Wow! I know it's only for 32 bit RV right now, but...

HiFive Unmatched + graphics card + Oberon = WAAANT!

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Oberon OS on RISC-V:

The emulator runs fine on my box with the Oberon disk image. It was a very long time ago since I ran Oberon... Probably 1996? Then on the Oberon System under SunOS, directly on the framebuffer of my ELC.

Telia wins MOCN part of the coming new Swedish Public Safety Network. Hopefully this means we're abandoning TETRA.

From page 30 Niklaus Wirth talks about implementing the Oberon OS on top of his own CPU architecture on an FPGA:

And of course someone will want to add filtering to it.

Show thread's event for rC3 2021 just finished. My temporary 2242 extension is now offline.

I'm on the long term EPVPN, though. If you want to reach me over SIP, reach out.

UK goverment funded campaign against E2EE with the old "think of the children" argument:

Alec Muffet registered the domain below and keeps a web page with counterarguments:

It redirects to:

Real CHERI silicon!? Probably the ARM Morello starting to ship. Please excuse the LinkedIn link.

Impressed by speed. Compiled Embedded Go's patches to the Go compiler. The whole thing built in 207 second my work laptop!

Not that impressed with binary size, though. A simple blink LED program for Siped Maix Bit (riscv64) took 1.5 MiB.

IETF has had XMPP MUCs since forever, of course. The thing the Tools group tried out was giving people JIDs on their own Prosody instead of relying on third party servers.

They also set up ConverseJS as a web client to the above Prosody.

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I don't usually hang out on the ietf-tools mailing lists so I missed that the Tools group has been trying out different chat systems for IETF. It seems they tried XMPP, Matrix, and Zulip. Then they decided on using Zulip and set up XMPP bridges.

And now, suddenly, it won't start. It just segfaults. Dammit.

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OMEMO fp for XMPP mc (at)


Anyone know of any discrete TPM chips with support for PKCS#11 v3.0?

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Spent some time this week reading the PKCS#11 spec.

Good thing: v3.0 defines the use of ed25519.

Bad thing: The TPM in my brand new Thinkpad doesn't support it.

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