Enjoying Naomi Novik's "The last graduate" a lot, not least for words like this.

A dear friend sent me two stickers of computer pioneers Ada and Grace and an issue of a magazine about women in history. Much appreciated.

And since I just got a new work laptop I will of course need stickers...

Ah, you change it yourself in ~/.config/tut/config.ini:

# If you're on an instance with a custom character limit you can set it here
# default=500

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Testing the Tut Mastodon client. Seems rather nice. Doesn't seem to understand the character limit on this instance, though.


Had a wonderful meal at restaurant Mutantur. Mentioned in Michelin guide.michelin.com/se/en/skane and well worth it.

Beware of Americans bearing gifts.... Really hard to stop eating the reaper almonds.

With the American ANSI keyboard which is disguised in Europe as "English (EU)" in the Lenovo shop.

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Well, hello there new little friend. New Thinkpad X1 gen 9 for work. The model with 32 GB RAM.


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