Someone photographed every page of the Cyberpunk Handbook:

It's still funny. Bruce Sterling's foreword is really good.

I wrote about some collectives and intentional communities I have lived in:


If nothing else you should really read Dwayne Jones-Evans' wonderful "NEXUS Manifesto" from 1993:


I wrote something about my search for a dwm-like Wayland compositor and tools around it: gemini://

@lmorchard Glad you were inspired! Where's your capsule?

If you have IPv6 and can ping -6 but can't browse with a Gemini client maybe it's either that I use strict TLS 1.3 or that I use an ed25519 cert?

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I wrote about the computers in my upper secondary school in the late 1980's. What was, what could have been. Some shenanigans. A bit of retro-computing.


Happy World Goth Day, darklings!

If you know of any interesting streaming goth club today please give me an URL!

Did anyone use DEC Pathworks (PCSA) back in the day? Under VMS or Ultrix? Net booted PCs? Was it any good?

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