If my neighbors have Christmas decorations up when I get home I'm putting up Valentine's day decorations

Applying map/reduce patterns to your everyday life

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I have come to the breakthrough conclusion that I can learn about what motivates me by thinking about what I enjoy

firefox is weirding me out... gonna try opera for a bit

Well there go my plans for the weekend

why the fuck is nervous_testpilot so good

look at me using terraform like I know what the fuck I'm doing

The great thing about chaos magic is that anyone around you could be casting a spell at any time and you'd have no idea it was happening. Tupperware.

Tonight's gonna be a long night. I can feel it

I can't believe there are actually people out there who read stuff and learn things

I should learn 3D printing. let's start with the most difficult thing possible

I need an energy drink delivery system

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