No Mans Sky 

Thinking about hopping on in a bit 🤔 would anyone be down for some multiplayer? DM friend codes if so~


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We have closed the loop.

The launcher can now assemble tal files on the fly, you can use Left to write #uxn programs, Nasu to make graphics, Dexe to include them into your projects.

That means you can have a complete workstation on a NDS, GBA, Playdate, etc..

Thanks to everyone who helped to put this together.


My old apartment complex is trying to charge me $600 for some bullshit i did not consent to, all prior to move out 😡

Note to anyone currently renting, or is thinking about renting from The Avalon: Don't.

omicron positive, and I finally have a reason to justify not doing anything all day. Tbh, not much has changed from before, only now we have my gf's mom who is also (+). I guess there are worst ways to enter a New Year, or maybe its just foreshadowing 👀

Recently downloaded No Man's Sky on steam, and tbh, I did not expect to like it as much as i did. Now to try it in VR 👀

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