My power's back! The lightbox actually worked really well. I was able to take a whole shower in the dark with perfectly fine visibility just by leaving the lightbox nearby. The whole power outage was honestly kind of fun and it was really cool to see how my apartment looks with a different light source.

The power is out and I have found a new use for the lightbox I use to trace drawings for animation. Turns out it can (dimly) light up an entire room.

I really want to learn how to write math rock riffs for the banjolele.

I get washing machines and dishwashers mixed up a lot and this usually results in me calling washing machines "clothes washers", but just barely my brain decided to come up with the new term "laundry maker". Which is... definitely not the usual term for it.

Why didn't anyone tell me there was a Fraggle Rock animated series?

I don't know why people play golf when mini-golf is clearly the superior sport.

Apparently the longest animated film is only 2 hr 47 min. That's a lot of animation, but really not that long for movies in general.


Realizing that I probably bought random stuff like dried apricots yesterday because I went to the grocery store before eating dinner. Dried apricots are pretty good though.

I totally forgot I redesigned the colors on my website so I visited it on a whim and was pleasantly surprised.

I think I need to remind myself with animation that I'm not trying to tell a story visually, I'm trying to tell a visual story. The animation isn't an expression of the story, it is the story.

I wish we had more ghost movies and stuff where all the ghosts are like "my unfinished business in the world of the living is just being cute as heck".

It's interesting to see how long it takes for something new in your life to start showing up in your dreams. Now I'm finally starting to dream about drying animation cels taking over every surface in my apartment.

It's always strange hearing other people's synaesthesia associations since it feels like it gives you a chance to think the way they think for a moment. You get this brief glimpse into just how different it would be to be a different person.

Langfocus made a video about Icelandic and it brings me joy.

I wonder if I could animate blushing. I'll have to run some experiments and see if I can develop a process for it.

I don't really like the buzzing noises electronics make. My TV makes a higher pitched buzz when it displays a lot of green and it's kind of annoying.

I haven't measured my height in years and I just kind of assumed I hadn't grown any taller since then, but I just measured myself and I'm a whole 2 inches taller than I thought I was.

I think I might be able to switch back to the Pigma Microns and use a sealer to keep me from accidently rubbing the lines off.

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It turns out that Ultra Fine Point Sharpies seem to work to some extent by having paper draw the ink out of the pen. This process works a lot less well on plastic and after a bit it runs out of ink in the tip. Which is not very convenient for me.

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