Poison oak really is the aphrodisiac of the gods!


"imagine a society where we work together, as a society, to ensure that everyone's basic needs are met. you will not go hungry, you will not go thirsty, you will not become homeless. imagine the possibilities that opens up for making art, for sharing art. we have the food for it, we have the money for it, we have the houses for it. it is a matter of distribution. it is a matter of political organization. that world is possible. we can build it"

by imaginair.es/@brinsolomon/1039

There I was Ya’ll, age 16 in a Camaro blasting TKK and Sister of Mercy in the land of Alan Jackson.

So with a wrapper app fired up, ToR and using Tor site I dare wander into fakebook land for a peek and what do I see. Some of the dumbest shit!

Dumbass and I accidentally took a shit on the living room floor. LoL 💩💩💩

@MG though of you. Check this out, you ever here these dudes?


What's you favorite tool for external network/vulnerability scans?

@snowdusk_ is more entertaining than any commercial station I have listened to. Haha that Kung Fu shit was dope! 👏

The worst part about drug addiction is ending up religious. Also, nobody ever talks about Jesus' miracle of having 12 close friends in his 30s.

This is the point in the evening where I discover that Laibach, in 2018, put out music from the film The Sound of Music. Honestly, I was looking more for a Pig sort of an evening, or maybe some ohGr, but this has derailed those plans, and I'm singing along like a rivet-head Disney fan. After this? Maybe I can find an industrial version of Fiddler on the Roof.

WoW really want to give up the bluebird. But sadly enough too many tech firms and security dudes still birdy only.

Haha woke up early in the 1st, late for work on the 2nd. I think I got this backwards. 😁

Had a chance to work a bit more on @pine64's #PinePhone. Its coming along nicely if I say so myself.


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