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-pls do not be lewd at the kitten.
-if you want to hurt my friends who are jewish or POC or LGBTQ, i want to hurt You :blobcatknife:​ no nazis allowed!! black trans lives matter!
-i am a very lovey and snuggly kitten. if i ever do anything that makes you uncomfortable, pls tell me and i won't do it to you again. don't feel bad about asking, i want all my friends to be as comfy as possible.

if you have ever wondered if netkitty thinks you are its friend, i do! if you have been nice to me even one time, you are my friend now. :3

i have finally deactivated my account and transferred all my followers, mew. i have never moved on mastodon before so i did not realize i could do that! sorry.

it makes me a little sad. i will really miss the cybre.

*chews on a floppy disk to get out the yummy bytes inside*

A Message For You ✉️ 

mew ❤️

*complains about empty food bowl* mew! mew! mew :netkitty_mew:​

Certified Softest Software Around!
Small, speedy, and compatible with your favorite OS.
Install A Small Friend ❤️ :floppy_cat:​

*snifsnifs you*
hmm. you do not smell enough like digital kitten.
*rubs cheek on you*
there, much better :3

am only a kitten. i am doing my best but i am very smol and i have a lot to learn.

i have a 10000 character limit on this new instance, you know. i could be mewing sooooooo much at you right now. but i'm not, and you should be grateful

*jumps down from a high-up perch*
*smol thump*

*takes a crumpled file out of your recycle bin*
*bats it around* prrt

it is caturday. please try to have at least 1 fun today, for me. :3

*scratches on your fediverse timeline*

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