North Koreans are all over my honeypots tonight.

We just had to give a couple rolls of toilet paper to some people we know who were completely out because the state of Colorado has absolutely no TP.

My 5th grader is singing the Asshole song by Denis Leary.

I don't need another keyboard.
I don't need another keyboard.
I don't need another keyboard.

*orders another keyboard*

Why yes [ignorant recruiter], I would love to hear about a job opportunity on the other side of [major metropolitan area] that would involve me commuting two and a half hours each way.

Erm, sorry. The Bill of Rights are a button for me...

Wait. Someone actually sued YouTube because they weren't allowed to say something?

Let's be clear here...

The first amendment does not give you free speech. It prohibits the Government from telling you what you can and cannot say.

If YouTube takes down a video where you're spouting off stupidity, they aren't denying you your first amendment rights. They're stopping an idiot from lowering the average intelligence level of the user base.

If an admin on fediverse blocks a gab site, they're not stifling free speech, they telling a group of fucking dumbasses that their shit isn't welcome here.

Well, I had a productive day. I wrote a DNS over HTTPS resolver proof of concept, I harassed some Googlefolk, and chastised Amazon's abuse dept about the amount of spam coming out of EC2.

Now to prep for this week's TTRPG sessions.

Since DNS over HTTPS is a thing today, here's a quick FYI...

The ISPs are on to DoH and are offering their own DoH servers "for your convenience." Make sure you know what your connecting to when using DoH, otherwise you might find yourself giving your browsing information right back to Comcast.

8x8 did something right with Jitsi. Self-hosting is crazy easy.

@djsundog We need to get you a nationally syndicated radio show so you can share your Sunday Jazz sessions with a wider audience.

it's always a good Sunday morning when you wake up and you're not dead.

Google Fi's terms are insane. You have to agree to let them pass all your data over a vpn to Google's network.

All. Your. Data.

They say it's to "enhance your privacy and security."

There is no privacy or security when sending all your data to the worlds biggest privacy violator.

it's a normal thing to have like three browsers (not windows, browsers) open with hundreds of tabs open in each, right?

The TSA should hand out stickers saying "I was freedom fondled by the TSA."

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