I've apparently reached the point of being so pathetic that I'm sober and surfing the late night "Just Chatting" channels on Twitch.

I’m just going to say it. Upgrading physical networking gear sober isn’t as entertaining as it is when drunk. But it’s much less error prone.

I think I’m sufficiently intoxicated to begin working on networking equipment.

If I’m not back online in a few hours, avenge me.

I stopped drinking about mid-day Sunday. I still feel drunk. I'm so glad Defcon only happens once a year.

@sungo I blame you for my new addiction to DieHard Dice.

A quick reminder that only assholes use reCaptcha on their websites.

Back in my day when there was a problem system (like an irc proxy), we’d teardrop the fuck out of it until it went away. Something something frontier justice.

Just sayin...

You never realize how much junk you have in your office until you have to move it all in order to put in your new desk.

A little late night exploring past the firewall never hurt anyone.

I gotta clear out space in the rack for some new kit. So, if you're in Colorado and interested in some older HP hardware, here's what I have:
3x DL360 G5
2x DL380 G5

I don't remember CPU or RAM and there's a pile of disk between them. Regardless, they're very much capable of doing things.

Anyway, the Fediverse gets first crack at them. $50 takes the lot.

Honeypots are showing an uptick in SMTP AUTH attempts from Brazil again. Same pattern as last time, two hit bursts from different ISPs.

Only assholes use reCaptcha on their websites.

Seems to be an increase in SMTP Auth attempts from Brazilian based IP addresses.

Breakfast burritos make the world go 'round.

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