I know some of y'all like to partake in the herb to escape and while I fully support that, it just ain't my bag.

A good set of cans and some decent prog rock long plays are what I need to slip out of reality for a while.

I put everyone to bed at 10pm, threw my cans on my ears, queued up Elder, hit play, leaned back in my chair and checked out. It's now 1:15am and holy fuck did I need that.

That thing where you've been listening to doom metal for the past three hours but have only heard 9 songs.

40 minutes. They managed to TPK in 40 minutes. That's gotta be a record for killing off 16 characters running through Sailors on the Starless Sea.

I just don't have the patience for this shit today.

First run of InsightAppSec in the new org. Was expecting mushroom clouds, yes. Not expecting so many...

These people have a lot of work ahead of them.

The Phineas and Ferb theme song, but doom metal.

That thing where you put up a new honeypot but no one is biting yet.

Random shuffle just landed on The Bus Boys and my Saturday just got that much better.


Holy shit. Now that's an ending. (no, not that ending...)

My friend's shop is hiring Sr. Software Engineers (and other positions).


Please boost. I'm tired of hearing him complain about no available talent.

Them: This seems like it would be difficult to do.

Me: What? Nah, man. Throw it in a container and deploy. Hell, I could have it done in 20 minutes.

Them: But repeatable?

Me: Hell, yeah.

Them: ...

Me: Wait, did I...

Them: yup

And that, friends, is how I managed to volunteer to build Foundry-VTT as a Service.


Death Anniversary 

Gary Gygax passed away 13 years ago today.


Fun fact:

When you turn 50, your financial advisors shift from "generate income" to "make sure your plan aligns with your partner and/or children".

Thanks for that reminder that I have less years ahead of me than I have behind me.

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