Splash is novel method to serialize pixels of an image/video.
It combines row/column scanning weights from the fractal zoomer with an adaptive paintbrush for colouring pixels with transparency.
In traditional terms, fast changing areas have a localised high FPS, lesser changing areas have a localised low FPS.
This could greatly benefit the communication between video card and monitor, relaxing bandwidth limitations.
Splash can also be used as a filter to isolate essence of movement, demonstrated by extreme high PixelsPerFrame ratios with other demos.

Splash could effectively turn a 60Hz into a 360Hz responsive monitor by sacrificing a bit of quality.
This is illustrated by the demo below, original video is 24fps and slowed down 6x:
top: 4fps full frame with traditional scan-lines, bottom: 1/6 PixelsPerFrame with scan-rows/cols and paint-brush.
Yes... both are using the same number of pixels (uncompressed bandwidth).

Project Page: rockingship.github.io/splash/R

Unhappy, dissapointed, general 'crappage' 


I got a rejection letter from Kela today. I am not eligible for Kela benefits, because the US doesn't work with Finland to provide them. And Finland isn't going to take on that responsibility just because the US can't get their head out of their ass.

So yeah just another reason I have to get citizenship here and all that but I'm burned out and it's very difficult to make progress (I'm slowly making SOME but I'm araid my body will fall apart first.)

My leg isn't feeling great, I think I slept on it wrong, or else it's getting a blood clot, or something, I have no idea.

I'm in constant fscking "fight or flight" mode with chest tightness, have been to the doctor multiple times, it's always the same thing: "You're not dying, there is nothing wrong other than you're far too heavy, and your stress level is far too high and you should walk more, it will help with all that"

Well I just took a walk and all that I've done that 5 times in the past 2 weeks (It was better last week, this week has been ... very bad) but yeah I'm just

not happy

Spent a load of time today being very upset with nonexistent people in my head who say shit like "if someone asks how you are and you answer them, you're being rude" - seriously, do that to me right now, ask me how I am and then don't give a shit, and I am likely to pound your skull through a wall.

I'm not happy about this anger either, or the frustration.

Anyway hi, I've been away for 2-3 days due to crap with work and so on and we're still not launched and I really, really need things to not suck right now.

... Love Removal Machine?

I'm not getting any work done

It's not going to be happening

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finding it diffucult to do the things I need to do right now, due to the distance between my head and theykeyboard changing with each bass note of Fear Factory's cars

Not really happy about what I'm reading about accessability in software... as I don't have energy to solve it...

not having energy is depressing and is depression is not helping the energy regain

a solution is to go away and not read things for a while, but then I lose energy and get depressed from not talking or conversing with people.

I am not sure work is going to allow me to get out of this quagmire. I don't have energy to look for solutions to that. Luckily, I have some money saved so I may be able to recover if time warrants. I may be eligible for some help from local organizations, but I don't know enough of the language to be able to tell.

It's all very ... crushing right now.

@djsundog hmm, it seems brutaldon.org (just org, reclaim.technology is working, using now to post this) is directing incorrectly to get authorization.

Just tried with the 2 locations; both log in fine with technology, but not with org.


oh, likely because this track is 'pay what you want.'

No. no, it's playing... another album. Holy crap. I mean, I bought this album, but I'm not logged in, and ...
Seriously, I love bandcamp, and that I can support artists through bandcamp. But being able to preview in mpv? Well crap that's just ...

bees and joints of their appendages used for landing on flowers.

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when did mpv start playing bandcamp url's

ok bandcamp is even more awesome now

so I had this thought earlier today and I'm sure someone else has had it by now and this is just... words


when are we going to see "Mastodon" changed to "Professional Federated Communities" (PFC) because the name "Mastodon" was a mistake, not professional enough, and too long to type, whereas PFC is [insert marketing speak for why this should be this way to get 'market share' or some other utter bs]

@djsundog So: following up on the things that I did not catch from the past few weeks:

The latest albums that Body Count has done are AMAZING and may surpass the first album. The Institutionalized 'cover' is... well, it's ok (: But the OTHER songs on that album outshine it (:

Local H's cover album that has "Joey" on it is ... astounding. The 2nd cover album (that has Daft Punk's "Da Funk" cover, and 'Wolf Like Me" from TV on the Radio) is also brilliant.

I agree with the Gibson, Living Color is a thing.

Does anyone know of a non-Hashicorp alternative to Hashicorp's 'Packer?'

Hashicorp is ok, but Vagrant is/was a bit ... less well thought out than it should have been, perhaps. And I'd like to avoid similar 'growing pains' with packer.

It needs to build more than just Debian, so no, the debian-centric tooling (which I have used before) and definately more than RHEL (which I have also used before) are out.

I need to build a full image, repeatable, updateable, and without reliance on any particular init system. (Hell I don't even know that packer does that. Fellow at work uses it, and I'll need to learn it at some point for that... but for my OWN projects, I want to be less reliant on ... Hashicorp... in case they get... you know. Purchased. Purloined. Pilfered. Popped. Pissy. )

... is Purloined different from Pilfered in this context? Hmm.

ok never mind, this particular model has a chip that doesn't have mainline support. (I bought these QNAP things from a fellow from work, cheap. They replaced 2 buffalo iscsi NAS devices which ... basically never worked properly, so I went in and redid the OS for them so they would. I don't have time or energy to do that to these.)

I'll just blow the configuration away and restart, setting up iscsi and managing it externally.

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so the failed QNAP thing basically decided that my storage partition was actually swap space, and formatted it as swap space.

I don't really WANT to do an install on the machine today, or yesterday, or the day before, but this is day 3 of the project and I'm basically just sort of slowly diagnosing it and "well crap." (The swap space discovery was before and after fixing the raid5 that somehow thought 2 devices failed, despite their not failing. I'm blaming the new qnap software, which I don't care for anyway as it's too much webshit and too little proper OS with tools - and the repair stuff on the wiki and help is all people saying "you should always back up" (yes. every second you should back up everything on your NAS to something else, like tape. oh you didn't mean tape? you meant a HD? or somewhere on the net that is using raid60? yes yes always back up, and post that you should back up before answering that if you can't figure it out send it to QNAP for repair. Yes. Very helpful... basically the Qanon of IT support. Mind you that's everywhere 'consumer' level anymore... )

Anyway I'm not thrilled about this but ok fine let's do this, I would like to have my music available again locally.

also, as I need to fix the issue of "needing to poke holes in walls between messaging systems" so that people who are comfortable with one method can speak to people who are comfortable with another ...

putting it a different way

a particular chat system or chat workflow should not be required for friends to communicate.

It should be possible for that to occur in whatever medium the friends are comfortable with.

There should be things that allow blocking of things that people find distracting if needed. There should be controls to prevent issues of bad actors or similar things that get in the way of communication.

It should be robust and distributed so that no one has to be the sole person keeping it running.

It should be something that people can use without a lot of messing about - as this is about communication with friends - and building friendships - and understanding and learning - and making new friends - NOT technology or 'do it my way'

there may be additional needed constraints later

It should not require a god damned captcha

It should not require a 'new program' - it should allow people already using the program or system of their personal comfort or workflow to be able to speak to tohers who have

it should allow cyrillic, hangul, arabic, - it should be utf-8.

It should allow and block emoji and custom emoji and stickers and so on selectively. By the operator, and by the client. (operator to allow people who are using older things like irc which have pure text based clients, including 7 bit versions, to be able to deal with this in a way that their users don't have to go write a new MSX/C64/Speccy client.)

I'm sure there are more things.

I'm thinking "conduit" here.

Suggestions? (:

ok. so. one thing to do today (other than fill out my freaking KELA kortti form so I can mail it tommorrow)

find out how to be more involved with the CCC

Honestly I didn't know that anyone other than the other half of the Anderson Council listened to PWEI in the US

PWEI is the band we were listening to on the way to Cedar Point when we went under a bridge that said the prophetic words


So we obviously formed the band UBRENDA right then and there so we could have at least one fan.

UBRENDA's only song is basically a complete ripoff of the PWEI opener, except it's U-U-U-U-U-U-U BRENDA

We should have recorded it but we didn't have any recording equipment (other than the Amigas, and we had no sampler)

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soon we'll be hearing all Mrs. Brown's lovely son but he's on the run on a shotgun mission

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