Let's see what happens when I wear the 'Be the rusty beard upon their gears' combo to work.

Hm, gute Chancen, dass meine Frage ein bisschen zu spezifisch ist, aber ich versuche es trotzdem mal:
Ich habe hier ein Yealink T46S SIP-Telefon. Im Administration Guide steht beim Parameter features.flash_url_dsskey_led.enable: "The LED indicator behavior depends on the response message from the server when you press the
URL DSS key on the phone." Nirgends (bzw. habe ich es noch nicht gefunden) ist definiert, welche Responses was bewirken. Wo finde ich Infos dazu? #pleaseBoost :boost_ok:

So let me get this straight:

This is a "cop" instance because...

we strongly encourage others to better the world by not being shitheads, taking care of each other, and trying to make the world last - as well as better -for generations to come?

I'm ... not sure I know any police that do that. Care to show me where they are?


Well, you know what... I'll take that "po-po" label and turn it right around and be the po-po that people should have WHEN it's awarded to me by people who are doing good, not ... whatever it is these accusers are doing.

I have now read the voting page for the fedivision contest and: Well, crap, I can't vote for 2. Only for 1.

(ok yes I can and have but still, it's ONE vote per account, the latest is your current vote.)

Also, probably a wise move on the part of folks involved, there is no direct address to the bot collecting votes. Be sure you're awake when voting and you don't accidentally reverse the order of the address, or the vote just won't go anywhere.

friends, acquaintances, adversaries, fedizens

all the tracks are now up to preview before voting opens for Fedivision 2022

the info bot @fedivision

I am pleased to be audio assaulting for New Cyberia [NCYB] with a gentle ballad you can really dedicate to your neighbours...

My Hackers.town shirts have arrived!

Apparently, one is invisible, because this package contains 1 shirt.

Given the amount of crap with customs and so on I'm just happy I ordered 2 and have a complete shirt, not a half a shirt.


Page 157, developer guide:

You can build your own MEGA65-compatible computer by using either a Nexys4DDR
(aka. Nexys A7) or the older Nexys4 (Non-DDR) FPGA development boards. This ap-
pendix describes the process to set up a Nexys4DDR (Nexys A7) board for this pur-
pose (which is the newer, preferred board). The older non-DDR Nexys4 board is also
supported, and the instructions are the same, except that you must use a bitstream
designed for that board. Using a Nexys4DDR bitstream on a non-DDR Nexys4 board,
or vice versa, may cause irreparable damage to your board, so make sure you have
the correct bitstream to suit your board.
DISCLAIMER: M.E.G.A cannot take any responsibility for any damage that may occur

Yeah I have a feeling this weekend I'm going to be messing with the C65 a lot.

I would LIKE to do it tommorrow but you know, I probably should do the stuff I get paid for.

Probably (:

I'll just read more about the machine and it's stuff and try to figure out what display I use with it, because the VGA LCD monitor isn't having much of the display output (it keeps shifting a bit and then I have to reset it (: )
It does have digital out (hdmi cable) but the HDMI monitor that the stem derk is using doesn't do the lower resolution, so... I got no display. It's not that I don't have more displays, I just, you know.

And then there's the Stem Derk and then there's other things and I'm not allowed to buy anything ELSE.

oh my fscking word it's


I can't believe this

(yes I was so excited I forgot to attach 2 of the photos)

there is a box inside the Mega65 box that is about the size of a paperback book and it's sealed and I don't want to break it but I also want to know what is inside it and AAAUGH

Also no I haven't gotten to the computer part yet

Oh. Well. I guess I don't need to worry about saving the external cardboard box then.

Yeah I'm keeping this box

... oh freaking A it has a free license for GEOS and GEOS65 is included oh freaking A ... I have GOT to make GeoTerm now. I have GOT to make freaking GeoTerm.

so yeah I mainly use twitch via irc and view various folks streams, not using the web thing.

And a few days ago I got a mail saying they had disabled my account because they think I am less than 14.

So I went through the hoops cuz, you know, various folks will be a bit confused as to why I'm not using my usual account until it gets back, and "well let's see where the rabbit hole goes."

And now I have the text they send which basically says "send us your passport (or other government listed id)"

So um

Yeah I'm pretty god damned sure this is already being used for phishing but... on top of that, these companies asking for that, where the fsck do they store this (cuz you know they store it) and when that gets compromised who's gonna be responsible for all the damage to "normal, everyday people?" Cuz you know damned well it ain't the companies doing this shit.

I mean I want people off of these services anyway (and this is basically just a "Dude, if you don't think this can happen, it has already happened to me" (which will be followed up by "well yeah but you ask for it" crap, which is just convenience over sense) but I mean



If anyone doesn't know that Master Boot Record always does an "ARG" or "crypto challenge" (in the sense of the actual term, not this web3 bullshit, this is MBR, not Racist Dogcrap Pallete Swap Drawings (RDPSD, pronounced "effentee") ) - well, MBR has a new record and thus... a new challenge

They're fun.

@tschak909, Thomas Cherryhomes, tweets:

And here we go. World's simplest Mastodon client for #atari8bit written in Atari BASIC, using #Fujinet's built in JSON parser. Yes that is all the code. #retrocomputing

#Atari #BASIC

I have found my Hackers.Town facemaskhatsleevething.

I had, at one point, attempted to use it to block the light from the sun last summer while sleeping.

Yes, in summer, here, the sun is out during the night.


I'm gonna be sad for a while.

apparently my elderly neighbor has been maintaining a personal website about the history of UK photography and it is an incredible piece of work.

apparently he still uses some piece of adobe software from the 90s. there is so much care and effort here, and its such a pristine image of the early web being still updated 😭


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