one income, but I still want socialism and am against big / corporate entities. I see capitalism as a poison pill to humanity. Very , very few people in my life think and care like I do. I feel comfortable with this community and thats why I am posting this. Anyway I have a really hard time dealing with ignorant and stupid people that don't use logic, common sense, rational thinking.

Isn't there a way to use and noscript / no javascript to watch videos? I am picturing a pipe from a browser to open ?

Does anyone know a good place to get ? How to find out if there are up to date also? I'm looking at a metasearch right now.

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Instance admins, I advise you to block chudbuds dot lol.

was created 16/09, is now home of thousands of kiwifarmers. receipts below.

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I'm finishing reading How to Train Your Dragon by Cressida Cowell with Vic, and is not bad at all.

The series is up to 12 books or something like that, not sure we will read that many; but I have requested the 2nd one at the library.

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A better camera with HDR support, Night Mode and much more!

This was our last remaining task before the TestFlight beta. Are you ready?

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#introduction I'm a composer based in Minnesota.

What do I do?? What have I done??
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minnesota remote jobs? boosts encouraged 

looking for full or part-time remote work, anyone hiring? i have a background in desktop support/workstation management (over a decade of experience) but my priorities are finding somewhere i feel accepted as a transwoman and whose values align with mine, and so im open minded as to the type of work

feel free to boost or DM. thank you! :-)

#GetFediHired #jobs

Note to self. Don't try to look at a log that docker is writing to. Even when you kill the tail -F session. If you try to run docker again , that session is still locked with docker and now it has a conflict and thinks there are two identical containers running at the sametime. Shit ... So thats no good.

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