Right, as I think the main issues with the Pinephone right now for me involve call quality, and as I really don't need to be using the cell switched stuff on a mobile device - I could just as easily use a SIP phone, and actually know how to use and configure those... but have not been involved with the commercial market of that for 4 years... AND would need connectivity in the US -

Anyone know any reliable, sane, unix-friendly SIP providers in the US?

Use case: Calling my parents, my parents calling me.

Also would be nice to have it be usable by friends in Europe / Australia / Japan / South America without huge bills and complications. Obviously a SIP phone can call, but not sure how if friends have those on their phones, and not sure the state of the software on 'common phone operating systems.'

(I'd be fine with Africa, Asia, and areas between Africa and Asia but I don't know folks there personally - so not CURRENT use case. That said, if 'allows calls from Iran' would be a problem with providers in the US because of "dumb political reasons" then I have to deal with those, because parents are not in Iran, they are in the US.)

This is the type of thinking that is really backward from the Phosh/Mobian pages:

Taking screenshots

If you want to take screenshots you can use the package grim:

sudo apt install grim
If you want to make a screenshot just call

(can be done from SSH)

grim my_screenshot.png

It's a phone. It should have a method of triggering this. Having a method of attaching triggers (scripts) to actions (buttons, swipes, gestures) should be ... you know, a priority.

  • oh, ok, after a section talking about how silly it is that grim doesnt' support delays, and taking a screenshot of your terminal is just silly, it has this part. Um... ok this is a wiki, and yes, they get written like this, until someone user-manuals it up.

Compare to the great stuff about my Reform2 and this just... well. (:

I'm not complaining. Or comparing. I'm just a tiny bit frustrated cuz I want this to be better, but I haven't had time. And that's why I'm frustrated.

I've been messing with this for about 3 hours so I am really posting this not as "this is wrong" but "anyone know of any solutions? the various pages are in scattered shape."

I expected this (: I also expected MORE TIME AND ENERGY.

phone calls start in speakerphone mode. Why? It doesn't INDICATE it's in speakerphone mode. But it is. You have to turn it on (which doesn't change the state) and then off (which does) to get it fixed.

Maybe this is a UI issue. I hope so. Have to run to see old hardware and not spend money now.

I will be back after spending too much money on things I don't have room for again.

non-Phone items on the mobian pinephone are working, mind you.

I'm not dissappointed in the device, I am just needing a replacement phone that is not Google or Apple. This will require time and energy, and sadly, I'm lacking both.

And the jolla phone is ... well it works, I just would like to not have it (it's a Sony experia X, as my actually Jolla phones have dissappeared - one in a taxi on the way to the airport in 2018, and one on the tram in Helsinki and that was never found ): And the experia X has some issues, despite being the phone Jolla was developing for after their hardware bit went away due to not having the funding etc.)

So the Pinephone is having serious problems with phone calls; my voice is being distorted on the other side.

From what folks are saying who know a bit about this, it may be a shielding hardware issue. Perhaps a later version of the phone addresses this; I'm not sure.

I am going to swich away from Phosh as it is... obviously made by people in the US who don't do basic usability. Things like "no pipe on the keyboard" and "when switching to the US International keyboard, there is no alt-gr." People in the US don't know what that is, because "ä" doesn't exist, and why would you need that, just type a! (And then they get upset when you misspell or mispronounce their name, despite their constant mispronouncing of non-English names.)

The Ubuntu touch interface was actually pretty good, I'll try that next, apparently it can be installed on mobian.

Also I can't find where to set the ringtone... and I seem to have accidentally turned it to silent and can't turn that off.

I guess what I'm saying is: This is the typical Gnome experience, and I hate the typical Gnome experience. "YOU WILL WARP YOUR SLIDER NOW" no, no I will not, goodbye Gnome.

today is "update stuff day" again, which happens a lot when I have 'free time and energy'

So I'm trying to update my pinephone and let's see if Mobian will work with it -and- replace my existing primary phone. Not sure about that yet. We'll see (:

so my thinkpad was doing it's "Hello I will be 100 degrees celcius while idling" and, having tried numerous other cooling things, I decided it would be the time to just tear it apart and do a complete deep cleaning.

Which solved the temperature problems!

And... now the keyboard does not work. The poin-ted stick does, but not the keyboard.

I have been wanting to use these split keyboards I have for some time.

Oh look I seem to have cleaned my desk to make room for the keyboard, wacom, and ... hmm the place on the desk where the display used to be is sort of um ... there needs to be another monitor there maybe. Maybe.

But yes I'm in the middle of about 8 builds of things.

things I am not clicking 

On the possibility that the illness symptoms I have are psycosomatic, and that my sleep is being affected by events, I am no longer clicking the US Politics content warnings. I am going to TRY to avoid looking at that at all for a while. It won't be easy, given that - again - brain likes to doom things. If my imagination were to decide how things would go, we'd all have, I dunno, 4 hours? Maybe? Probably less. I am really good at downward spirals. I mean, 20 to 40 million tangents all spiraling downward at different speeds? That'll be my brain.

My brain also has the capability of seeing potential as endless good, and no ill effects.

That isn't a path to blindly follow either, but I definately prefer it.

So... yeah. Not clicking those things.

I WANT TO. I am not doing it. I haven't for several hours!

I am not posting this to make people worry, because: I have been to the doctor and I'm being checked out. I am trying to take care of myself here. I'm not 100% and I want to get back to 100% somehow.

I am posting this to say thank you for using content warnings on the political stuff.

And to say "if I fail to remember, please remind me to get back on the horse"

almost don't want to post this, I think I should post this.

(Also yes I went to the doctor for tests. But just in case - and it can't hurt as I'm having sleep issues.)

Ok I can't tell if my replies are getting content warnings, I'm shutting down Telephant for now, I do NOT want to be polluting people's timelines with accidental panic.

@fribbledom Say, is there a way to get a more obvious "CW" icon for Telephant? I honestly have no idea what the icons are in the post box, and ... I do like the client, but I'm worried that perhaps some of my comments at the moment may NOT have had content warnings, and right now they NEED to.

I don't mind changing them in the source myself if needed.

Thank you to everyone captioning your US News things. I can't handle it right now.

I, of course, am incessantly clicking them, but... because I am realizing that it is a problem, what I am doing, I can stop.

Thank you, everyone, very much.

I should mention that request for the printer is somewhat...

so the reason I need it may dissappear completely if the US no longer has a government, but then I'll be quite ... fscked.

Yeah I hope I can sleep tonight

so I need a printer because I can't use the office one because of Covid and I haven't needed one for ... 10 years. Now I must print out a government form, so... I need a printer.

I bought one. It was a mistake. I can explain why, but let's just leave it that "If I have to hack it just to get it to turn on then no I don't have energy for this anymore."

I need a printer that works printing from Unix. I do not need to access it from my phones, or from non-Unix.

Suggestions welcome.

I should also mention I would prefer to stay away from HP, because I do not want to have to deal with "You printed once, now buy more ink" scams.

However, if the alternative means that I have the choice of wifi-only (fsck that, it's either going on the network that I can block any requests it makes to the outside and prevent it from being seen by anyone other than me) or 'only can be set up with an iphone or android app' (I don't have those and setting up an emulator to set up a printer is total "nope.gif" material) then I'll do HP.

sent message to team lead "what was so important that you had to change the daily meeting at 00:30 this morning? (:"

... well the reason is... it's apparently a holiday today.

I figured this out an hour after working on things and ... well other folks didn't come online when they normally would so I checked...

I thought it was Friday that was the holiday, oh well.

I may go back to sleep for a bit, maybe I just... do some not work stuff


This looks wicked.

I... am unsure it won't get used by malware FIRST, and to be honest, I'm not sure why the javascript thing needs zoneinfo files... but...

going to watch as others mess with it. I'm intrigued.

for Christmas Eve:

Gyokuro Matsu no Tsukasa

another of the low temperature green teas; this one brews at 50c.

So... I have to get a kettle with temperature settings... because I stopped the boiling at 64... so waiting for it to drop in temperature...

Päivän teeta:

Yunan Black Dragon Pearl

(Which I believe is an oolong, since oolong (wulong) is black dragon.)

Small balls of tea, have wanted to try this, will be doing 'brew a few times in a small cup' I think.

@mjd Right so:
good in small teacup (you know, the kind of small teacup made specifically for drinking tea, which you don't see the point of if you're a coffee/tea person who drinks mainly to get caffiene in your system - like I was for years until I got a CPAP and actually got sleep) freshly brewed.
Not... really caring for it in a mug, after cooling.

I also don't take sugar in my tea. It's the sweet part I'm not sold on long term.

It's good in the small teacup.

Now I see the point of those (:

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Päivän Teeta:

Buddha Ama Cha

either my tastebuds are off right now or this has a very sweet licorice flavor.

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