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ok but does it support dps/tps


I am not sorry for what I bring to you today.


A functional VRChat Trombone using avatar dynamics

Be a Champion that brings chaos everywhere you go


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BIRD approaches. What will you do?

1) befriend
2) roll for initiative
3) ask the way to Balmora
4) escape rope

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anyone got that picture of Stroustrup with comically long legs? Thanks in advance

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In other news, I'm going to have Bedouin by Uncle Acid stuck in my head for the next week

Look at this GOT DAMN otter. Shouts at jayrnski on hellbird

I stumble forth, conformably in my element: having no idea what the fuck I'm doing

Waaaagh my feeeeelings. Who made these damn things?

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Sorry I haven't been posting much I've been unable to speak since seeing this photo of Billy Mitchell standing on a paint can to look tall

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Sim Nimby

The city building game where you can't build anything.

“Housing? Surely there must be other ways to deal with the unhoused.”

”This is a NICE neighborhood”

“Public transport would transport the public here”

Why is spearmint tea so hard to find

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