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Interesting discovery: KDE supports U2F security keys natively, and KDE-centric browsers like Falkon inherit this support.

Mind you, Falkon hasn't had a release in over a year, so for the sake of not running something with a potentially questionable security profile I'm going to stick with Firefox for now.

But! ... Alternatives?

Pleroma, but with neopets

tamagotchi-like experience on everyone's profile 🤔

The lack of sensible support for recurring tasks in every non-webapp task management application I've tried is truly abysmal. Thunderbird + Lightning comes closest, but still has some incredibly unintuitive behaviors.

(For example, marking a recurring task as complete in the tasks tab marks all future occurrences complete, while checking the complete box in the tasks sidebar works as expected. But! Once a repeating task is marked as complete, it still shows its original completion date in the tasks tab when "all" tasks are selected, but the correct date when viewing "incomplete tasks".)

The only application I haven't tried yet is kOrganizer, but I'm a little reluctant to install and set it up given that Thunderbird is at least tolerable, and everything else has been bad.

Projekt:ONI announcement 

Incident report: “An undocumented administrator made an unauthorized backup copy of our data”

Connectivity is going to be an increasing problem for pure libre distros in the future. Replicant tops out at 3G still, as carriers sunset 2G and are launching 5G.

The linux kernel tops out at 802.11n without proprietary binary blobs. Which is now two generations behind current.

Hey fediverse, does anyone know if any open source browsers support U2F security keys besides those derived from Firefox or Chromium?

I discovered to my surprise last night that Epiphany doesn't support U2F security keys yet, and it looks like the necessary support isn't even being worked on right now. Given that the underlying problem was lack of support in WebKit, this got me wondering if there were any open source browsers that supported security keys out there that weren't one of the "big two" under the hood.

Referring to my lifetime of fuckups as “errata”

Holy shit, you can create a disk which is ext2 and FAT at the same time

*bart simpson at the blackboard voice*: we don't need better hardware, we need more efficient software, we don't need better hardware, we need more efficient software, we...

me: i wonder what would happen if i trained the neural net gpt-2 on christmas carols?

me: ...

me: oh NO

HELLvetica. Like helvetica, but with like, much shittier kerning for Halloween.

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