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I just realized i never did one of these when joining so... better late than never i guess? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

Hi~ My name is Leo, I'm a product designer by profession, but a jack of all trades off-the-clock. My general area of interest is centered around user interaction & interface design in our digital age.

I sometimes dabble in varying levels of front-end development, both for work and free-time things.

Currently trying to get into 3d modeling, for VR and 3d printing purposes. Also likely getting into another hobby I'll drop in a few months 😅

I suppose you can further stalk with in the bio links, or directly! DMs are always open. but then it's not stalking anymore.

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Help it's stuck in my Game Boy I don't know how to get it out!


Vim, the editor.


I cant help but use any type of social network as an opportunity to bitch and vent about regular shit, but its the only outlet I have :sadness:​ Cant quite tell if that's healthy? or the contrary.

Today's Source of stress? Asus' very-normal-and-not-buggy management software, "Armoury Crate", suddenly stopped seeing my motherboard and wont manage, fans, lights, etc. The solution, according to random stackoverflows, is apparently to do an uninstiall, reg key wipe of that asus lighting software, tweak two settings in the bios boot, REinstall the software, and Retweak bios again.

I hate everything.

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I'm downloading all of these right now. This is getting a lot of press and Nintendo is notoriously litigious about their intellectual property and copyrights. I figure it'll be a just a few days before the IA gets a cease and desist.

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been spending the past week doing/learning React, and honestly, I fucking hate it. lol.

So far it feels like the wordpress of javascript libraries.

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re: 🤬🤬🤬 

I mean seriously, these error messages may as well be lorem ipsum and they'll be just as descriptive

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The error handling in Adobe After Effects is absolutely abysmal. Trash tier.

I mean, I think I have a font issue, in that, somehow, the built in font manager by CC (creative cloud) is somehow not supplying the fonts it says I have, causing the whole after effects project from not opening.

And after even knowing that tiny shred of information, it wont tell me which fonts are causing this issue, let alone where they are in the project.

inb4 dont use adobe products

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Would be cool to see a chart correlating people who have purchased a and people who've subsequently broken a bone somewhat thereafter. Like, what does that percentage look like? Is it 10%? Maybe 80%

building stuff past my bedtime 

I spent the last couple of hours passively making a custom video wrapper for Vue. I... I don't know why. I think it was one of those things I tried doing forever ago, but didn't know how. So I dug up this abandoned project, and just... finished it. Sometimes, it do be like that though.

Here's the sauce

I think I tried supporting a standard youtube (iframe) embed, but clearly that was not a focus :|

re: 🔥🦊 / I'm an Idiot 

Nevermind & disregard this, as I seemed to have solved my own issue.

The solution? Apparently as of recently, pages on FF have suddenly been requesting access to USE canvas on the page, and my dumb, paranoid ass, read "allow", and immediately skipped to "data", and habitually selected "block", causing the issue I mentioned before... hitting allow restores it to how its supposed to look. which is "not glitchy".

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So I've been experiencing this weird issue that only pertains to Firefox, so far. Though at this point, I'm not sure if it is my browser, or somehow my gfx card :blob:

Basically, it seems like client-side rendered media shows up as pixel-stretched blocks. I see it in the h.t favicon (which i think is a base64ed), and basically anywhere online that renders canvas elements.

The annoying this is, I've been keyword fishing on google to see if anyone else has had the same issue, but have had 0 success. I just dont know how to phrase weird issue in a search-friendly format.

Images related; the weird distortion I'm seeing in question.

Greetings HT netizens~ I bring treats!

Over the past couple of weeks, I've been (very) passively slaving away at this lil theme for ht that I've been making.

To preface, it's a "dark mode" with a capacity to go light, but it was made in the dark... so. yeah. It's installable through the Stylus extension, or wherever you apply your userstyles. Features are listed in the link below.

Have fun, and report bugs through, here? I suppose? I'll do my best to squash em as the come~ I should probably set up a git env so I can track changes... eventually...

That terrifying moment when accidentally closing your browser "looses" all 135 of your tabs, only to remember most modern browsers have a "open previously closed windows" option 😌

Isn't the MET gala just cosplay for rich people?

Sharing a Project 🧑‍💻 

a while ago I made an "hourly chime" concept centered around accessibility, inspired by an old Japanese cellphone I used to have back in the good ol' days.

I def still have things to tweak, like making the tone a little softer/less abrasive, but the end goal is somehow porting this concept to a working native app.

*disc: I've noticed a weird issue in some browsers not picking up local time with javascripts native Date() function. I dont know why its suddenly just defaulting to UTC :blobshrug:​ I'm investigating, but also... fuck javascript?

(warning: sound on link click)

Bummed to learn that the 2600 mag is no longer serving content to googles book/news feeds :blobsadeyes:

Are there any other digital avenues for a sub that don't require receiving a physically mailed copy?

I thought doing a puzzle would help me focus, but it has instead, made me frustrated and less focused.

puzzle in question:

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