It would be really cool to grow my own tea, but it looks like it takes three years before you can harvest leaves off it and I don't think I can keep a plant alive that long.

I finished reading "Busy Doing Nothing" the other day and it's probably one of my favorite books now. It was really nice to read during train rides and other in-between moments since I could just pick it up and read little bits of it without feeling like I needed to follow an ongoing plot or something. Also the pictures are very delightful and I like that it has recipes in the back (I think more books should do that).

Of course architects have all the good tutorials for drawing in perspective. I should've expected that.

I like reading comics online but I think I like reading print editions of comics more. I just really like the way the colors look on paper and it feels nicer to turn pages than click a little button.

You know, at this point if someone told me that cats can read I'd probably believe them.

I got a pumpkin spice wax melts and I thought they would put me in the fall mood, but instead they're just making me hungry.

All the pen lovers I know are reminding me that I've been thinking about trying out dip pens... It's a very tempting rabbit hole.

voynich manuscript 

There's a page that looks like it might have letters written in an alphabetical order repeated four times in a circle (which reminds me a lot of Mandaic, especially considering the first letter is a circle), but the really puzzling thing is that quite a few of the letters don't actually seem to match the script in the rest of the manuscript.

Against my better judgement, I think I'm going to buy another 3-hole punch.

I feel like Lightfoot Ltd. should make their round hole pegbars have 9/32" pegs. It's so hard to find 1/4" 3-hole punches, I'm pretty sure 9/32" is just the standard at this point.

Theo Jansen has some really interesting videos about the inner workings of his strandbeests, giant wind-powered kinetic sculptures that walk around the beach on their own:

Thanks to everyone's helpful suggestions yesterday I now have lots of books on the way. Fun fact: I have room on my bookshelf for none of them.

The paint I ordered came. I didn't really conceptualize until now how much paint I was really getting. It'll definitely last me a while.

Anyone have recommendations for good solarpunk or green anarchist science fiction?

I keep forgetting I have wax melts. My apartment could've been smelling nice this whole time.


I'm very excited for dinner tomorrow. I picked up some miso broth today and I've also got tofu and fancy noodles. Not sure what else I'll put in it yet, but it's gonna be really good when I put it all together.

Thinking about the Flatwoods Monster today. I just love them so much.

I think I've figured out who can answer my obscure animation questions. Hopefully they're willing to respond to emails from random people.

food mention 

I can't quite understand all the lyrics to it so I'm not 100% sure but I think one of songs I've been listening to might be about eating butter with your hands.

One thing I like about doing deep dives into obscure animation topics is that when I do searches online I usually stumble across a lot of little ten second videos of people animating Warriors cats and stuff and it's always nice to see people being creative and making cool things just because they want to.

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