I don't have any room for any of these keyboards. :picardfacepalm:

Did I just order another Planck? Yes, yes I did.

Have I assembled the three other Plancks and the Preonic that I have? No, no I have not.

Anyone know where I can get an emoticon of a Canadian Flag with a red circle and slash over it? Like a "no Canada" type of thing?

@jonnynomad@antisocial.darkgeek.com Chapel straight up tonight. Bring better dice.

Seems like a lot of Huawei consumer routers have been popped in the last 48 hours.

Lots of spam coming out of Digital Ocean lately.

@jonnynomad@antisocial.darkgeek.com Don't forget, we're gaming tonight.


We need Jesse Ventura to come back and save the country.

(those of you who lived in Minnesota when he was governor know what I'm talking about)

North Koreans are all over my honeypots tonight.

We just had to give a couple rolls of toilet paper to some people we know who were completely out because the state of Colorado has absolutely no TP.

My 5th grader is singing the Asshole song by Denis Leary.

I don't need another keyboard.
I don't need another keyboard.
I don't need another keyboard.

*orders another keyboard*

Why yes [ignorant recruiter], I would love to hear about a job opportunity on the other side of [major metropolitan area] that would involve me commuting two and a half hours each way.

Erm, sorry. The Bill of Rights are a button for me...

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